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Newscaster Vocalizer Review – Does it Work or Not?

Newscaster Vocalizer
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Product Name: Newscaster Vocalizer
Author/Creator: Andrew Darius
Price: $9.95/month to $69.00
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Official Website: http://newscastervocalizer.net

Are you exhausted of paying thousands of bucks to add voice over to your videos? Do you want to include voice-over in a few simple steps automatically? Are you looking for the methods to use other people’s voice and make money through it? If yes, then the Newscaster Vocalizer program is for you.

To make the video attractive and more engaging people usually add voice-over to it. However, for this process, they have to strive to find a suitable person with the most beautiful voice.

Newscaster Vocalizer

Also, most of the voice-over software present on the internet render a robotic voice which gives a fake feeling. Such videos with robotic voices do not attract much audience because most people are unable to understand the words.

The real voice-over artists might cost your hundreds of dollars per video. Now you might think about how to avoid paying that much huge cost and still get the desired work done? How to add voice-over by yourself at a lower cost?

Well, the simple answer to it is the Newscaster Vocalizer program. But what is the Newscaster Vocalizer? In this Newscaster Vocalizer review, you will get to know about it.

What is the Newscaster Vocalizer?

It is a software that will help you in converting your text into a speech. You will learn about the neural technology through this product that will perform the voice-over task for you automatically.

The product will show how you can get a simple text in the speech form using the desired voice. You will learn to improve the voice quality of your video through this product.

This software will make your video more natural and real. You will learn to find the actual human voice using the software. The product ensures that you don’t have to deal with the robot speech.

Newscaster Vocalizer

This software will help you in storing your generated voice-overs in google drive and dropbox so that you can access them with ease. You can also keep those voice-overs in your system as per your wish.

Through this program, you will obtain both males as well as female voices. It will help you prepare engaging videos for your affiliate network, video ads and other purposes.

You will also put your hands on the commercial license of this software, which will make you capable of selling as many voice-overs as you want using this software.

About Andrew Darius – The Creator

Andrew Darius is the creator of this product. He is a well-known and experienced person in the software development industry.

Apart from software development, Andrew Darius has a great understanding of digital marketing. He has launched many other similar software in the market to help people to perform different tasks in an easy and better way.

How Does the Newscaster Vocalizer Work?

The working of this text-to-speech software is very simple. After getting the software, you will only have to select the language, voice, text, and after that, within a few time, you will get your desired work done.

Newscaster Vocalizer

Simple Steps in the Newscaster Vocalizer

To use this software, you will only have to go through three straightforward steps that are listed below.

Step One

At first, you will have to choose the language in which you want your speech to be. This product will give you the option to select different languages.

Once you are done with the language selecting process, then you need to pick up the desired voice that you want to attach with your video.

Step Two

After deciding the language and voice, the other step that you need to take is about the text. You will need to add the text that you want to convert into a speech. Also, the product does not give the text limit. You can unite as many texts as you wish.

Step Three

The last step that you will have to execute after pasting the text is that you require to click the create button. Clicking the create button will start the process of transforming your text into a speech.

You will have to wait for a few minutes to get your speech ready. However, if the text is short, then chances are that the process will get completed with a few seconds, but if you have added more text, then you will have to wait for a longer time.


What Comes with the Newscaster Vocalizer?


On buying this, you will access software to get the desired work done. This software uses the unique and latest technology that makes it easier for everyone to use it.

Various Voices

You will earn a vast range of voices via this software that you can add to your speech. The product will present to you the voices of both male and female, which you can choose according to your wish.

Text to Speech Option

You will earn a text-to-speech option, with the help of which you can transform any text you want into the desired voice within a short moment.

Export Voice-Over

If you are planning to add your own voice-over to a video, then this product also gives that option. You can combine your own voice using this software with a few clicks.

Commercial License

Unlike most other text-to-speech software, the Newscaster Vocalizer will give you the commercial license, which means that you can sell the text-to-speech service on any platform through this software. This software will give you legal approval to sell any of the created speech.

Neural Technology

Neural Technology is what helps this product in delivering you the desired speech. You will earn a better understanding of this latest technology via this program.

voice over

Benefits of Using Newscaster Vocalizer

Earn Money

By selling the text-to-speech service to your client, you can earn a lot of money.

Refund Option

The cost of the Newscaster Vocalizer is high, but it has a 30 days refund option.

Suitable for Everyone

No matter whether you are a novice or professional, if you desire to convert the text-to-speech, then you can use this software easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Plans Does the Newscaster Vocalizer Offer?

You will get two different plans, including NewscasterVocalizer Monthly edition and NewscasterVocalizer One-Time edition via this program.

What is the total Cost of Newscaster Vocalizer?

The total cost of this software is $69, which you can pay after choosing the NewscasterVocalizer One-Time plan.

Can I Pay the Price of Newscaster Vocalizer on Monthly Basis?

Yes, you can also get this software by paying the monthly cost. However, for a specific number of months, you will need to pay $9.95.



If you are planning to create an engaging video with the voice-over in it, then you must try the Newscaster Vocalizer that will accommodate you in doing the required task.

With a few clicks, this product gives you the ability to transform any quantity of text into a speech in just a few seconds. The best thing about Newscaster Vocalizer is that it allows you to sell your text-to-speech service through the internet.

Also, the product permits you to create an unlimited number of voice-overs without any issue. It will boost voice quality and help you earn more traffic using your videos.

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• In this product, you don’t need to pay anything to the voice-over artist.
• You can get more audience with the support of this Vocalizer software.
• It will give you access to many voice-overs in one place.
• The Newscaster Vocalizer software is easy to use.
• It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
• This software is beginner-friendly.


• The Newscaster Vocalizer program includes a monthly cost in one of its plans.
• The Cost of Newscaster Vocalizer is higher.

Summary: Now without paying a single penny to voice-over artists, you can get your text converting into a speech because of the Newscaster Vocalizer software. This product will help you to attach multiple voices in your speech according to your wish. The Newscaster Vocalizer software uses straightforward technology so that newcomers can also use it with less effort.

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Julia Fischer
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Amazing Features

on 2020-07-20 21:39:47

Newscaster Vocalizer provides a wide selection of natural-sounding male and female voices. Newscaster Vocalizer’s natural pronunciation of texts enables you to deliver high-quality voice output, perfect for sales letters, explainer videos, video ads, affiliate video reviews and any other videos.

John G.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Take Advantage of that amazing technology

on 2020-06-27 19:14:05

First of its kind, groundbreaking app, which allows you to generate fully-featured newscaster, neural network, and traditional voice-overs. It is able to generate realistic sounding human-like newscaster, plus it includes all-new neural voices.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2020-05-21 12:48:39

Newscaster Vocalizer has made the voice-over task a lot easier. Thanks to Andrew Darius for creating this product.

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