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January 9, 2021
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Doing exercises helps us to prevent our bodies from being attacked by lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Just by shedding the excess fat that is present in your body, you become healthier and fit. Many of us do not want to just lose weight; we want to have muscles and abs similar to those of body builders.

We all want to flaunt huge attractive muscles. Personally, I envy how muscular men since they are loved by beautiful girls. In order to have this physique, you need to work out tremendously.

One of the most efficient exercise that you can perform is the deadlift. Do you know what deadlift is?

Basically, deadlift is a weight training exercise in which a loaded bar is lifted off the floor to the level of your hips then lowered by controlled effort to the floor again.

Deadlift is a very efficient powerlifting exercise helps to improve your back, hip and hand muscles. This is the best lifting exercise that you should perform if you want to increase your back muscles.

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Unfortunately, many of us are not able to perform this exercise effectively. We end up injuring ourselves or not getting any results at all. Not all gym trainers are well conversant with the effective deadlift maneuvers.

This situation causes people to end up taking pills and steroids so as to improve their physique.

The dangers of taking steroids cannot be stressed enough. There are also programs in the market which claim to help you achieve the results that you want.

Most of these programs are scams created to target your money. Luckily, Off the Floor program is totally worth buying. This review contains everything that you need to know about the program.

What off The Floor Exactly Is

woman lifting dumbbells

This is an e-book that will help you to lift heavy deadlifts and get huge muscles in the process. You only need 99 dollars to purchase this program which you will download into your computer in the PDF format.

Just by looking at this price, you might think that this price is very high but the benefits accrued from using this product cannot be compared to this fee.

The e-book contains step by step guidelines that will help you achieve the results that you desire. It is packed with maneuvers and techniques that are simple, safe and very effective.

You cannot find these techniques within other products of this type. Just by reading the reviews of alternative programs, you will discover that this product is unique.

This program has been used by lifting experts, they all are happy about how this program works. Surely, this is best program that you can use if you want to pack more muscles from deadlift.

Furthermore, the author of this e-book also allows you to return the program if you do not like how it works.

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The Author: David Dellanave

David Dellanave wrote this revolutionary book. Have you ever heard this name? David is lifter, coach and founder of The Minneapolis in the Twin Cities.

Before coming up with this program, he conducted a detailed study about our bodies. He has helped all his clients get the best results from deadlifts.

What You Will Get

The whole package of the program is well detailed. It contains various important components that you will use to get the results that you wanted. They are:

woman lifting a dumbbell

  • Deadlift Training Guide. – This contains step-by-step guidelines that will help you get the physique that you wanted. It has all the lessons that the author learnt as he tried to become stronger.
  • The Off The Floor Program. – This is the actual PDF that summaries all you need to learn from the whole course.
  • Biofeedback Training 101. – You will learn how to use the most effective piece of training technology so as to get the results that you wanted from the comfort of your home.
  • Deadlift Exercise Library. – It contains all the vital deadlift variation that you need to learn. You will learn the simple ones as you progress to those that are difficult.
  • Accessory Exercise Library. – This contains accessory lifts that will increase your overall strength and speed up your deadlift process.
  • Beginner Section. – Have you ever lifted before? If you answer is no, this component will teach you all the basics of deadlifts.
  • Special Topics Section. – This contains special information for instance, how to win any competition. You will be able to play mind tricks on your opponent and win.

woman being helped by a man to lift a weight

A Sneak Peek of What You Will Learn

From the program, you will learn a lot of things that you did not know. Here is a sneak peek of what you will discover:

  1. The type of deadlift that will widen your back, get huge erector muscles and blow up your traps.
  2. The bitter truth about lifting straps. Many of us are not aware about this secret that David will reveal to you.
  3. You will learn about a deadlift maneuver that looks weird but it works very well.
  4. What you need to have a perfect form similar to that of world champion Dimitry Klokov.
  5. How the common mantra of core training is costing you a lot of money and the health threats that are posed to your back.
  6. What you can add to your gym bag so as to get forearms that are jacked. The thing that you will add is cheap.
  7. How to lift heavier lifts easily. Most of us are not conversant with this trick.
  8. How to lift more often and be able to have more muscle.
  9. You will also find out why you should change your form as you progress from being a beginner to an expert in deadlifts.

woman in a gym

Where you can buy Off The Floor?

Off The Floor is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Are you looking for a program that will help you maximize the benefits of deadlifts? Are you tired of using programs that do not work at all? Off The Floor program is the ideal solution to your problems. I can ascertain that this is the best program of this nature that can be found in the market.

If you read the reviews posted by people who have used this product, you will discover that this product is not a scam. I have effectively helped many people dominate deadlifts. As a trainer, you can also use this product to coach your clients effectively. I highly recommend that you opt to buy this program.

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Summary: This is a program that will aid you to improve your powerlifting. It is packed with a lot of tools that will help you to obtain the best results from lifting. This comprehensive guide is the simplest, safest and cheapest book that you can obtain from the market.

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Rated 5 stars
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