Old School Arms Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

January 21, 2022
Old School Arms Get This Body Now
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Do you work out consistently every day without seeing any notable changes in your arms? Have you tried all the arms-building exercises, and your arms have refused to grow? Unfortunately, many people encounter this same problem. They spend hours every day workout and looking for better ways to grow their arms but see no improvements.

Many things could contribute to your arms refusing to grow. However, one of the most obvious reasons is that you are not doing it correctly. The arms are one of the common parts of the body that almost every guy wants to improve. Nevertheless, if you do not know how to do it right, you might never be able to achieve your desired arm size.

Building bigger arms is not as easy as most people imagine it. It takes more than just efforts to build bigger arms. In addition to putting a lot of effort, it requires clean eating, training, and adequate rest time. Many solutions are claiming to help people build up their arms. However, most of them do not deliver as promised.

Fortunately, a few solutions work effectively, and one of them is the Old School Arms Building Secrets. This material will help you to build huge arms faster, thanks to the secrets it holds. It holds many arm-building secrets to help you achieve your desired arm size. This Old School Arms review will expose you to everything you need to know about this book. You can use it to achieve your goals of building huge arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What Is the Old School Arm?

The Old School Arm Building Secrets by Paul Becker is an eBook that aims to help you build huge arms with old-school techniques. Paul Becker is a bodybuilding historian, and he took some time to create an ebook that will teach you the secrets of building huge arms with old school workouts.

Paul Becker reveals the golden-era bodybuilders’ methods to build muscles in this book. Over the decades, bodybuilders have ignored and forgotten these techniques. Paul Becker said:

“Bodybuilders such as John McWilliams did not build such massive and muscular body because of genetics. They put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and unique techniques to build such big bodies.”

This book will teach you some of the old-schools, tested, and trusted bodybuilding techniques to develop power and strength in your arms. With the methods in this book, you can build huge arms without using steroids.

In addition to teaching you old-school workout techniques for building huge arms, the book contains other vital information such as duration and frequency of arms training. You will also learn how to increase your arm size by half an inch in just one day.

In less than four weeks, old-school bodybuilders used old-school training to add a few inches to their arms. With the secrets in this eBook, you can increase the size of your arms by two inches in less than eight weeks.Old School Arms Artists

Old School Arms Review

One common goal of many bodybuilders is adequate muscle growth and larger upper arms. They adopt different training strategies and use a workout program for proper weight gain and muscle mass development. However, most people do not get their desired result.

This Old School Arms eBook is straight from old school labs. It contains a lot of helpful information for training arms. In addition to making your arms bigger, this eBook will teach you how to burn body fat. You will learn different training techniques, such as biceps brachii, which allows you to flex your shoulder joint and arms.

One of the most remarkable things about this book is that it is well-planned. The author carefully studies every old-school bodybuilder’s old-school techniques and presents them in a simple form.

The eBook’s content is well-arranged and easy to understand. You do not need to be a professional bodybuilder to understand what the book is talking about. Whether you have been in the bodybuilding game for years or this is your first time, you can amass a lot of knowledge from this eBook in a short period.

Modern Bodybuilding Techniques Suck

Paul Becker said that modern bodybuilders suck, and he gave some reasons. He believes old-school bodybuilders are the best because of their incredible approaches to building massive arms. Many modern bodybuilders are often thin in the arms and thick in the middle, which is not something you want.

He also said that most of them have wide hips, big butt, and huge waist while having only average arms. Something is not right with the modern bodybuilding techniques today, he said. The arms are an essential part of any bodybuilding plan, and most modern bodybuilders do not pay attention to it.

The only place modern bodybuilders are better than old school bodybuilders is in weight gain. They tend to be heavier than old bodybuilders, weighing 40 pounds and more. However, the weight they amass tends to go to the butt, hips, thighs, and waists. Their arms do not gain weight or grow bigger.

Those are some of the reasons why he created this eBook. The book contains Old School Arm building techniques that you can incorporate into modern bodybuilding exercises. With the isolation exercises in this book, you will learn the secrets to building bigger arms and the perfect tight waist. Bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger used these old arm-building techniques. You can only achieve his body and arm size with those techniques.

Celebrities That Achieved Great Arm Size with Old School Arm-Building Methods

Some of the best bodybuilders today are old-school bodybuilders. These bodybuilders set some records that many modern bodybuilders could not break today. They were able to achieve massive arms with the secrets shared in this book, including good dieting such as eliminating artificial sweeteners. Here are some of the top celebrities that built huge arms quickly with the old-school way.

Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva was famously known as “The Myth” because of his fantastic body and arm size. This old-school bodybuilder’s arms were almost 23 inches. His arms were bigger than his head, surprising right? Furthermore, he has a bodyweight of 240 pounds with a tiny waist of 28 inches.

The description of Sergio made many people who had not seen him believe he was a myth. Paul met Sergio and complimented him for his incredible, massive body size and tiny waist. Sergio said they no longer make such massive body sizes in response. Modern bodybuilders have heavier weights but not such physiques as that of old school bodybuilders.

Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno’s arms were about 23 inches. He is the character behind “The Incredible Hulk” in the TV show. Lou is 6’5” tall with massive 23 inches arms, and his waist is 34 inches with a bodyweight of an impressive 275 pounds. Bodybuilders today use human growth hormones, steroids, and several other things to boost their body size.

However, despite all these artificial aids, they have not been able to beat the shape and size of these old school bodybuilders’ triceps and biceps. The significant gap has been the arm and waist size. Modern weightlifters have not come close to the old school weightlifters’ waist and arm size.

John McWilliams

John McWilliams also made it to the list. McWilliams is not as famous as the others mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, he made history that no one has broken yet. History has it that he might be the only man that overdeveloped his arms. Even Sergio Oliva said John’s arms were too big.

Interestingly, he did not take Synthol, as they were not even discovered then. Hence, his arms consist of only stiff rock muscles.Old School Arms Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

What Does this Old School Workout and Arms Training Offer?

This book holds all the secrets of the old-school bodybuilders. Old school weightlifters had many arm-building secrets. This book contains exclusive information that will make you achieve some mind-blowing results. According to Paul, the book contains more than thirty years of research. He compressed years of research into an easy-to-understand, straightforward eBook.

You can download and print the digital book. You can also have it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it easily accessible. Here are some of the critical things you will learn in this book:

  •  The best biceps triceps training to build big arms.
  •  Whether to use moderate weight for more reps or heavyweight with fewer reps.
  •  The secrets to building massive arms without steroids. You will learn to boost your arms’ sizes without using any drugs.
  •  Tips for building bigger arms from the comfort of your home.
  •  Whether to use an EZ curl bar or a straight bar for biceps.
  •  Training times and how to save time during workouts.
  •  How to build your arms to fill up your sleeves.
  •  Good workout program to increase your arms’ size by an inch in one day.
  •  Striking the perfect balance between triceps and biceps.
  •  Tips for getting an incredible bicep peak.
  •  Tips for developing the triceps’ three heads.
  •  How to build your arms with just two exercises.


This product also comes with some valuable bonuses. It comes with three amazing bonuses to take your arm workout and arm training to the next level. The bonuses included in the package are:

Bonus One: Gain One-Inch on Your Arms in One Week

The first bonus in this package is a guide on gaining one inch on your arms in just one week. This arm program is second to none in the industry, and it would help you achieve great results in just a few days. This Quick Arm Building Program costs $27.00, but you can get it free of charge when you buy this eBook.

Bonus Two: The Ultimate Guide to Building Super Powerful Grips

This Grip Strength Training also comes with this package free of charge. Old school weightlifters used this secret for building bigger arms and lifting heavier weights. You will learn a lot from this book. It costs $27.00 but comes free of charge with this package.

Bonus Three: Bodybuilding Advice

The third bonus is Old School Bodybuilding Advice. This book will teach you how to achieve your desired power, size, and strength. This book’s value is $47.00. However, it comes with this package free of charge.Old School Arms Product


Try out these Old School Arm building secrets to build your arms to your desired size. With the tips in this book, you can increase your arm by half an inch in just a week. The book is comprehensive and very easy to use. 

Old School Arms>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “Old School Arms”:

What is Old School Arms all about?

The Old School Arms is a bunch of arm-building secrets. The eBook is created to help you build your arms to your desired size.

Who is Old School Arms for?

The Old School Arms is for those who want to build their arms naturally without any drugs. It consists of old-school arm workouts that yield impressive results.

Does Old School Arms really work?

Yes, it works wonders when you stick to the rules and exercises in the book. It does not involve the use of steroids or other drugs. It would help you grow your arms naturally.

Is Old School Arms for everyone?

Old School Arms is for anyone who wants to adopt old-school arm-building techniques to increase their arms’ size. It is ideal for both teenagers and adults.

What is the cost of Old School Arms?

The Old School Arms costs only $27.00. However, it comes with other bonuses worth over $100.00. The product does not have any hidden charge; with just $27, the book is all yours.

Where can I buy Old School Arms?

The Old School Arms is not available in offline stores. Nevertheless, You can buy this product online. Click here to buy the Old School Arms.

What are the pros and cons of Old School Arms?

It would help develop your arms naturally and quickly. It is easy to understand, and the only downside to this eBook is that it is not available offline.


Delivers impressive results in less time
Old school bodybuilding secrets for building your arms fast
Different arm-building techniques
Advanced fitness tips
Relatively cheap and easily accessible


It can only be purchased online

Summary: If you are looking to build your arms without using any drugs, you need to do it naturally. With the best old school arm-building secrets, you can develop your arms and increase your arm size by a few inches in just a few weeks. It is the best arm-building formula out there, and it is easy to use.

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