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Real Food For Dogs Review – Does it Work or Not?

Real Food For Dogs
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Product Name: Real Food For Dogs
Author/Creator: Ryan Alarid
Price: $37.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://www.naturallyready.com

Do you want to save your dog from cancer? Are you looking for healthy food for your dog? Do you want your dog to stay healthier? If yes, then the Real Food For Dogs program is for you.

I have seen a lot of people that don’t care about the thing that their dog is consuming. Some people just put whatever they think is edible in front of their dog.

If you are also doing that, then you are risking your dog’s life. There are several food items available that are healthier for humans but not for dogs.

Real Food For Dogs

Dogs and humans have a totally diverse digestive system, but most people don’t understand that. Due to which they keep giving their favorite food to their dog as well.  The chances are that food might not be good for your pet’s health, and it can even cause dog cancer.

But most people want to save themselves from the expenses of dog food. So what should those people do to feed their dog at an affordable rate without causing any disease to the dog?

Well, in that case, you need the Real Food For Dogs program. But is it suitable for dogs, or is it a scam? In this Real Food For Dogs review, I will clear all your doubts regarding the product.

What Is Real Food For Dogs Program?

This program comes up with a suitable diet for dogs. It carries food that is healthy for your dog and can increase their lifespan. These foods are easily accessible that you might find in your home.

However, the program reports a list of some household items that can be harmful to your dog’s health. Some of these household items may also cause dog cancer.

This program also includes a list of diets that are 100% safe, and your dog will love to eat. It is going to make the dog’s muscles and bones stronger.

Real Food For Dogs

The program also guides how to end the bad smell of bad breath and smelly farts from your dog. It helps you in protecting your dog from organ failure. The best part is that it is suitable for all dogs.

Whether you own an elder dog or a puppy, you can use this program without any concern. Also, Unlike other dog’s products, this program has nothing to do with the breed of your dog.

It increases the mobility and the immune system of your dog. Many dog owners are using the techniques given in the program and are getting positive responses.

About Ryan Alarid – The Creator

Ryan Alarid is the creator of this product. He used to have a dog named Rosie. Rosie was such a fantastic dog that has stayed with Ryan in all the problematic situations.

Ryan used to take his dog everywhere he goes. However, an incident changed Ryan’s life when Rosie was diagnosed with cancer. This cancer results in the death of Ryan’s dog.


Seeing Rosie dying was the saddest thing of Ryan’s life. Ryan was devastated after knowing this news. But this incident didn’t stop him.

After going through such a tragic incident, Ryan decided to launch a product that can save the life of other people’s dogs. He came to know that some household food item was the reason behind Rosie disease.

Ryan started to research such food items. After knowing the cause and the solution, Ryan decided to launch a product, especially for dogs.

How Does the Real Food For Dogs Works?

Firstly, you have to order this product. Once you buy it, you will get a   diet plan that you have to follow for your dog. You have to feed the real food in the exactly mentioned amount as present in the program.

After doing that, you will see that your dog has become much healthier and energetic. The best thing is it prevents your dog from various deadly diseases like cancer.

Similar to many other customers, you are going to find positive results if you follow it correctly. You might start noticing changes in your dog after utilizing the program for a week.

However, if you change your mind or if you don’t see any positive change in your dog, then you can use a full-refund policy that may last for 60 days. You will get a full refund without any further queries asked.

Real Food For Dogs working

What Comes with the Real Food For Dogs Product?

  • The program introduces three bonuses that work for the betterment of your dog. These bonuses give a better, healthier, and longer life to your dog.
  • The first bonus is Real Treats for Dogs, in which you get recipes that you have to give to your dog to keep them healthy. There is nothing bland in it, which will not make your dog dislike eating. It is like a real food book that includes a step-by-step food guide.
  • Another ebook that you will get is the Real Care for Dogs. This ebook is similar to an FAQ book containing all the questions that most dog owners asked the experts. Thanks to this guide that you don’t have to go to a dog expert to get answers to the required questions.
  • You will also learn about cleaning items, vitamins, supplements, and other stuff that have some role in the dog’s life. It aims to improve dogs’ health.
  • Additionally, the program covers a Real Weight Loss for Dogs ebook, which also comes as a free item with this program. This guide will help you in keeping your dog fit and trim.
  • If your dog is facing the overweight problem, then you can follow the steps given in one of the bonuses to get good results.
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Benefits of Using Real Food For Dogs Program

Eradicate Disease

The primary purpose of this program is to stop and remove any disease that your dog may encounter. You will learn about the factors that can cause harm to your dog’s health.

The program will show you how you can keep your dog healthy. This product adds extra strength to the dog’s joints and muscles. It will boost the immune system as well as mobility.

It will also reveal the process of losing weight for the dogs that are overweight. The overweight problem can also introduce a few diseases in the dog so you should eradicate it as soon as possible.

Diet List

The program includes a food list that you can provide to your dog. This diet plan is going to be safe and will not have any negative impact on the dog’s health.

Also, the food will be delicious for your dog. Apart from getting the suitable diet list, you will also get a diet plan that you should prevent giving to your dog


One thing that you will love in this dog-related program is that it comes with many bonuses. These bonuses work to give your dog a healthier life.

The Real treat for Dogs bonus features step-by-step recipes that your dog needs to consume. This program works for the longevity of your dog’s life.

You will also get a Real Care for Dogs bonus in which you will get some frequently asked queries requested by the dog’s owner. This program guides owners with the method of keeping their dog healthy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the FAQ sections for the Real Food For Dogs program.

Is It Suitable for Overweight Dogs?

If your dog is overweight, then I have good news for you. The good news is that this program comes with a separate ebook that is dedicated for overweight dogs.

Through that ebook, you will learn how to make your dog lose weight. It gives your dog strength and energy. Overweight can cause joints, attitudes, diabetes, and other diseases in your dog.

But once you use this program, you will see a rapid decrease in your dog weight, which will also eradicate the disease from your dog’s life.

What Is the Price of This Dog Care Program?

It comes with two different pricing schemes. The original price of the first category is $69.99, while the cost of the other plan is $129.96.

In the first pack, you will only get the product while in the second plan, you will get additional bonuses with it. The good news is that there is a discount going on for both the packages so you can get both the plan in just $37.

What Should I Choose Real Food For Dogs Program When There Are Already Many Similar Products?

You will get many additional features with the Real Food For Dogs program, which you might not discover anywhere else.

The program will provide you access to Real Treat, Real Care, Real Weight Loss, and a Complete Everyday meal in this program.



I would recommend the Real Food For Dogs program to all those people who have a dog. This program will make your dog free from many diseases.

You will also know some common household items that are silently killing your dog, and you don’t even know about it. The program is going to provide you with the food items that you should give to your dog for their better health.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• This program will show you a perfect diet for your dog.
• It will help you in eradicating the disease from your dog.
• The program will enhance the dog’s immune system.
• This product blocks cancer from entering the dog’s life.
• It strengthens the dog’s muscles and bones.
• The program has a 100% money-back policy, which will last for 60 days.


• It doesn’t include any physical ingredients.
• You have to purchase ingredients separately.

Summary: If you want to keep your dog safe from cancer, diabetes, joints, chronic, and other diseases, then you should pick the Real Food For Dogs program. It further includes bonuses that you can apply to your dog for their healthier and longer life.

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William Croyle
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Contain cooked food as an alternative to raw.

on 2020-07-30 05:06:54

Shopping for ingredients, grinding, chopping, measuring and mixing may not be something you have time for. That’s why these already made raw dog food delivery services can be so convenient for busy families.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

High quality, nutritious ingredients

on 2020-06-28 14:02:09

This would not only save consumers money on feeding their pets, but would also help drive profits since food companies could now sell previously unwanted meat and grain products.

Robert Shealey
Rating: 5
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on 2020-02-17 19:07:51

This is one of the best guides i have ever come across talking about dog foods. I am glad that this system is offering exactly what i expected.

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