Rocket Arabic Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

January 30, 2023

Learning new languages is always so much fun. I love it because you get to know of new cultures and have a better understanding of the people who live in this world.

People learn new languages for several reasons. Some do so for business reasons while others may have personal reasons such as being fascinated by the language.

One of the many languages that I find very interesting is Arabic. I know so many of you look at those writings and see nothing only scribbling and very confusing symbols. When you take your time to know more about it, you will be surprised at how easy it is.

If you are reading this review today, then it means you are very much interested in learning Arabic. Very many countries in the world speak Arabic and it may prove useful someday to have a grasp at this language.

You might find yourself having to visit an Arabic country and you will be thankful you took lessons on it.

Today in my review I plan to expound more about the Rocket Arabic, an impressive guide to finally mastering the language of the Arabs.

rocket arabic review

Without any more chitchat, why don’t I go ahead on telling you what exactly the Rocket Arabic is.

The Rocket Arabic Unveiled

This is an online course on the internet that seeks to help you master Arabic in a simpler, faster way than before. By now you must have realized that learning Arabic is no simple task. Therefore, you need something that eases the teaching process and makes it less difficult to finally study it.

Developed by Amira Zaki, this course delivers its contents through audio lesson and various software programs. Amira Zaki is an Egyptian and he has learnt Arabic ever since he was young. This means that this program was designed by an experienced teacher who completely understands the language.

An Insight into Amira Zaki’s Rocket Arabic Course

The premium package of this course constitutes 94 lessons. Of the 94, 33 are audio lessons which are very interactive and will engage you in the learning.

two beautiful arabic women

As you are taught new phrases, you will be asked to repeat them out loudly so that you get their correct pronunciation and store them permanently in your brain.

There will also be 29 lessons on learning to write in Arabic. These lessons will feature videos among other important aspects of learning Arabic writing. The remaining 32 lessons will focus on grammar and the language structure.

By the time you are getting through with all these lessons, you will be at the intermediate level as an Arabic speaker. You can even be better with more effort.

arabic naming

One of the many strategies employed in this course is improving the readers ability to remember what he/she has been taught. It enhances this using software such as the Hear It Say It software. In one of the tools of this software, you listen to a word or a phrase played for you and then you guess what it means.

Record Tool works by allowing you to record yourself and then comparing your pronunciation with that from the audio lessons to determine your progress. There are very many tools that come with this software. Other tools include Know It, Write It, Play It etc. each one serves a different purpose in improving your understanding of the language.

arabic alphabets

The Contents of the Package

When you buy this program, here is what you get:

  • Lessons on the culture of the Arabians.
  • Interactive audio lessons.
  • Built in pronunciation practice.
  • Recall enhancing tools.
  • An app compatible with all devices.
  • You get to join a members-only platform.

To help you in monitoring your progress, there will be leaderboards, badges and points to be earned based on your improvement.

Does Amira Zaki Offer Any Support?

As a user of this program you are going to have a lot of support around you. First, there is a forum that has been created where you can interact with other leaners of the language. Here you can always ask for help whenever you get stuck and someone will happily help you out.

hand writing in arabic

In addition to that, there is additional support that is provided by the designers of this program. You will be given phone and email contact details trough which you can reach them.

This program pays a lot of attention in ensuring that its users get motivated to learn Arabic and yearn to improve it.

What Are the Customer Reviews on Rocket Arabic?

The course has a very high rating among its customers. as for the reviews, they are magnificent. I mean they almost got me starting on this course immediately.

All the comments given by the customers are positive and they will encourage you to try it out. These reviews also show that the program is real, genuine and far from being any sort of scam.


Buy it today to start your road to learning Arabic. I am sure you will find the whole course exciting, fun and very much informative.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee Offer?

You are going to get 2 months to use the program and still be free to cancel your subscription to it and ask for your money back should you find it unhelpful. You cash shall be returned to you without any questions being asked.

This policy makes it risk-free and proves that it is not a scam.

Final Verdict

Personally, I find this course to be one of the most effective in teaching Arabic. Honestly speaking, how many courses put this much effort in ensuring the learner completely understands Arabic and learns how to speak it fluently?

This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss if you wish to learn Arabic. All it needs is just a little input of effort from you and within no time you will be mastering the words and phrases of Arabic. It is not easy to find a program like this one. Therefore, ensure you get the most and the best out of it.

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  1. The Egyptian dialect is most often used in the media and has the most speakers overall. This means that learning Egyptian Arabic will allow you to be understood by most other dialects. This is one of the most comprehensive, complete language-learning programs we’ve come across in that sense.

  2. I’ve wanted to study Arabic for a long time so was very happy to find Rocket. The way things progress, the way it’s organized facilitate learning very well. So far I’m very happy with all three and am excited to have unfettered access to this massive wealth of learning material.

  3. I have always considered Arabic to be a very difficult language, but this program makes the whole learning process easy, fast and fun!

  4. I no longer think learning a new language can be difficult. I think all people lack is the right means of learning the language. Before I got the Rocket Arabic product I could not understand how I could seat in a class for long hours learning that language. However, the program helps you learn like a real teacher. It will take you a very short time. It is also convenient since you can use it anywhere.

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