Rocket Hindi Review – What You Must Know Before You Buy!

January 16, 2023

I love watching Indian movies. The way they talk just fascinates me. It’s amazing how such a language has survived for centuries. I loved Hindi ever since I first heard it. This made me want to learn more about it and my passion drove me to look for various products that offered packages on teaching the language.

I have read and heard talks of how difficult it is to learn Hindu. Some complain that they never really get it no matter what they do.

To be honest I never had a tough time learning Hindu. To me it was all smooth till the end. Call it passion or perhaps maybe it was the product that I used to learn it. The Rocket Hindi.

The Rocket Language Packages

Have you ever heard of it? If not, then let me tell you all there is to know about the Rocket language packages.

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This is a company that has been known for providing packages for learning new languages. It has recorded successes in thousands if not tens of thousands. The techniques they apply in delivery of their lessons ensures that the learner completely grasps everything and understands all the concepts involved.

In the same way, they now bring to you the Rocket Hindi. An intense and friendly program for learning Hindi.

I believe anything is easy to learn only if you are with the right teacher. And in my endeavors of struggling to master this fine language I never encountered a far better way to grasp all there is to know about Hindi than through the help of Rocket Hindi. So, what exactly is this product?

The Rocket Hindi Revealed

There are very many reasons why you may wish to become acquainted with Hindi. Perhaps it is just business, or maybe you intend to move into India and settle down there. Either way, for the best service delivery on learning it, this product takes the number 1 cup.

This is an online program that helps people learn how to speak and write Hindi in the shortest time possible and at the same time making them pros in it. Personally, I have never seen anything like it.

Most people get faced with the challenges of retaining and remembering what they are taught when learning a new language. However, this program stands out as unique.

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Why you ask?

It is because it not only focuses on teaching you the laws involved in the language but also involves boosting your retaining capacity of the language.

How the Rocket Hindi Works

Within the product are 31 audio lessons. Each audio session lasts around 20 minutes. These conversations cover a wide array of topics starting from greetings and proceeding onwards to topics such as foods, drinks, tourism and such.

The lessons use modern Hindi which means that you will be updated on colloquial spoken everyday by the natives.

There is also a voice mapping technology that helps you in improving pronunciation. This software allows you to record yourself while pronouncing words and listening to how you do it and how the natives do it so that you know how to correct where you are going wrong.

Within the package are several programs for helping you perfect your skills in various sectors of the language for example, WordMaster and MegaHindi sharpens your vocabulary while PhraseMaster improves your perception of how the language is spoken.

Why the Rocket Hindi?

There are so many reasons that I could give as to why you should pick this program over the rest. However, I am only going to name a few of the most important ones.

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Extra activities. This package has used innovative ideas to improve mastery of the Hindi language through video games, self-tests, quizzes among other activities such as WordMasters. These extra acts will go a long way in familiarizing you with the language and improving your fluency in it.

Simplicity. Unlike other programs, this one has been made simple and effective. You will have an easier time understanding everything than with other similar programs.

Rocket Hindi app. Subscription to the premium package unlocks this product’s new app with both iOS and android versions. This app is an amazing way to keep learning the language.

Culture. To be better in Hindi, you must also know about their culture. This program will teach you all this through language and culture lessons.

A Learners Forum. In addition to all the above, there will also be a forum where you can interact with other learners and this forum is usually open 24/7. The forum is made up of both learners of the language and native speakers who can all be very helpful.

With these 5 reasons, I don’t see why you should be convinced by now that this is the best program for you. It is not a scam and delivers on its promise.

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The Pricing

This program is sold at $99.95. This is a promotional offer. The recommended retail price is quoted at $299.95. Therefore, hurry and buy it while this offer still stands.

Customer Reviews

There is nothing you will relish more than reading the comments written about this program. The reviews rate this product an average of 8.5/10 and this is no simple feat to achieve especially when teaching such a difficult language as Hindi.

As one of the people who have benefited from it, I also agree with the rest of the beneficiaries that this program is truly astounding. Its quality is nothing short of 100% genuine and proven to work. You want to learn Hindi, then this is the best product to buy that has the best value for your money.

Is Support Given?

Yes, and in plenty. You will be provided with contact details in case you require any assistance. An email shall be provided for you which you will use to seek clarification for any other questions you may have.

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You can also use the forum to seek further clearance on something that you do not understand.

Final Verdict

There is no better way and easier to learn difficult languages than through Rocket courses and this one is going to take you a long way in achieving that. You will have all you need to make you an average if not an amazing speaker of the Hindi language.

All the lessons you shall go through them at your pleasure. As you can confirm for yourself, this product is genuine and not a scam. So, what else are you waiting for? Buy it today and start earning.

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  1. Easy-to-follow way. This will allow you to build your own sentences in a conversation! Rocket Hindi will build your language skills in every direction: reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking.

  2. It is not stiff but flexible enough to allow you to learn both the Hindi culture and the language. And we all know just how colorful and beautiful the Hindi culture is.

  3. I had actually seen this online Hindi teaching system before and made a wrong choice, I chose a different one that ended up making regret the whole thing because I was not satisfied with the results I got and the teaching technique.

  4. I’ve been very impressed by the quality and scope of the Rocket Hindi audio and dialogues. The Hindi words, phrases and dialogues are presented just as they’re used in real life by native speakers from India.

  5. I chose Hindi because I know a number of people who speak it and I thought it might be interesting and useful to know. While this review focuses on Rocket Hindi.

  6. I am pleasantly surprised at the pace that I’m learning Hindi! Especially, after traveling to India multiple times and never fully understanding the pronunciations of words. It is like having your own private tutor in the comfort of your home.

  7. By the time she finished explaining, I was amazed at just how much authentic the whole product was, it did not take anything away from the excitement of learning a new language.

  8. I got to realize quickly though that self-teaching is taking up a long time, I lacked the disciple to be more serious about grasping the language faster.

  9. Hindi is not an easy language. It might have to take you a lot of time if you go for a trainer. This is what i have found out since i started using this guide. It has been working very well for me and i prefer it to a trainer.

  10. Sometimes when you are on travel, then for sure it becomes necessary to have a no how of the languages here and there. I am hoping that this helps me master basics in hindi before i move to the place for a period of one year.

  11. I’m really thankful that I’ve decided to learn Hindi with the help of this program. I’ve had a hard time with learning languages but this was surprisingly easy to follow and understand.

  12. Rocket Hindi has been extremely helpful for my travels through North India. I recommend this program to anyone who is a beginner Hindi student, especially those who would like practice speaking with correct pronunciation and mastering Devanagari!

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