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Secret Survey Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

Secret Survey
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Product Name: Secret Survey
Author/Creator: Michael Fiore
Price: $67.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://whyhelies.com

Men cause women to go through a lot of challenge in their quest to make their relationship ‘just as they would want it to be.’ Is that not true women?

If you are a man, I do not expect you to agree with this. Your most probable argument would be you also experience the same or even greater challenge in giving your woman all that she wants.

For our review of today, the product’s focus is going to be majored on you as the woman reader.

Men…reviews of products with you as the focus will without a doubt follow. But it will do you not harm in reading through this particular one if you are a random reader of reviews.

If you have come across Secret Survey, you might be wondering whether this training course on relationship for women is ideal for you. To clear such thoughts of doubt, you have landed in the right forum.

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In here, you are going to get to learn all there is to the system, what you get upon purchasing the program, as well as the good and the bad of this renowned course.

At the end of it all, you will have the opportunity of making an informed decision on whether or not to buy the program as the answer to your relationship struggles.

Similar to any online relationship program, Secret Survey is not ‘perfect’ for all the women. As such, before you go out to buy it, I highly recommend that you take some time to get to know about it. Through the below information…

About Secret Survey

The program is a creation of Michael Fiore, who is a relationship coach with a great reputation. It best can be described as a course that is unique and geared towards providing you with a groundbreaking look into the psychology of a man.

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Also, it shows to you the things that your guy really looks forward to get from you, the reason behind his looking at other women even when you are close, why you are misled by him, together with the things you are required to do for you to understand if what he tells to you is the truth or just lies.

The program, Secret Survey, has been based on 8 lessons through which you are step by step shown what you are required to do for your realization of a man’s feelings towards you. Also shown is the things he really wants without him mentioning a word?

Include inside This Michael Fiore’s Program;

You can be able to access each and every material of this system via the private members area. Below, I have been able to outline the major things you are going to get following your purchase.

The ‘10 Lessons’ Component on Precisely What Men Want

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This forms the core of the program. It is available for you in the formats of PDF (text), audio and video. Every week, you are going to get two lessons for a duration of a whole month. The introduction as well as the final lesson are also found here.

The Interviews Component

This is the component in which a variety of interviews with some of the most renowned relationship experts from all over the world are contained. These relationship experts are the likes of Eric Candal, Michael Griswold, Matthew Hussey, Joshua Pellicer, just to mention but a few.

Among the topics that you are going to come across inside the interviews include; ‘How to Be a Human Lie Detector’, Creating Unstoppable Confidence’, ‘Sex Lies Exposed’ together with many others.

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The Articles Component

Contained in this component are a variety of interesting articles written by Michael Fiore and also other relationship experts. These are including the actual outcome of the secret survey by the author. A survey whose base is well above twenty one thousand men.

The Complete Secret Survey Package

When you become one among the clients of Michael Fiore, it implies that you not only get the manual to the program. The following bonuses are also attached;

  • Bonus #1 – Secret Conversation With Men
  • Bonus #2 – Text The Romance Back 2.0
  • Bonus #3 – The TRB Cookbook
  • Bonus #4 – The Facebook Romance Secrets

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Already convinced that it is an excellent program for you?

Working of the Program

Worth noting, is that there are 8 key lessons which you will get introduced to in this program. I have gone ahead to outline the various lessons as follows;

  • Lesson 1: Men Are Like Dogs And You Are A Bad Owner.
  • Lesson 2: Why Men Lie To Women.
  • Lesson 3: Why Does He Not Complement Me Anymore?
  • Lesson 4: Is He Really In Love With Me?
  • Lesson 5: Why Does He Look At Other Women?
  • Lesson 6: Why Men Cheat.
  • Lesson 7: What Your Appearance Means To Him.
  • Lesson 8: What Men Want Sexually.

In addition, upon your acquisition of the membership of the program, with you will be having opportunity to upgrade your guide. Following the upgrade, you are going to have:

  • At every chapter’s end, you are going to have the summary together with exercises for the improvement of you and your man’s relationship.
  • More than a hundred situations and questions that many women from all corners of the globe submit and are answered openly by actual men. Also you are going to get various reasons as to why men lie to their women. PDF transcripts are also available to aid you in following along, noting down and also printing out the revealed secrets following each interview.
  • Simple techniques in which you can make use of text messages to naturally be the inspiration for a guy to give you romance, passion and the excitement that you truly deserve.

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Cost of the Program

Are you are among the women who have the desire to build a relationship that is full of happiness?

Following a lot of money, effort and time being spent on numerous relationship guides that are ineffective or scam that litter the market, you have found the breakthrough. This Secret Survey review will be your breakthrough.

This is since this e-guide is going to present you with exactly what you have been in search of. It is going to be essential for you in saving time as well as money which you would have otherwise spent of other ineffective products full of hype.

For as little as $67, you are going to have access instantly to the complete package of the program. What is more is that this is an investment you get to make one-time. You can get the main product in the format of a PDF allowing you to use it from your home’s comfort.

Now, with you is a unique opportunity to have the access to all the easiest and latest tips for boosting of your relationship’s momentum.

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Where you can buy Secret Survey?

Secret Survey is available on the official website, https://whyhelies.com.

Final Verdict

The Secret Survey is a fun and riveting program in which you will not have to be bored with non-essential relationship jargons. All the women who are not completely happy in their relationships with their men can reap benefit from this program.

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• Following of the program is exceptionally easy. The following of the system is quite easy and the author offers the lessons in a way that is profound and also fun ensuring the understanding by all persons.

• Presently, it is among the relationship training courses that are most comprehensive for women. It has guides that are professional looking, high quality videos as well as an active members’ area.

• Ability of communicating with other women. When you buy it, you can comment on every video, ask questions or post answers to the comments by other women.

• Available in a step wise format. This play a great role in making all that is contained inside it clear.

• Money back guarantee. A 60 day money back guarantee is offered to you. As such, you have little to no worries to get the program. A refund is there for you if you find it ineffective or scam.


• Downloading of all the lessons is not possible for you immediately. A lot of information and exercises are contained which you are required to follow in an orderly manner.

Summary: This is a program in which you will come across tons of unique information on about anything and everything you require to know concerning men. These include those things that drive them, the things they want and their actual thoughts in regard to true love, relationships, fun, sex, together with a lot of other things.

RatingRated 4.77 stars
Roosevelt T.
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

This is great

on 2018-01-31 05:20:54

You will obviously like the program secret survey. You will realize that the system provides you with the best tips and secrets you can ever think of. The program is made up of very many things that i found interesting. The videos and audios are so much amazing and most of it all easy to understand.

Ashley T. Dutton
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

Women here is a masterpiece

on 2018-01-14 19:55:46

The author of this system really know what he is talking about. I believe a thorough research was carried out to come up with a product of this kind. I have gone through the entire book and trust me it is one great piece. The author digs deep into the character of men. If you are a woman and want to understand a lot about men then this is the book.

John Britt
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2017-09-22 15:37:03

I am a Man and I find this Secret Survey fascinating and interesting. The high-quality videos and excellent audio of this program give you a comprehensive training.

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