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SpecForce Alpha Review – Does It Really Work?

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Product Name: SpecForce Alpha
Author/Creator: $37.00
Price: Todd
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://alphanation.com

As a kid, I was extremely skinny and really had no upper-body strength. All my friends succeeded in P.E., and I would die of embarrassment every day.

It seemed as if nature wanted me to be skinny. Have you felt like this? Well, I’m sure you can relate to this as well…

In my twenties, I decided to take action and joined a gym. In just some months, I was seeing results, I had gained some muscle mass and my strength was increasing. To be honest, I always knew it would take time, so I never expected fast results.

However, the hype lasted only a year, because I landed a job and I had to constantly travel.

I mean, I didn’t look bad. There were muscles and I felt more confident. However, I still saw guys who would lift a spoon and get a new bicep. It was annoying.

So, I decided to give it a go and research on my own. I’m a smart man and I was sure this wasn’t anything new. Through different reviews, SpecAlpha Force kept popping up. It caught my eye and it seemed to match my expectations.

Well, long story short, I gained around 45 pounds of muscle and bone mass. Yes, even my bones grew. With just simple, but mind-blowing, lifestyle changes and effective, strategic exercise.

Here’s more how the program works.

What is SpecForce Alpha All About?

The program is an all-encompassing approach to manliness and masculinity. In essence, its main objective is to naturally boost everything that makes you a man, biologically.

It does that with the following approach:

  • A step-by-step guide to bodybuilding techniques.
    • This is based on Target Focused Muscle Report. It helps the users to develop stronger muscles in a short time.
    • You won’t be Rocky, but you’ll say bye to skinny forever.
  • Specialized, 7-day Training Program.
    • Easy to integrate into your daily life routine to keep you fit.
  • Hormone management.
    • Reduce your insulin resistance and cortisol, to reduce weight and inflammation.
    • Increase testosterone and growth hormone to gain mass and improve your health.
  • Macronutrient Profile.
    • Get tips to maintain testosterone levels by sticking to a particular diet you’ll learn here.
  • In-Depth Video Coaching
    • The best guidance on how to perform each of the exercise routines.
    • Maximize technique, maximize gains.
  • Black Ops Macro Flex Diet
    • The perfect app for your mobile. It has a logbook to keep track of your daily diet by calculating your progress towards weight goals.
  • Alpha-Status Handbook
    • Train to enhance your masculine appearance in the world.
    • Learn how to be manlier and in control of situations.

Personally, the biggest surprise was the Alpha-Status Handbook. I mean, we’ve all seen those guys in the gym who are massive, but you know they won’t last in a fight.

Well, you want to be Alpha in every aspect. The program makes sure you do.

What Does Specforce Alpha Do?

lose fat gain muscle, 3 musculine men and a plate with food

First, SpecForce Alpha also improves your recovery time. As the name says, it’s based on special forces training. The issue with such training is that it’s highly demanding and people can easily injure.

However, since they need people to always be at 100%, they’ve optimized them to reduce injuries beyond 90%. This is amazing because you know that you can trust the program and won’t get hurt if you follow instructions.

SpecForce Alpha program is a complete exercise system. It can be carried out at home with ease without using any kind of equipment.

  • It is used by Special Forces Operators to get a super fit and ripped physique.
  • This method uses your own weight to create a slimmer and stronger muscles in a recorded time.
  • Growth Hormone production allows you to reduce your fat and increase mass.
  • The Alpha Male Mind Shift methods train you to think, perform and become an Alpha Male.
  • Your Personal Macronutrient Profile confirms your testosterone levels.
  • The Video Coaching gives you all the extra info you might need to succeed.

It’s great to have everything in one single program. You don’t have to spend time or money looking for what’s best for you.

Think about it, I had my diet, exercise routines, and self-assessment tools in just one system!

Benefits of SpecForce Alpha

SpecForce Alpha Review

  • No need for expensive equipment.
    • Its main purpose is to reduce body fat and improve muscle definition.
    • All the exercises in this program can be performed easily at home without special tools and equipment.
  • Change the body and mind.
    • This program has changed the mindset of people.
    • You’ll completely transform, inside and out, into the Alpha you really are.
  • Great for any type of guy.
    • It allows you to eat much as long as it falls under your Extensive Macronutrient Profile.
    • So, it’ll work regardless of your age, race, or weigh profile.

I already talked about the bonuses and mentioned how I improved. To be honest, the fact that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee is a little funny. Believe me, you’re going to be happy with this.

Navy Lieutenant Cmdr. Andy Silvestri, a dentist with 21st Dental Company and 35-year-old from San Jose, Calif., performs Turkish get-ups during a circuit workout at the High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Center on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Aug. 14, 2012. Open since August 2011, the HITT Center is a gym devoted to supporting circuit and high-intensity cross training. Equipment featured inside includes battle ropes, BOSU and Dyna balls, ellipticals, kettle bells, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, rowing machines and TRX suspension training rings. The center, located in Building 1034 next to the 3rd Marine Regiment Satellite Fitness Center, is available for use by service members Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Where you can buy SpecForce Alpha?

SpecForce Alpha is available on the official website, https://alphanation.com.


SpecForce Alpha is a unique workout approach for all those who want to finally become a man. Yes, it won’t come without effort,  but rest assured that every effort you make will be highly compensated.

Although it’s not immediate, you’ll get ripped naturally and safely. I would recommend this program to all those people who are looking for a genuine workout system. It also gives you a money back guarantee of 60 days, which makes this program risk free and harmless.

In my experience, this program gave me a lot of freedom and I still follow the diet. Now, it’s become second nature, so it’s easy for me. I look and feel better than ever. Hey, you can do it too!

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It doesn’t require any special kind of expensive equipment.
it is not just like the other programs in the market and online.
This program has changed the mindset of people
Doesn’t require any kind of special and strict dieting
It has a money back guarantee of 60 days
It also offers different bonuses.
Recommended for all in spite of age, race, and gender
Effective results in just two months.


It cannot be accessed offline
It requires effort to work out

Summary: SpecForce Alpha is an incomparable workout system with a strategically-planned exercise schedule. It’s objective is to alter your entire body’s appearance, transforming you into an Alpha Male.
It is based on military workouts used in the Special Forces.

The amazing program was designed by a famous SWAT team leader and certified, strategic-fitness trainer, Todd Lamb. He says that the main purpose of SpecForce Alpha is to help people learn how they can have attractive bodies and live a healthy life.

RatingRated 4.78 stars

Rated 4.78 stars
4.78 / 5 (9 )


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