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December 13, 2021
Stroke of Genius Make Him Fee Good Now

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Stroke of Genius


Cassidy Lyon




60 days


  • Get all the sexy, without the gross.
    Learn the best techniques to masturbate a guy without having to go through unnecessary information. Instead, this program is fun, sexy, and focuses on results. You can get dirtiest details if you ask your man.
  • Genius, but not complicated.
    Guys have constantly masturbated from age unmemorable. So, you won’t be reinventing the wheel. Instead, you’ll learn something you were taught, and you’ll surprise your man with a hot orgasm; every time!
  • Reignite passion.
    Some girls are highly sexual; some of us aren’t. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle. Everyone can stroke a penis, but now, you will know how to give it an explosive orgasm.
  • Affordable.
    Stroke of Genius is an affordable program. For only $37, you’ll learn how to take your sex life to another level.
  • Well-researched and science-based.
    This program is not the wet dream of a loser. Here, you’ll learn things based on nerves and their terminals, proper stimulation, etc. Again, it’s not a biology class, but it’ll give you life.
  • It takes time.
    Read it at least once before trying anything. Then, it’s highly recommended that you practice. I’m sure that if you tell your man you want to learn how to please him, he won’t have any objections.
  • You’ll need a digital device
    The program is only available in digital formats. You’ll need a device capable of reading ebooks.

 Stroke of Genius is the ultimate guide to help you understand your man’s penis. Everyone is different, and it’s essential to keep that in mind when playing with it.
Let’s face it; guys like to orgasm whenever they can. Sometimes, it’s not possible to have sex, but with the right strokes, you can make him explode, give him his much-needed release, and score points for yourself.
Stroke Of Genius is the place to learn.

If you’ve ever wondered how to masturbate a man, you are not alone.

Guys have it very easily. For them, masturbation is a thing from a young age. Also, every sexual material online caters to them. Well, maybe this generation is different, but I’m almost forty, and I never really thought about what it took to give a hand.

However, one day I tried to masturbate my husband, and he stopped me. He looked at my weirded-out face and tried to have sex with me. But, I knew there was something else. So, I stopped him and asked.

In a shocking turn of events, he said that he didn’t like it when I masturbated him.

At first, the embarrassment was a lot. For a second, it felt as if our sex life had been all a lie. He then told me how he enjoys sex with me, but not masturbation. So, being the determined person that I am, I asked him to teach me. However, he said that either you have it or you don’t. He believed that handjobs couldn’t be learned.

I know it’s a weird concept but stay with me.

In this age, filled with tutorials and DIYs, I knew I had to be able to find one about masturbation. Well, I found more than one. On top of that, to no one’s surprise, one was grosser than the previous one.

Finally, I came across a review of Stroke of Genius, and that’s when my life took a turn…

Why Are Hand Jobs Important?

In summary, because men are always horny.

“Sometimes when you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself.” God knows why, but that’s how it is. A guy will stop everything he’s doing to have an orgasm and then move on. Again, some girls might be familiar with that, but an orgasm takes time with me.

However, I do like to know that I please my husband. Regardless of how effortless it is, there’s always a sense of achievement when he orgasms in my arms. The problem is that I’m not in the mood all the time, or maybe, I just want to him an orgasm, and I don’t feel like having one at the time.

Handjobs are essential because they are a way of pleasing each other. In essence, it’s a different way of intimacy with your partner.

Now, we know that most guys need A LOT of help to find the clitoris. On the other hand, we need a little guidance to find the right stroke.

If you’re willing to masturbate your partner and you do it right, he’ll go crazy for you.

Stroke of Genius What This Is All About

What the Stroke of Genius is about

In a nutshell, it’s manual about male masturbation for women.

Sadly, most people think like my husband and think masturbation is an intuitive thing. However, it’s not, and that’s why many guys also suck at it.

  • Learn the different “explosive” parts of the penis
  • Discover the stimulation of different regions of his pelvis
  • Identify how to adjust speed and strength
  • Learn different grips and strokes

The guide contains everything you need to know about male masturbation and how to do it right.

Experimenting With Your Partner


At first, I was extremely shy about buying the guide and telling my husband.

However, if he didn’t appreciate what I was doing for love, then we would have a bigger problem. So, I told him what was going on and that I would need practice time. His first reply wasn’t enthusiastic.

Anyway, I bought the guide, read it once. Then, I read the guide again and made surprise sessions with my boo.

He went from denier to skeptical. Which wasn’t the end goal, but it was good progress.

Then, as I progressed, I made him a believer!

Keep in mind; the guide will give you the knowledge you’ll need. However, it’s your partner who’ll dictate what he prefers. Again, some guys like it rough and aggressive; others are more into the ritual of it all.

How are you supposed to know?

You can ask! Then, combine that with the knowledge in the program, and you’ll drive him crazy every time.

Who is the Author of Stroke of Genius?

Cassidy Lyon is the creator of Stroke of Genius. Like me, she was also accused of being bad at handjobs.

So, instead of giving up, she started researching and practicing. Determination is the key to success!

As I mentioned, guys and masturbation are deeply studied and public subjects. So, Cassidy didn’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, she did something better:

  • Give us a system with the right information on male masturbation
  • Translate scientific research to lay people’s language
  • Create a program that contains the best parts without the gross
  • Approach the issue from a woman’s perspective

If you go online and look on your own, most likely, you’ll find weird content. Or, if you’re lucky, tons of porn that, as we know, is not real.

Cassidy gets all that. So, she created this amazing program.

Stroke of Genius is full of golden nuggets. Only the things you need to know to succeed.

What are some of the Techniques That You Will Learn from This E-book?


  • The Prostate Percolator Technique
    • The most powerful technique.
    • Prostate orgasms are unknown to most men; you can give him one.
  • The Kiss of the Fingernails Technique
    • Get him going with just suggestive caresses.
    • With soft strokes, his orgasm will be highly erotic.
  • The Accordion Technique
    • Grab it properly and stroke it better than he does.
    • Give him dry orgasms before he gets to ejaculate.
  • Hands Off Hand Job Agreement
    • Through NLP, you can stimulate his brain.
    • Yes, men can come without touch, and it blows their minds.
  • The Masturbation Escape Plan
    • If your partner is addicted to porn and masturbation, this will help you.
    • Now, he’ll yearn for YOUR hands, YOUR release.

Other techniques that you are going to learn from this e-guide include:

  • Rub a tag method.
  • The Firestarter.
  • The Victoria’s secret handjob.
  • The soft pleasure method.
  • The piano man.
  • Two hands on the wheel technique.
  • The Dr. Spock technique.
  • Nook and cranny technique.
  • The tantalizing twister technique.

Breaking Down the Stroke of Genius Guide

The stroke of the genius guide comes in six different parts, where each phase will take you one step closer to your goal.

Part 1: The six secret phases

 This guide will aid you in learning the six different phases for providing a breathtaking handjob. Through six easy steps, any woman can guarantee her male partner an incredible level of pleasure and devotion and gain a superpower. 

One may ask what the superpower is. The superpower is the ability to cause any man to have the most intense back-arching, toe-curling orgasm of his life.

Part 2: Shift all his focus back to you

According to the author, the guide is for those women, whose men are more interested in porn instead of being drawn towards them. The methods you will learn will cause him to forget the pleasure he gives himself and run back to you.

Part 3: More confidence in giving handjobs

In many cases, you might want to stop your handjob and take control. If he feels an intense level of pleasure, he might want to stop you. Regardless, you need not worry for you can still take control.

 The guide will teach you to make it clear to your man that he is only to receive pleasure. When you see him feel safe and comfortable, you will gain a huge level of confidence that will turn you on.

Part 4: Handjob methods

The guide will teach you how to get him to have a throbbing erection and ‘go crazy to have you. You will learn how to stimulate your man through his pants, with your words and take him to the edge with simple words.

Part 5: Handjobs that can aid in fixing male sexual problems

To be fully aroused, men do not need to be fully erect. With the “Soft Pleasure Method,” you will be able to make your man twitch, gasp and feel like his skin is on fire without ever getting even remotely “hard”. The Tantalizing Twister is a method that can make even a “tough guy” feel like he’s been swept up in a tornado.

Not even the toughest man can endure the “Two Hands On The Wheel” technique for more than 35 seconds.

The “Rub-A-Tug” method will teach you how to gently (or not so gently) pull on your balls with the perfect amount of pressure and immediately triple your levels of pleasure.

The “Prostate Percolator” will teach you how to rub and tease his prostate and introduce him to new levels of masculine pleasure without ever having to think about touching his glutes.

Part 6: Solving problems 

With the help of the “Scaling The Mountain” method, you will be able to instantly pause his orgasm. His penis will twitch but not reach orgasm until you allow it.

With this method, you can also give your man multiple orgasms until he’s exhausted.

Stroke of Genius Buy Now

Where you can buy Stroke of Genius?

Stroke of Genius is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

We grow up believing that we should already know certain things. However, the reality is that we don’t, and maybe our partners don’t know how to explain.

Now, with Stroke of Genius, you can learn how to masturbate your man and give him orgasms like that. If a man holds it against you for trying to learn how to please him, then he’s the wrong guy, honey.

However, if cooperates, then this program will completely disarm him and give you the best techniques.

Masturbation is essential for men, take it in your hands… literally.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Stroke of Genius?

The stroke of genius is a manual that teaches women about how male masturbation works, various techniques to please a man, and other issues related to male orgasms.

Who created Stroke of Genius?

Cassidy Lyon is the creator of Stroke of Genius. She was accused of being bad at handjobs. So, instead of giving up, she started researching and practicing.

How much does the Stroke of Genius cost?

The stroke of genius is a guide that can aid women in pleasing men in numerous ways in the most effective manner. Yet, its price is fairly low and is thus affordable for all.

Where can I buy the Stroke of Genius?

The stroke of genius is a special guide that you will not find in any local book shops or online stores. You have to directly go to the official website to buy it.

Is Stroke of Genius effective?

Yes, the stroke of genius is an effective guide that has helped many women in successfully pleasing their men through amazing handjobs and making them have intense orgasms.

Who is Stroke of Genius for?

The guide contains everything that a woman needs to know about how male masturbation works, the various ways it can be done, and how to do it right.

Is Stroke of Genius under a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Stroke of Genius is under a money-back guarantee. If you do not get your desired results, you can get your money back within a certain time limit.

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  1. Takes all the guess work away and offers you the years of experience, testing and techniques. Thoroughly prepare program for every woman seeking to master the act of giving her man intense pleasure through handjob and getting him hooked on her love.

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  3. I was very shy. At the same time i was afraid and did not know anything about handjobs. Which made it difficult for me since we used to have trouble with my husband every time we wanted to have sex. Now i am a pro and it is because of the stroke of genius guide. I like how the procedures are explained in this guide. And it has helped me a lot.

  4. Easily available for purchase and download-You can buy and download Stroke of Genius eBook any time of your choice.

  5. If your partner is addicted to porn or some sort of self-satisfaction, you need not to worry and that is because there exists this guide for you. My boyfriend was too much indulged in this all as he had been single for so long and even after we were in the relationship, he could not resist the temptation of masturbation. I got this here and it has helped him evade all that. Yeps, I was a helping hand there and now he does not really need all that to be satisfied!

  6. Many women have benefited from this product and they can testify to that. I am one of them. There is no shame in talking about something that has helped you. It is well structured with clear instructions and easy to understand language. There is also a guarantee of refund with 60 days if the product does not work for you.

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