Survival Staff Review – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

December 21, 2021
Survival Staff Program

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Survival Staff




60 days


  • Increases the body’s balance when carrying heavy loads and absorbs the extra weight. 
  • They can be used as bogs and supports while hiking and camping.
  • This tool is pretty solid aluminum.
  • They boost your walking speed by nearly 1 mile per hour and lessen the burden on the opposite leg by 10 to 18 pounds every step.
  •  Comes with purification tablets to purify water for drinking and cooking food.
  • The magnesium amount on the fire stick is limited.
  • It can’t contain all accessories at a go. Hence one can forget the essential tools.

The Crawford staff, made from sturdy metal with machine treadings, is one piece of equipment with no restrictions. Ranging from the streets of Arizona to steep hikes for camping, the Crawford staff remain a faithful partner, help, and weapon.

When you carry a six-foot staff in one hand, facing the unknown can make you feel confident. When it comes to surviving, the versatile staff can serve many purposes. It can be used as a primitive weapon, as a base for shelter, carrying things, and walking stick. No wonder survivalists and adventurers with a knack for staying alive have a thing for big sticks. When involved in a sticky situation, their first order of business is finding or cutting one.

 Nonetheless, unless you are an expert in special combat moves of many martial arts (such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ninjitsu, etc.), a stick plucked from nature is still only a stick.

 The “purpose-designed” Crawford Staff is the more effective option that can keep you balanced on rocky ground and give you a fighting chance against both two- and four-legged predators at camp.

 At first glance, this survival staff appears to be nothing more than a hiking staff made from aluminum instead of wood. It is an incredibly versatile, completely modular survival system that offers functionality far beyond a humble stick. This survival staff review tells you more about every necessary information you need to know.

The Crawford Survival Staff

In the late seventies, Pat Crawford and his son Wes developed the original Survival Staff from hardened, black-anodized aluminum. Its simple design is still unrivaled in today's market and has a two-part body that screws together around a steel point. A 440C stainless steel blade and a rubber crutch tip are inside the body.

By design, you can get a sturdy walking staff that works as a sword cane from this hiker's staff with the hidden blade. The distinctive bottom works well for storing your gear and other necessary personal items, amongst other things. It's clear that individual parts of the design look great by themselves, but the real genius of the design comes when you mix and match them.

The unique machined threads allow the staff to switch and screw together in many ways. The staff is transformed into a spear when the blade is unscrewed from the handle and the handle cap I screwed on. To make a 38-inch support cane for urban environments, remove the top section of the staff. Then screw the handle into the lower tube. The bottom tube can disconnect from the handle and upper tube to create a skull-busting (24”) baton/swagger stick and a 33 3/8-inch blowgun.

The pat Crawford Survival Staff consists of lots of different pieces that screw together. Each piece features an O-ring seal that keeps everything watertight. The screw engagement between all the parts is sturdy. It's so strong that every joint has impressive strength.

Metal parts are slippery to handle. Knurling, or the process of adding fine grooves to metal surfaces, makes them easier to hold on to. That's why The knurling on this product is non-slip and makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the parts.

In its basic configuration, the Survival Staff is a stout hiking stick that can also knock people out when you hit them with it. Although this knife does not have a full-service survival kit built-in, it is still a convenient and incredible cutting tool for most tasks.

When lost on a hiking trip, having a blade is far more robust than a typical “lash-a-knife-to-a-stick” survival spear and can transform in under a minute. Although it is not recommended to use as a throwing weapon; but, it is useful for stabbing. Unlike a throwing weapon, as a stabbing weapon, it has the advantage of being able to enter someone’s body before you draw it out.

The machine threading design disallows the use of both sections as a blowgun because the design prevents the joint from coming apart. The longer lower section works best. The hole is smooth, making it easier for darts to go through, and the barrel that is .625 inches in diameter is the right size for darts now manufactured by Cold Steel.

The high-density steel nails and large-bore plastic cones used in these darts are the most efficient way to maximize kinetic performance in a short-barreled blowgun. In a blowgun, a larger diameter can allow you to get more air into the tube faster, which allows you to generate more power and velocity for the dart. Smaller tubes may be more efficient in some ways, but they do not harness all energy.

This is because a heavier dart hitting the target with more authority impacts the target more, which you want when blowgun hunting. Hunting small games is a good way to get meat when you’re in the wilderness. The Survival Staff’s blowgun is easy to use, even for people with no hunting experience. Yes, you need no special course for this.

Survival Staff Program

The Crawford Modification

The Survival Staff’s modular design can accommodate different lengths, specialized sets of tools, and more, making it a favorite for serious survivalists. The Pat Crawford staff surprised many specialists and, because of this, they began creating several accessories to better it.

A well-known survival expert, Dave Canterbury, used to own one. And he did not only like it, but he also began designing additions for it. According to him, the original model had a pretty standard blade, but he wanted an edge geometry that would be wider and better suited to its purpose.

Although the swords size a low the blade show at all times, they created a strong cutting tool and a good spear point useful when hunting larger animals, including boar and deer. Pat and Wes Crawford created the Missile Spear Point/Neck Knife in response to the need for a sturdy, all-steel knife that worked in conjunction with the staff, Pat and Wes Crawford created the Missile Spear Point/Neck Knife.

The Missile is a compact, double-edged neck knife that rides in a Kydex sheath that doesn't allow the blade to show. Its blade is beveled on only one side, and its twin cutting edges are both serrated. At only 5.5 inches, the Missile Knife is a tactical knife that gives instant access to a cutting device without having to lay down your staff. The Pat and Wes Crawford staff have a skeletonized handle that uses a stainless-steel adapter at the end of it, this adapter screws onto the end of the staff, producing a weapon that could be useful in self-defense situations.

Canterbury redesigned this to accommodate more accessories without compromising their strength and durability, giving room to a multifunctional staff. Its features could help people survive in the wilderness, leaving no fear even when on breaks.

Because the staff's tips are threaded, making it easier to take off and put on other accessories. Many accessories can be attached for convenient storage with an allowance for secured attachment.

Is The Crawford Survival Staff Worth It? 

Like any other equipment, the real value of the Crawford Survival Staff lies in your ability to make it, and its components work for you, and going through any Crawford product review, you will be surprised at its versatility and reassured beyond reasonable doubt that you have made the right choice and worth every buck.

Crawford Survival Staff as a walking stick

The ability of the Crawford survival staff to meet needs is quite impressive because the system is modular and can be configured to fit your specific needs. If you're going into the wilderness, it's wise to go on a hike with a hiking staff or walking stick. The hiking staff or walking sticks help balance steep, rough terrain, make an impact weapon in self-defense, and carry a comprehensive survival kit.

Crawford survival Staff as a spear and blowgun

Though not a full-service survival knife, the rod's solid blade is extremely strong, sharp and amazingly useful. It also alters the staff into a real-deal spear in a matter of seconds. Similarly, the staff’s blowgun functions with utmost accuracy.

One of the most fascinating things about the Crawford survival staff is its straight A's in chronograph and penetration tests, and it became a treat to purpose-designed blowguns, including some with longer tubes. So depending on your gear preference, skill set, and budget, you can add options to your staff.

Crawford survival Staff as a fishing spear

The Crawford staff offers a three-pronged spearhead that can fit into the staff for storage. The staff can be used to catch fish in shallow water. The three-pronged spearhead can be attached to the stick or left separate.

Crawford survival Staff as a Storage unit

The interior of the staff offers quite a bit of onboard storage space. The optional test tubes help keep survival items separated, dry and fully-organized. Although limited, this space is effective.

Crawford survival Staff as a baton

If you're searching for something more powerful, the T grip attachment can be fitted with the heavy steel replacement handle and used as a baton.

Survival Staff Program


A Crawford Staff can increase your chances of survival in the wilderness. It is equipped with a fishing spear, blade, darts, and purification pills. It also has other essentials. This survival staff will make every wild trip more enjoyable and help fall more games. Still not sure if it is something for you and need more information? See a review of Crawford survival staff.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Survival Staff all about?

A Crawford Staff has a knurled handle that moves into rough terrain effortlessly as it offers you support. The Crawford Survival Staff is knurled to improve grip and offer you balance.

Who is Survival Staff for?

The Crawford staff offers its ingenuity. Varying on it is utilized, the Crawford staff can be a life partner or your better half. Hence the Survival Staff is meant for hikers, adventurers but can be owned and carried by anyone for defensive purposes since its configuration can be changed.

Where can I buy Survival Staff?

You can place an order for your Survival staff from online stores such as; Amazon, Alibaba or visit a survival kit store close to you.

How much does Survival Staff cost?

A survival staff alongside an accessory kit goes for a worthy price of about $846.95.

What are the features of Survival Staff?

Designed by emergency preparedness experts Pat and Wes Crawford, the Survival Staff comes with several tools, including a fishing spear, a fire starter, a miniature flashlight, and a blade. All these Survival Staff devices make survival in the wilderness, rugged mountains, camping, or any other place possible.

Where do I use Survival Staff?

The knurled handle provides an improved grip, and the entire assembly can be attached to the staff's top. Hence the survival staff you carry can serve as a walking stick to prevent a fall when on a hike, a glass breaker during emergencies, a fishing spear, or a sword during an outdoor adventure to catch and cut food or have handy in town to stay safe.

What are people saying about Survival Staff?

The staff proves itself not only as a hiking aid but also as field-expedient rifle rest, the two separated sections held together to whip up a blowgun. It enables access to almost inaccessible areas. By burrowing the tough steel point into the ground, one can put in their full weight to cross huge gaps and crevices or use it for support while making steep ascents and descents

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