7 Survival Tips That Could Help You Survive The Apocalypse

September 2, 2021
7 Survival Tips That Could Help You Survive The Apocalypse

Your emergency supplies of food and gallons of water might take you through a power outage or a thunderstorm, but have you ever thought about what you would do in case of an apocalypse? What will happen if society collapses and you are left with no one to help you and your family?

It is always wise and practical to prepare yourself for unpredictable events. Moreover, it is always better to think of a coping mechanism than to go through the deadly consequences! Learning survival techniques are useful pieces of information that will prove much more valuable than you think in an apocalypse.

Don’t know what the survival tips to get through an apocalypse are?

Then, read on! Here are the top 7 survival tips that could help you survive the apocalypse more effectively!

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1. Disinfect Drinking Water

No matter what the circumstances are, you always need a supply of water to survive! At the same time, make sure that the water you are consuming is safe and clean, so you don’t succumb to any illnesses in case of apocalypse. Luckily, there are ways by which you can purify potentially contaminated water.

Boiling works great, but it requires a large quantity of fuel which may be an issue for you in such circumstances. So, you can scavenge iodine tablets from the ruins of any store as a quick fix. Moreover, you can also use swimming pool chlorine or a dilute solution of kitchen bleach to disinfect water. Furthermore, the easiest method for water purification is solar disinfection. If you live in a sunny place, all you have to do is place the suspected water in a clear and clean plastic bottle. Let it stay in the sunshine, and the UV rays passing through them will kill the waterborne pathogens taking a day or so.

2. Equip Yourself to Grow Food

Though it seems smart to hoard abundant quantities of canned food, it is not a permanent solution! It is not the wisest use of your money or time because sooner or later, your non-perishable food will be consumed, and you will be surrounded by the need to redevelop agriculture and grow food on your own. So, learning how to cultivate food and keeping a stockpile of seeds is always beneficial in the longer run. You can thrive in the world without grocery stores by becoming self-sufficient in your food production!

3. Avoid Infections

Due to the protection offered by the advanced medicines available, we have forgotten how deadly a scrape or cut can be! In a world without hospitals, one of the most important things to keep yourself alive is to prevent yourself from catching infections. It is because you won’t have a supply of antibiotics to cope with them!

Therefore, you can disinfect your wounds with alcohol to prevent them from becoming septic. A number of transmissible diseases can be prevented with the help of soap. Furthermore, soap is highly efficacious in shielding against respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. So, you can stockpile them, and when you run out of them, which is obvious, you can make your own in the event of an apocalypse!

Are you wondering about how you can make them without having access to the essentials?

Well, you can boil plant oil or animal fat in the presence of alkali, for instance, soda ash obtained from seaweeds or potash, and you are good to go! Moreover, you can also distill ethanol from grain or fermented fruit, and it serves as a great disinfectant!

4. Move Towards Rural Areas

In the event of an apocalypse, it is advisable to leave the urban areas. Modern towns and cities are equipped with the latest advancements, and they cannot function in the absence of electricity, gas, and water. You will find no natural fresh water supply and fertile ground in urban areas to start living with. Moreover, you can avail the best chances of survival by moving to a quiet rural area with freshwater resources, timber, and arable land to facilitate you in growing crops to sustain a living.7 Survival Tips That Could Help You Survive The Apocalypse

5. Pack a Survival Kit

Having a survival kit with the right supplies and tools can greatly improve your chances of survival. It is because you have to survive without all the modern inventions you are currently living with. It is overwhelming, but the right survival kit can somehow mitigate the difficulty.

So, create a survival kit for yourself, having all the essentials that you will definitely need. Make sure to inculcate antibiotics, medical tape, bandages, iodine, gauze, multi-use masks, life jackets, clothes, water bottles, non-perishable food in your survival kit.

6. Learn How to Generate Power

In case of any apocalypse, your power stations won’t be working anymore! Furthermore, electricity is not something that you can stockpile for the future. Consequently, you ultimately have to learn the methods to generate power from what is available. You will have to switch to renewable resources of energy such as wind energy or solar energy. In addition, you can scavenge for any alternator from the remains. It has the ability to generate electricity from windmills or water wheels which you can store in rechargeable batteries.

7. Master Survival Skills

When you find yourself stranded in a wasteland, you have to devise a mechanism of survival! Learn survival skills and how you can make use of everyday things to fulfill your essential needs. For instance, learn how you can sterilize water by using a simple plastic bottle in the presence of sunlight.

Moreover, teach yourself how you can make a simple gas stove from tin cans by using the process of gasification. Furthermore, master the art of hunting and fishing. In addition, expertise yourself in the skill of starting the fire. As, it is particularly beneficial in the course of the cataclysmic event to cook food, warm yourself and keep predators away. Fire can do all this! Don’t forget to learn how to dress a wound! Your first aid skills are very crucial for your survival. Also, learn a martial art for your self-defense as you will be vulnerable to numerous dangers!7 Survival Tips That Could Help You Survive The Apocalypse

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Modifying your skills according to the circumstances has always been a key to survivalism! You have often seen people panicking and going through enormous losses in emergencies because they aren’t prepared for them and are unaware of the survival techniques.

An apocalypse can happen at any moment! Do you have a plan to survive an apocalypse?

If not, then you must start with the steps above to cope with it. If you can’t accomplish them at once, you can employ them one by one to brush the worries pertaining to the massive apocalypse event. Remember that it is always wise to learn to survive in advance than to be sorry!

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