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Suspension Revolution Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

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Product Name: Suspension Revolution
Author/Creator: Dan Long
Price: $23.50
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://www.suspensionrevolution.com

Hey there! Let us talk in terms of your physique’s development…

Do terms such as ‘chiseled’ and ‘ripped’ mentioned in the description of what you desire to be? Suspension 2.0 by Dan Long makes the claim of being able to get you there. And not just getting you there, but having you get there very quickly and in a much better way in comparison to other regimen on fitness.

If your guess is that suspension is involved in this ‘revolution’, then your guess may very well be correct. The whole idea behind this system is the performance of exercises with portions of your body being in suspension in mid-air.

To you, this concept may or may not be one that is innovative or a breakthrough. But pro athletes and elite combat forces apparently train in such a way. The results that they consequently achieve are ones that are straight out exceptional.

The claim by the creator is that upon using the system, you are going to be able to have your plateaus broken through. With that, your lean and fit appearance will be maximized. This is through having even the fat deposits that are most stubborn burnt off.

He also makes a claim that it is effective since you are employing the use of every single muscle you have. Not only the muscles that are aimed at by other conventional methods some of which are scam such as the likes of machines and free weights.

Are you already eager to get to know more there is to this revolutionary product? Sure you are. And reviews play a great role on offering essential knowledge on it before you go out to get the product. As such, the following review of Suspension Revolution is going to be quite helpful to you.

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About Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution 2.0

This product by Dan Long, Suspension Revolution 2.0, is a method of bodyweight workout designed for men and women as well. It has been created for you as a person that uses TRX that are straps like or similar. This is in view of pushing post-workout after-burn, EPOC as well as thermogenesis to a whole new level.

The result of this is fat loss that is much faster and gaining of lean muscle. The sort that cannot be compared with the free weights and bodyweight machine workout used traditionally.

The training type is not something new, though the creator has made it into a blueprint that is fully comprehensive and viable. It is not only for the advanced, but also for you as a beginner or an intermediate. It has included in it 191 exercises together with 27 suspension workouts.

The look of the program is quite attractive since you can be able to have it done at the comfort of your home. You are not required to be having any expensive gym equipment. Well, except for the straps.

suspension revolution review

The straps that are needed for this type of bodyweight training increases the range, fine resistance tuning and flexibility. This is contrary to straight bodyweight workouts. Suspension Revolution 2.0 is the single program that has been developed particularly around the idea of suspension bodyweight training.

Who Is Dan Long?

He is a coach in fitness and also a trainer of Pro Athletes. Also, he is an expert in Suspension Bodyweight Training and also the creator behind Kill Mode Training Certification.

He has been able to feature in and on Vogue, Fox News, ABS, CNBC, NBC and also newspapers that are based in Florida. He has a gym facility of his own in Tampa and is responsible for training numerous actors, pro athletes along with regular guys and girls.

suspension revolution review

However, over recent years, he has created a name for himself particularly with this new means of training bodyweight referred to as Suspension Revolution.

Part of this method’s effectiveness is attributed to rise from the technique of Kill Mode. So you know, Kill Mode is an extra method that is used in the workouts. It has been designed to lead to a mental shift 50% through a set, in order to have adrenaline kicked in, discomfort broken through and the have you pushed beyond the personal boundaries you have.

Working Of The Program

The program is composed of 191 suspension exercises together with 27 metabolic workouts. These, we get from the author are going to result in you burning fat at a faster rate than weight training.

This is largely due to the fact that the exercises boost significantly the effect of after-burn or EPOC. A post-exercise deficit of oxygen increase that boosts burning of calorie as you rest.

musculine man doing workouts

The possibility of this is brought about since the way the suspended exercises work is entirely different from usual weight training. This involves up to 600 distinct muscles whose stimulation using normal workouts would be impossible.

A number of muscle groups are simultaneously hit by the Suspension workouts. Throughout the blueprint, these are kept varying in view of stagnation and adaptation prevention. This readdresses two conflicting forces’ roles when they are in play in any program for training.

You desire is having your body improved, become stronger, leaner and build muscle. Nonetheless, the ideas your body has are different.

Its wish is being efficient and be adapted to any stimulus it comes across. In this way, it will be able to remain as it is and make the least change it can be able to get away with or none at all.

This is an occurrence that is known quite well and afflicts majority of the people who work out regularly. Following an initial improvement, a stagnation plateau is hit and you no longer appear to make any significant progress.

This is since a natural survival instinct is present in your body. These call for the kicking in of homeostasis. Your body becomes adapted already and does not wish for anymore change.

musculine man lifting weights


Included in this program, are 4 bonuses. These are including;

  • Core Blasting Accelerators – Sequences 4-minute long that have your core muscles engaged, your metabolism boosted and fat lost.
  • Steel Pumping Power Sets – Since Suspension Revolution involves suspended exercises for body weight, it also does offer the ability of being used along with regular free weights. This is in view of maximizing the effect. Suspended exercises together with regular free weights when combined cause a change to muscle stimulus.
  • Strap After Burn Finishers – A workout set that is co-authored by Mike Whitfield, ‘Mr. Finisher’, which is designed to have results speed up. It is an alternative that is better than boring intervals and cardio for you to do at your regular workout’s end.
  • The Top 10 Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does – This bonus comes as a video that contains 10 tough and unique suspension exercises that move muscle building and burning of fat to the utmost level.

Bottom view of young strong bodybuilder showing off his physique against black background. Confident young fitness man with strong hands, abs and abdominal muscles. Dramatic light.

Where you can buy Suspension Revolution?

Suspension Revolution is available on the official website, http://www.suspensionrevolution.com.

Final Verdict

Suspension Revolution comes as a niche program as far as the field of bodyweight workout is concerned. It is somehow able to have the gap that exists between street workouts, calisthenics and gymnastics filled.

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• The method of training is effective. It is able to work for men and women as well. A number of actors, sportsmen and regular persons use it and have given positive reviews on it.

• There are no restrictions in terms of location. You have the ability of engaging in the workouts at the comfort of your home as you travel or even while at the beach.

• The creator behind it is authoritative. Quite a reputation has been built by Dan Long for being a master in training in suspended body weight.

• Video format that is very useful. These videos go well with the PDF manuals or eBooks ensuring you know precisely how the workouts should be executed.

• Lots of essential bonuses such as the Top 10 Suspension Exercises serve as complements to the workouts and have the results boosted.

• A money back guarantee, 60-day long is available. With this, your doubts of it being scam can be ruled out by actually giving it a try as you stand to lose nothing.

• Cost effective and minimalist. Neither are you required to enroll in a gym having membership fees that recur nor buy machines or free weights for your home.


• Though you are not required to buy free weights or machines for the workouts, a minimum expense has to be made as you buy the straps. These are going to be quite instrumental in the workouts.

Summary: This is a program that was released just recently. A program on fitness that makes a promise to assist you in the maximization of your fitness training. This is by means of new techniques of TRX suspension that have been improved.

RatingRated 4.93 stars

Rated 4.93 stars
4.93 / 5 (15 )


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