Synergy Spanish Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

February 4, 2023

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Synergy Spanish


Marcus Santamaria




60 days


  • Learn Spanish the right way
    Some lessons or programs make it more complicated than they should. Instead, learn in a simple way, speak fluently, and finally, speak well!
  • Natural progression
    The program is based on simple but effectively learning principles. You’ll build up your skills little by little, without being too boring, but also not hard.
  • Excellent material
    You won’t need to get or invest in anything else. It comes with the best materials, exactly what you need.
  • Completely digital
    If you want a physical version of the program, you’d need to pay extra. So, unless you’re OK with studying digitally, this could be annoying.

Synergy Spanish is an amazing program for self-learners to speak Spanish fluently.
It’s audio-based, and you can do it completely on your own. The program gives you the best guidance, all the materials you need, and the proper exercises to learn everything effectively.
Learning Spanish is never easy, but there’s no need to make it more complicated or pay for expensive lessons. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently without inconvenience.

Learning a new language is a very fascinating and enjoyable thing to do. People pick up a new language for different reasons, some because of their job, some for school.

It's said that people either have the talent or they don't.  However, it's been proved that, with the right method, anyone can learn a language. You need to practice and stick with it.

For me, I took Spanish in high school, but I was very bad, so I stopped. It seemed as if learning a new language wouldn't be necessary. I landed jobs and life was good.

However, as I started getting promoted, not knowing a second language became a burden. It was a disaster, I panicked, and I took normal lessons immediately. The problem was that I was not in the right mindset and the school wasn't really that good. Also, I noticed that I was shy to speak in public.

Well, you can imagine I'm writing this review because of the results I got. Also, I was actually relocated to Southern California. It turns out that Spanish came extremely handy.

About Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is a Spanish learning program that uses a unique approach to learning Spanish.

In essence, the author takes a unique approach that prioritizes communication. It's based on the theory that, in every language, 50% of the communication only uses around 100 words. This approach has been successful with European languages.

After that, picking up the language naturally becomes easier. Unlike others, this course places its focus on how the language is spoken in daily life, not academic settings.

To do that, the course comes with various audio lessons, including which daily-life conversations. You get the opportunity to replay the audio and listen and then repeat the responses.

In total, the program focuses on 138 words. Then, if you commit, you'll be good to go in only 25 days.

I know, the vocabulary might seem too little, but it's enough to succeed right from the start!

The words are presented in a way that simplifies the whole Spanish learning experience. This perfect, especially for beginners and intermediate learners.

Features of Synergy Spanish

The program is divided into 5 sections. Each one will teach you key aspects of talking in Spanish. Here is more about each the learning process:

  1. Introduce and talk about yourself.
    • The main aim of this section is to give you a boost in confidence while speaking in Spanish.
  2. Building blocks and common phrases.
    • Learn conversational starters and sentence builders in Spanish; communicate fluently and immediately.
  3. Advanced Spanish speaking skills.
    • You will start communicating in groups and express yourself among people.
  4. Get complete conversation blocks.
    • Get more fluency in common conversations. For example with your in-laws, students, workers, and other groups of people.
  5. Round up your ability to narrate things in Spanish.
    • You'll be able to have normal conversations with normal speakers with a highschool-level skill.

Successful completion of this section means that you have fully mastered the basics of the daily-life Spanish language.


Positives and Things you will learn using Synergy Spanish

  • Learn the right things to focus on to successfully speak Spanish right from the first day.
  • Find out why learners who focus on the less important points of grammar fail woefully in the real world while communicating in Spanish.
  • Learn all the memory retention techniques that will enable you to succeed in learning Spanish effectively.
  • This method helps you learn Spanish four or five times faster with less effort.
  • Make a good impression when you speak Spanish with someone new for the first time.

Are there any bad points about this program?

Well, the only problem that I can see is that a physical version of the program costs more. You'll need a digital device and internet access to learn.

However, besides that, that's the only thing I can point out.

Why is Synergy Spanish the best?

Learning something as interesting as Spanish, using Synergy Spanish, will be the best move and tool to achieve your goals. The program teaches you Spanish strategically.

It doesn't overwhelm you with too much information or grammar. Also, this is more than just language skills, it also teaches the culture of the biggest Spanish-speaking countries.

Finally, a program focused on practical, real-life skills is easy to access for those of us who like to learn at our own pace. No more robotic learning, or weird phrases that you'll never use.

Start today!

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  1. It sounds simple but before you know it, you’re creating adult sentences in Spanish. Synergy Spanish teaches you more complex vocabulary using mnemonics.

  2. It sounds simple but before you know it, you’re creating adult sentences in Spanish. Synergy Spanish teaches you more complex vocabulary using mnemonics.

  3. It is also worthwhile to mention that each lesson in the guide comes together with some exercises, which will help you better remember what you have learned in each lesson.

  4. This is a pretty useful. It includes lots of explanations, examples, and practice problems. In order to get anything out of the course, you have to actively participate.

  5. The emphasis is on gradual introduction of more words in a step by step fashion in varying patterns to help you grasp the basics.

  6. I appreciate how they have created this program in easy to follow steps that enable you to learn the Spanish language in such a good way. They take you from doing easy things then gradually to the difficult ones.

  7. I thought learning a language would be complicated but this proved me really wrong! Thanks to you, I already know three languages.

  8. Very logical approach to language learning, avoids creating confusion with grammar formalities like adverbs etc. and puts the fun back in learning. You will learn all the language techniques of how to make a good first impression every time you meet a person.

  9. Not everyone is a born Spanish and not everyone can be lucky enough to get it inherited into the house. If you are to go to Spain and You do not know Spanish then it is Hasta La Viesta Man! This guide can help in this regard for sure!

  10. I loved this guide because it provided me with the kind of tips that I could not find anywhere. Another thing is that it is a guide that really saved my time. I did not have to go to a class everyday with this kind of product. When you use this guide you learn Spanish very fast.
    It is divided into sections with every section providing the kind of information you need to cover in a specific area. With this, you will learn at your own time.

  11. I do not believe it is right to waste a lot of your time on some online tutorials simply because you are trying to learn a new language. I realized this when I bought the Synergy Spanish guide. All the steps are clearly explained. You really need it.

  12. I’m always a sucker in spanish and i used to hate this language. haha! can you believe it in just a matter of one day i was able to actually converse in spanish….that’s one day! awesome. 🙂

  13. If you want to learn Spanish language with accuracy then this is the best program for you.

    It is tested by me and it is 100% worth.

    Synergy Spanish is very simple, easy and interesting program to learn Spanish.

    There are various audio lessons which teach you day to day conversations.

    The program contains 138 words and by learning these words you can be a master in 25 days.

    You will also learn some memory retentive techniques too. This will help you to grasp grammar and vocabulary easily.

    The program has 5 sections which teach you Spanish step-wise starting from basic introduction to conversation.

    If you follow the program sincerely then you will learn Spanish very fast.

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