TAPfit  Review – Does It Really Work?

January 4, 2022
TAPfit Learn Unique Style of Dance
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Exercise is certainly life’s most essential requirement for physical and mental wellbeing. According to a study by the National Health Service UK, regular exercising lowers your chances of premature death by 30%. Also, you’re 50% less likely to get type 2 diabetes, and 68% less likely to fracture your hips in old age. There are many other great health benefits of regular workouts.

Although conventional workouts are immensely healthy, they can be less attractive for some. A dance workout can be a fun and engaging way to perform a healthy exercise. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that these workouts involve greater mental focus. A dancer can learn new skills while exercising. The other reason is that dancers have a dedicated community. It brings together people of varying ethnicities, colors, genders, and age groups. The dance culture builds a deep connection within such a community.

Online Dance Learning

According to a study, online learning platforms have gained immense popularity in recent years mainly due to Covid. Dance learning platforms are certainly no exception. These platforms allow their users to virtually connect with the dance community. Also, these platforms are great learning providers. For those who want to learn dance, such programs are great choices. In this article, we’ll specifically discuss tap dance history and its health. We’ll also review the TAPfit program in detail and discuss what it has to offer to its subscribers. Let’s get started.TAPfit What Do You Get

What Is the Tap Dance Style?

According to Wikipedia, tap dance started in the mid-1800s. It was started by the African slaves as percussive dancing to express and retain their cultural identities. From the 1930s to the 1950s, tap dance sequences were widely popular in movies and television.

Tap dance is a unique style of dancing in which the tap dancer rhythmically taps the floor. The dancer wears special shoes fitted with heels and toe taps to produce audible beats through distinctive dance moves. Modern tap dancing has become easy to learn and perform thanks to the introduction of online learning platforms.

Some common benefits of tap dancing include:

  • Tap dancing improves your cardiovascular health by a great margin. It involves continuous rhythmic movements that are great for a healthy heart and lungs.
  • The tap dance is a full-body exercise. This means that it increases your muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness, all at the same time.
  • Tap dancing helps you in better weight management. It is a high fat-burning workout that gives you more freedom over your eating options.
  • Through this style of dance, you are more likely to experience increased agility, flexibility, and balance.
  • Tap dancing involves great mental involvement. Thus, a tap dancer has enhanced mental functioning than other individuals.
  • If you are someone who is dealing with a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, tap dancing can be the perfect solution for you. It allows you to express your emotions and stimulates your social behavior.
  • Dancing generally has the great trait of improving your personality. Tap dancing is no exception. It improves your social skills. If you are an introvert, you should definitely try tap dancingTAPfit  Review - Does It Really Work?

Can Tap-Dancing Help You in Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Dancing, in general, is a healthy activity. Tap dance, along with other forms of dance involves body sculpting moves. In simple words, you can dance for weight training, resistance training, or strength training purposes.

Thus, tap dancing can help you in achieving your fitness goals. Especially if you are looking to lose some weight by burning extra calories. When someone tap-dances, they consume more energy. Thus they burn more calories than conventional exercises. At the same time, it also helps them to improve their heart rate and overall cardiovascular health.

What Is the History of the TAPfit Program?

The TAPfit program is introduced by four young Australian entrepreneurs. Annie, Fi, Rach, and Kat are sisters and co0creators of the TAPfit program. These ladies are not only great businesswomen but also passionate dance tutors. TAPfit has helped thousands of people around the globe. It has garnered world-over attention and has been featured on top media outlets in the US and abroad.

What Is the TAPfit Program?

Learning any skill can be progressively challenging and tap dancing is no exception. You must subscribe to an authentic and engaging fitness program. Thus, you can learn tap dance while also performing a great workout. TAPfit is an interactive fitness course and can be the best choice in this regard. It allows you to learn tap dance in a fun and engaging manner. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to connect with the online TAPfit tribe. It is a community of enthusiastic tap dancers who learn and practice together. Thus, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to grow in a shared environment.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” – Martha GrahamTAPfit Products

What’s Included in the TAPfit Program?

TAPfit is offered in three different packages. These packages offer varying services according to the learning requirements of their users. You can start off with the TAPfit starter package and upgrade it as you move forward in your training. The detailed services of these packages are listed below:

TAPfit Starter

  • Slip-on taps. These are unique stainless-steel taps with a patented design. These taps save your tap-shoes costs and allow you to perform a safe workout.
  • Six DVD tap lessons. These DVD workouts are for those who have never tap danced before. These are easy to follow, beginners lessons with essential training content. Thus, you can get started start away.
  • Resistance band. A resistance band is an immensely popular exercise accessory. It can be used in multiple ways, involving every major muscle group. It is an “all-in-one” and a “must-have” accessory.
  • Limited access to TAPfit online studio. The starter package has a limited number of online resources only including beginner classes. Still, these resources are key to getting you on track in the first week of your usage.

TAPfit Deluxe

  • Everything in the Starter Kit
  • TAPfit floor. Tap floor is yet another essential accessory that you’d need to learn tap dancing. Thankfully, the TAPfit Deluxe package comes with a great tap floor. It is a rollable/foldable floor that is highly portable and provides a great user experience.
  • Learn to Tap video tutorials. In the starter package, you learn the basics of tap dancing. You also develop muscle memory for the fundamental tap dance moves. In the Deluxe package, you’ll get access to specialized TAPfit workouts.
  • Fat-burning workouts. This package contains fat-burning courses for intermediate users. These courses are provided by experienced tutors. These courses are essential as you progress in your training modules. Also, TAPfit ensures that you don’t need special equipment to perform these workouts. Therefore, these can get started right away.

TAPfit Platinum

  • Everything in the Deluxe Kit
  • Unlimited access. In the TAPfit platinum package, you’ll get full access to the online studio. This is a lifetime subscription.
  • Support calls with Kat and Annie. In the Platinum package, you can contact the TAPfit founders. Yes, you’ll be able to directly connect with Kat and Annie for personalized expertise.
  • Access to new routines and recipes. You’ll be able to get your hands on the latest content every time it is uploaded to the portal. This is yet another excellent feature of the unlimited access feature in the Platinum package.
  • 21-day nutrition plan. A healthy nutrition is just as important as a healthy workout. The Platinum package grants you unlimited access to healthy nutrition guides. These guides are prepared by verified nutrition experts. Also, the content is continually updated as we discussed earlier. There are over 100 easy and delicious recipes. Also, new ones are continually added every month.
  • Weight loss roadmap. Weight loss is not an easy journey. You need lots of motivation on top of authentic workout and nutrition advice. TAPfit Platinum package fulfills all your weight loss requirements in one place.
  • Celebrity Masterclasses. Lastly, as a member of the TAPfit Platinum package, you’ll be able to get VIP access to celebrity masterclasses early. You can dance alongside your favorite celebrity.

Why the TAPfit Program Can Be So Much Fun?

If you love dancing, you’ll absolutely love TAPfit. It is the perfect way to learn and enjoy tap dancing in a fun way. It not only contains essential information for tap dancing but also several other interactive features. For instance, it allows its users to connect with a lively tap dance community. You can join live webinars for an interactive workout experience at home.

Apart from being fun and engaging, the TAPfit program is also extremely safe and trustworthy. Tap dancing can be risky for beginners. This program allows you to learn and practice with authentic trainersTAPfit TestimonialsTAPfit Testimonials

Do You Need to Purchase Special Tap Shoes for the TAPfit Program?

Generally, tap dancers need special tap dance shoes and a tap floor to perform. This is because this dance style involves the production of audible sound beats during the dance through tapping. Also, these accessories play a vital role in increasing the safety of this dance style. They are slip-resistant to reduce the chances of slipping during the dance.

Both the shoes and the floor were costly options. Those who, unlike professionals, want to try tap dance just for fun would be unwilling to purchase these accessories. Thankfully, TAPfit has come up with a brilliant idea for the removable taps. These taps have a unique design and can replace the need to purchase special tap dance shoes. They can be equipped with regular shoes of any shape and size. Thus, now anyone can afford the TAPdance workout.

Pros of the TAPfit Program

Following are a few benefits of the TAPfit program:

  • Safe and healthy. TAPfit is equipped with essential tools and resources such as taps, floors, and learning materials. These resources ensure that you safely dance without incurring an injury.
  • All in one package. TAPfit is an affordable option for those who want to learn tap dance on a limited budget. You don’t need to purchase special dance shoes or a tap board. All you have to do is subscribe to the TAPfit starter package and you’ll be good to go.
  • Dance with celebrities. An online dance class can be so much fun, especially when you have celebrity choreographers dancing by your side.
  • Online resources. Through the online TAPfit portal, you don’t have to wait for long. You can instantly get access to lots of online videos that contain training and nutrition plans. You can thus construct training and eating routines for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Offline training. You can perform the TAPfit work even if you don’t have access to the internet. SIx workout DVDs that contain essential workout videos for offline training are provided in the starter package.
  • Vibrant community. TAPfit is a social platform just like Facebook. The only difference is that here, you’ll only find enthusiastic tap dancers. You can collaborate with these dancers for a great experience.
  • Fun and entertaining. Dances are fun and engaging. They are a wonderful way to get in shape, especially for people who are less interested in conventional workouts.
  • Musical variety. There is a wide variety of music choices at your disposal in the TAPfit program. Users can explore different beats according to their tastes.
  • Talented and encouraging instructors. TAPfit ensures that you learn TAPdancing from experienced tutors. This is to ensure that you learn and grow in a safe and effective manner. This is one of the most crucial features of any training platform.

Cons of the TAPfit Program

  • Inferior grade video editing. The video production quality of the TAPfit is not so great. Users have complained that they find these videos less engaging.
  • Difficult user interface. Some users face difficulty while navigating through the main menu. The online portal needs some improvements to improve the user experience.
  • Delayed delivery. Access to the online portal is fairly simple and quick. However, the hardware (taps and tap floor) takes some time to arrive. In some cases, the product never arrived.
  • Slow refund policy. TAPfit doesn’t have a great refund policy. Users have reported that they didn’t receive a refund after returning the product.

TAPfit >> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “TAPfit “:

What is TAPfit all about?

TAPfit is an interactive online workout program. It contains all the essential resources to help you learn tap dance. These resources include essential tap attachments, workout and nutrition courses, and a vibrant community.

Who created the TAPfit program?

Four Australian entrepreneurs, Annie, Fi, Rach, and Kat are sisters and co0creators of the TAPfit program. Thanks to their leadership and dance passion, TAPfit is considered one of the most popular tap-dance learning platforms.

Is the TAPfit program for everyone?

Everyone can tap-dance and thus anyone can subscribe to the TAPfit program. It is not only fun but also extremely safe and healthy. Also, it is equally useful for beginners and professionals.

How can I have access to the TAPfit program?

The ordering process of the TAPfit program is straightforward. The TAPfit online portal has a simple layout. You can choose between three different product bundles according to your preferences.

Is the TAPfit safe?

Yes, the TAPfit program is extremely safe and reliable. It provides you with the right equipment and authentic information resources. You'll be able to learn tap dance from certified professionals.

What's inside the TAPfit program?

There are three different subscription packages in the TAPfit program. The TAPfit Starter, the TAPfit Deluxe, and the TAPfit Platinum package. You can purchase the TAPfit starter package and upgrade it as you progress in your training.

Is TAPfit effective?

The TAPfit program has produced tremendous results for its users. It has helped them to stay in a healthy body shape while being connected with a vibrant community.


Safe and healthy.
All in one package.
Dance with celebrities.
Online resources.
Offline training.
Vibrant community.
Fun and entertaining. 
Musical variety. 
Talented and encouraging instructors.


Inferior grade video editing.
Difficult user interface.
Delayed delivery.
Slow refund policy.

Summary: Learning a skill can be quite challenging. The better the training provider is, the more likely you are going to grow in a brief time. The importance of a trusted training platform is thus huge. Also, the training can be massively comforting if the platform brings some fun elements with it. TAPfit brings the best of both fun and skill learning, together in one place. It is offered in three different packages and caters to the needs of its users according to their preferences. From beginners to professionals, this software offers amazing content to all its members. All in all, TAPfit is a great purchase for people of all age groups. You can invest in this program to start your tap dance experience today!

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