Teds Woodworking Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

February 26, 2023
Ted's Woodworking Program

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Teds Woodworking


Ted Mcgrath




60 days


  • The product is useful not only for professionals but also for newbies in the field of woodworking.
  • For you, as a customer, you are going to realize quite several advantages that come along with the guide.
  • Ted’s Woodworking is the most extensive database that is available anywhere in the world as far as woodworking plans are concerned.
  • The brain behind the product is a professional woodworker. You are going to learn from an expert.
  • With the product, you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. In the event you buy the product and end up not satisfied or realize that it is a scam, you can always ask for a refund.
  • The only format you can get the product is digital, in the form of an eBook or PDF. As such, you cannot be able to buy in shops.
  • To be able to reap maximum benefit from the program, you have to be consistent in following it.
  • Going by the reviews available on the product, not many positive reviews are available. As such, you cannot rely on the reviews to judge the outcome.

If you are looking to sharpen your skills in woodworking quickly, I present you with Ted’s Woodworking. It is going to prove to be a guide that is amazing for you to use.

Since the invention of the internet, finding any information you want is possible in just a couple of seconds. Have you entered a search item on the internet and received no results? I doubt that has happened to you.

When it comes to matters of being able to get resources on woodworking, things are not different. If you happen to enter an online search for a complete woodworking resource, then what you will come across is an overwhelming number of resources.

At that moment, the challenge becomes, how are you going to be able to distinguish between a scam and genuine content? Which woodworking resource is going to be helpful?

For many people out there, these questions often plague their minds. However, here, I have the solution that you, along with many others, have been looking for. It doesn’t get any better than with Ted’s Woodworking. Let’s find out why in this review.

The Ebook: Ted’s Woodworking

Here, you will get a guide with well over 16,000 plans. Also, it adds full projects in woodworking. In essence, the guide is a step-by-step manual that makes sure you get information on woodwork that is as comprehensive as it can ever be.

Moreover, the instructions that you will find in the product will help complete projects thoroughly. You might never have had the idea of building a specific piece of furniture. Still, you will get complete plans and instructions with Ted’s Woodworking. You will complete every project you start.

The other projects included bird feeders, children’s rooms, dog houses, media center plans, garden chairs, and sheds.

Ted's Woodworking Program

How Ted’s Woodworking Can Accomplish Its Task

Ted’s Woodworking will be of help in excelling in the industry. It can do this by equipping you with knowledge and giving you a variety of techniques and skills in woodworking.

When you get the eBook, you will realize that it will help you make crafts. Also, it will give you the ability to increase the quality of your work so that you can get recognition.

With this, Ted’s Woodworking will be an asset in making high-quality products. How? Well, you will learn a variety of industry secrets employed by professionals in the woodwork industry.

Moreover, the system includes more than 150 instructional videos. For you, as a rookie, this is an excellent starting point.

The guide, Ted’s Woodworking, is comprehensive when it comes to putting everything together. It comes with instructional, step-by-step manuals for 16,000 projects.

The way you learn might be different from how another reader of the review learns. Will you not agree? The style of learning varies from person to person. This is also an added advantage that you will be able to get with Ted’s Woodworking.

About The Author: Ted McGrath

Ted’s Woodworking is the works of a person that goes by the name Ted McGrath. Ted is an artist in woodworking that has well over 36 years of experience.

Also, he is an educator and a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute. So, because of his experience in the field, the knowledge that he has been able to garner on woodworking is invaluable.

With the objective of the product being to help individuals interested in woodworking, Ted has been able to collate all the knowledge he has into this one comprehensive guide.

Teds Woodworking Review - Should You Buy it or Not?

Learning Outcomes from Ted’s Woodworking

  • The techniques and steps available in Ted’s Woodworking will guide through every stage in the process of wood-crafting. Also, it will be of assistance to you in crafting attractive, unique, and cost-effective designs.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn the detailed steps in technical wood creation.
  • Moreover, you will make lots of money by getting regular customers.
  • He shares insider tips to handle issues that may arise in the process of woodworking, enabling you to come up with a perfect product.
  • You will master many well-detailed projects and plans with Ted’s Woodworking. The projects and plans have a detailed listing of tools, materials, diagrams, and measurements of projects.

Furthermore, this product is the best deal you will come across regarding assistance in woodworking. With it, you also get the following bonus materials;

Where can you buy Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking is available on the official website, https://www.tedswoodworking.com.

Looking To Start Again

When I was younger, I joined the army and worked as a woodworker. For me, as a young man, that experience was informative. I didn’t know I could make things come to reality with my hands. Furthermore, the process of planning, organizing, and bringing everything together,

However, after my army, life was done. I took an office job, got married, and lived my life for my family. I tried to take back woodworking, but I always found other things to do. Now, as a retired grandpa, I had the time and the willingness to take on a new hobby, and woodworking seemed adequate.

Ted's Woodworking Program

My Experience

After so many years, I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn anything new. However, a friend of mine who had taken on woodwork and recommended Ted’s Woodworking. In my opinion, word of mouth is the best review you can get of anything, so I trusted his word.

Well, I went and bought it. When I first opened the book, I thought everything was complicated; I saw blueprints, numbers, etc. However, after seeing my face of disappointment, my wife took a look at it and asked me to build her the first coffee table she saw. “That’s your first project.” She commanded. Now, I see. She just wanted me to get started so that I wouldn’t get stuck in my head.

Starting Simple

For the most part, the projects are rather easy and require very basic equipment. Most likely, you have everything you need in your garage. You will find some more advanced projects, but don’t worry about those initiatives.

Anyway, I started with the table. Since I was very rusty, it took me a while, but I didn’t struggle with the plans, instructions, and videos. I was just slow.

Regardless, the table came out amazing. My wife liked it but, I figured she’s my wife, so she was just encouraging.

What’s The Big Deal About Ted’s Woodworking?

With the right instruction, anyone can start a carpentry business. All you’d need are thorough yet basic design plans with step-by-step instructions. Ted’s Woodworking Ebook contains the template for whatever you wish to make. It enables you to build furniture in straightforward techniques without causing damage to your wood or tools.

According to Ted’s Woodworking reviews, Ted’s Woodworking pdf is meticulously created to assist non-specialists in constructing furniture and decors. There is no way you will have difficulty transforming the wood into a work of art if you have photographs and thorough instructions to guide you. The pdf includes four goodies that will help you learn more about carpentry and woodworking.

Ted’s Woodworking Benefits Carpenters In What Ways?

It could be a novice attempting to make a small kennel or stool. You could potentially be a skilled carpenter working on a complex project.

Ted’s Woodworking Guide includes plans for everyone. You don’t need any prior experience, to begin with, Ted’s Woodworking Ebook. It explains details so effectively that you’ll feel like a real-life master is guiding you.

Ted’s Woodworking Costs How Much?

Ted’s Woodworking program is currently available for $67, a fantastic price. With all of the bonuses included in the bundle, the initial value comes to $487 + $39 each month.

The discount is only applicable on their official page for a short time, after which the guide will cost $39 per month. You also have a refund policy that guarantees a full refund within 60 days.

Passing The Word

However, for a “Friendsgiving” party, her friends noticed the new table and asked where she had bought it. At first, she played it cool, trying to intrigue them. In the end, she gave in and told them I had built it.

Well, I had my first order then and there. One of her friends wanted me to build a similar table for her with small modifications. Since I had been thorough in reading the plans, I had no problem understanding how the original plan worked and how I could modify it.

I didn’t know how much to charge to a friend, so I charged for the price of the materials and a little for my time. However, she paid by spreading the word, and that picked up.

Ted's Woodworking Program

Getting Better

Now, for me, this should be a hobby. I didn’t want to get a new job at this age. So, I took it slow and was able to perfect my skills while getting some money. I would make maybe two pieces a month. One piece would be sold, and the other would be for my daughter’s house or mine.

This became a perfect way to keep busy. In less than a year, I had learned so much, mastered some great skills, and finally was able to draft and build my pieces.

Sharing It With Others

The best part of this is that it is so easy to follow and detailed; at some point, my daughter and son-in-law were extremely busy, so we pitched in to take care of our grandchildren. So, you guessed it; they helped grandpa.

After they were done with their school stuff, especially my eldest grandson, they would come out to the garage with me and help. Although his parents were worried about him getting injured, because that’s what they do, he was Ok.

In the end, we did something great, I stayed busy, he took pride in himself, and he still came around and saved some things we built together.

Materials & Equipment Guide

Aside from the designs and instructions, Ted’s Woodworking kit simplifies matters even further by including a list of everything you’ll need before beginning work on a wooden project. This includes tools, wood pieces, and even the type of wood used.

This will save you a lot of time and money. You won’t buy the wrong kind of material or the improper tool for the project because you already know all of the requirements at a glance. Nothing is thrown away.

Woodworking Videos

The videos included in Ted’s Woodworking package are the next topic we’ll cover in this Ted’s Woodworking review. Premium woodworking videos are offered as a bonus, and if you prefer viewing instructions on occasion, you may find these handy because they are master woodworkers who present them.

These materials can be found in the membership section. It’s also worth noting that new videos are added to Ted’s video library every month, so you’ll always have access to updated tutorials.

Monthly Plans

If you sign up as a subscriber, you will also receive lifetime free monthly plans from their team. More precisely, they offer five new plans each month, which is ideal if you want to refresh your expertise or embark on a new project.

These complimentary plans are in addition to your lifetime access to the 16,000 plans and other perks. As a result, you can keep making new wooden products every month if you choose.

Final Verdict

People from all corners of the earth love woodworking and have a strong desire to develop a project of their own. Several things exist out there that you can be able to build on your own.

If you want to become a woodworking expert, then Teds Woodworking is the perfect decision you could ever make towards the dream that you have always had. The product has quite a great deal of knowledge as far as woodworking is concerned. In the book, you will come across detailed guidelines and steps to ensure that the wood crafts you make are proper.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Teds Woodworking all about?

Ted’s Woodworking is a guide that has over 16000 plans in it. The guide is a step-by-step manual that makes sure you get information on woodwork that is as comprehensive as it can ever be.

How can I access Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking is available on the official website, https://www.tedswoodworking.com. The product has quite a great deal of knowledge as far as Woodworking is concerned. It is definitely worth your money.

What is the cost of Teds Woodworking?

You can get a massive collection of woodworking plans for $47. This is much cheaper than anywhere else. You could subscribe to your favorite woodworking magazine for 10 years and not come close to that.

Who created Teds Woodworking?

Ted’s Woodworking is the works of a person that goes by the name Ted McGrath. Ted is an artist in woodworking that has well over 36 years of experience.

What comes with the Teds Woodworking program?

The techniques and steps available in Ted’s Woodworking will guide through every stage in the process of wood-crafting. Also, it will be of assistance to you in crafting attractive, unique, and cost-effective designs.

Does Teds Woodworking ebook works?

The product has quite a great deal of knowledge as far as woodworking is concerned. You will find guidelines and steps that are well detailed to ensure that the wood crafts you make are proper.

What are people saying about Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking is unpopular with a lot of online woodworkers. It stems mainly because of its aggressive sales techniques. Most woodwork bloggers will ever be happy with offers and products like this.

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  1. The lesson learned here is, do your due diligence when purchasing a product. Read up on people’s reviews and learn about the business as much as you can.

  2. The lesson learned here is, do your due diligence when purchasing a product. Read up on people’s reviews and learn about the business as much as you can.

  3. It sounded awesome, and for the price it seemed to be a steal! The first time I logged into the member’s area it blew me away—in a good way.

  4. Teds Woodworking contains a lot of downloadable guides as well. If you find the plans too hard to follow, or you feel that you’re missing a few steps while completing a project, then the videos will come extremely handy.

  5. By using the teds woodworking guide there are many benefits that i have been able to get. One of them is the fact that i do not have to spend a lot of time looking for designs. It contains the best ones. It is also very easy to follow the system and create some amazing products.

  6. Ted’s woodworking is something i can say that is difficult to find anywhere else. It is something so unique that i can’t believe i am so lucky to have this product. I have been able to come up with so many unique and beautiful projects through this guide. It is very clear.

  7. There are step – by-step guidelines about beginning your venture. Each woodworking instruments you should do the venture have been recorded too for comfort.

  8. Like they say ‘if you want something to be done to a certain standard then do it yourself.’ I like to build things for my home and Ted’s Woodworking guide has changed the things for me. This book is easy to follow and very helpful. Don’t waste time and get it, the results made from your own hands will be very satisfying.

  9. I am one person who loves the things made from wood. So I keep delighting in it all the time. I am happy to have known this post and the tools that are here for me. I am hoping that I will keep learning from the post and become a better person all through.

  10. I love working with my hands and especially with wood. Using this program I am learning how to create unique one of a kind pieces for my home. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Definitely, a good program especially if you like DIY home projects.

  11. I have to congratulate Ted McGrath on this amazingly helpful guide on wood working. Making furniture and woods works are my only hobby and everything I know, I generally taught myself. But I recently started working on a cabinet that involved intricate working and calculations. I was looking for help and decided to buy this guide. It helped me immensely in my ongoing projects and I am inspired in a great way to start working on some new things too.

  12. Ted’s work is a hub of information as far as woodwork is concerned. The truth is that I have been able to make a lot of money from the concepts Ted offers in this program. You are provided with very many ideas as well as samples that you can follow to come up with your own and smart structures. It is very useful.

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