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The 44 Hour Diet Review – Does It Really Work?

The 44 Hour Diet
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Product Name: The 44 Hour Diet
Author/Creator: Matt Marshall
Price: $19.95
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://www.bannedfatlossmethod.com

Are you in need of a fitness program that will see you get back in shape by increasing your body’s metabolism rate and enables you get rid of excess fat? Matt Marshall provides a solution for this problem by providing this great book.

People nowadays admire getting an attractive shape as most of them envy some of the models around. Having a fit shape somehow makes one gain some confidence while facing the outside world.

Overweight people too should not be excluded as they need also to have confidence as they walk around doing their daily activities. They need the chance to have an admirable body shape too like others.

A lot of fat people these days are willing to do anything in their reach to get these desired body shape and keep fit. Some drain their hard earned money buying gym machines so as to get rid of the excess fat.

What most forget is that to get rid of the excess fat, you have to burn the fat for you to achieve your desired shape. Burning this fat can be done in various ways explained in this write up.

Everybody nowadays have a favorite meal which most of them are junk. People also think that for you to be fit you have to get rid of such food and watch your diet. This might get you bored and deprive you your favorite meal.

This review will be of help to many obese people lose weight and still get to enjoy their favorite meals.

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What is The 44 Hour Diet?

This is a very reliable diet plan program that gives you an opportunity of enjoying the meals you like, continue staying fit by only fasting for 44 hours a week. This will help you watch your health and also partake daily activities as usual.

Reviews show that many diet plan program restrict one to some foods and this demoralizes one. This makes the whole weight loss boring. The 44 Hour Diet plan contrarily makes this whole process enjoyable and one still will enjoy their favorite meals.

For only 44 hours a week, this is efficient for even people with tight schedules as they can fix it in somewhere. Many people around the world who have used this product give positive remarks about this awesome product.

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For first timers this process might be hectic but eases for the second time. Working out and partaking yoga practices will also make one get better results. This results to a reduction in insulin that also reduces hunger reducing the chance of you feeling hungry during the 44 hour fasting period.

About the author, Matt Marshal

Not much is actually said about him but him being a fitness trainer, we can depend on his work to achieve outstanding results.

He is also the proud founder and also owner of Fitness Under Oath. Marshall decided to help people improve their body performance, compose their bodies and also overall fitness with the help of continuous research, experimentation and also analysis in this field.

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He is so confident in his write up and anyone with any queries can contact him though his email that he has provided in his bio.

What does 44 Hour Diet have to offer?

Many people also think that only taking fatty foods and junk cause one to be obese. Depression is also another factor that can affect the whole body and might make one become overweight. This point had to be highlighted before looking what is entailed in this product.

The 44 Hour diet will enable you increase the production and also growth of body hormones and also improve one’s immune system by boosting metabolism burning fat and you eventually acquire the desired shape.

People tend to waste their cash in buying other articles that prove not to work or start being effective after a very long time. After going through and implementing what is in this book, the 44 hour diet positive results will be evident after around 4 weeks.


Fasting for 44 hours enables your body produce hormone making one look lean. Age is also a factor to be considered as the young burn rapidly by the product will enable the older people get rid of this problem.

Slow body metabolism leads to weight gain as the food consumed takes quite a while to be processed making consumed energy end up and stored as fat. People also spend lots of cash just to see their bodies build more hormones.

With these product saving you the cash, hormone growth will be achieved conveniently. This will improve one’s looks and also enable them get a young and also attractive general look, improving their confidence.

Who is this product meant for?

Have you found yourself embarrassed or find it hard to express yourself because of you being overweight? Confidence is the main virtue that is mainly lost during this process.

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Are you tired of trying out other fitness programs that consume a lot of your time and also cash and see no positive results? Some start experiencing some results after a very long period of time and some give up.

If you sometimes find yourself going through such experiences, then you should not hesitate in purchasing this book. The fact that Matt Marshall is an experienced fitness trainer, makes this product reliable and the thought of it being a scam should not arise.

Reviews explain that for maximum positive results, determination and hard work have to be observed always.

Where you can buy The 44 Hour Diet?

The 44 Hour Diet is available on the official website, https://www.bannedfatlossmethod.com.

Final verdict

This one product that is not only effective but also efficient. Once you purchase this product it’s going to work through so often than you can imagine. It’s a one product with its own unique characters.

However if you are the kind of person who values results above anything else then am quite sure that you are going to heed to this review and you will create a good relationship between you and the book.

Finally sure enough within the shortest time possible you will be happy of what you will have become. The best results ever. Just get a copy of your own and start experience a different life.

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• It is a natural method as it increases body metabolism burning fat through fasting that increases production of hormones.

• It is cheap method of losing weight as no heavy and expensive machinery are needed.

• It brings an enjoyable experience as one still has to enjoy taking the meals they enjoy.

• The whole process improves ones immune system as more white cells are produced during the process.

• The body is also in a position of producing more growth hormones improving one’s health.


• It might not be effective to older people as their body metabolism rate is slow and this will make them produce hormones at a slower rate.

Summary: In conclusion this really a very reliable diet plan program that gives you an opportunity of enjoying the meals you like, continue staying fit by only fasting for 44 hours a week.
It helps you watch your health and also partake daily activities as usual.
It caters for everyone’s needs even for those with tight schedules get to get guideline on how to fast for 44 good hours in a week and still get to enjoy the snacks and the foods that you like…it’s a program that rarely will prevent you from enjoying some sorts of foods.

RatingRated 4.67 stars
Kristine Brown
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2018-12-27 14:15:47

It is a method that explores realms that are usually avoided due to controversy. Second of all, despite its controversial aspects, the method did seem to actually bring results.

Roberto Mullins
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2018-12-27 14:13:43

The 44 Hour Diet is one of the most controversial weight loss methods that come with many “unusual tips”. It is targeted at those who want to lose weight quickly, and then maintain it for a long time. If you are into taking a risk and actually get it paid off, then go for it for sure.

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