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The Pros and Cons of The Amazing You – Detailed Review

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You require improved self-actualization and self-esteem to change continually and become a better individual. The Amazing You Program provides techniques that enable you to take steps towards happiness. In addition, it lets you focus on different factors that will enhance your life.

The Amazing You Program is a personality development program. It will improve your decision-making skills and enhance other areas of your life. Moreover, it creates the abilities to rediscover and revive your best version.

What is the Amazing You Program?

According to the Amazing You review, the program gives you neuro mapping techniques that change the neuropathways of individuals. And, it helps people come out of depression and sadness to achieve success in life. Therefore people who do not feel complete satisfaction with their current life status can use this program. The Amazing You aids in personal development by helping those who want to have money, improve their body shape, or get money.

It offers secret details to transform all the areas of your life and focus on the ultimate restoration of a thing that matters. Besides, it quickens the process of self-help and self-improvement. There are three keys in this program that can unlock successful doors. Lastly, it is quite effective because of the testimonies of many people over the years.

What does the Amazing You Program contain?

The Amazing You allows you to develop your personality. The program explains its process in the form of three audio files and two e-books. There are bonus files that are not in the main course but act as supplements.

You will get within the program an eBook of eight pages which is the jumpstart guide. It gives you basic information about how it functions. Additionally, there is an audio file for sonic remapping that runs for fifteen minutes. It helps you clear away the un-you. Another fifteen-minute sonic remapping is also present. Moreover, there is a twenty-one-day remapping protocol that contains one eBook of 165 pages. And, it has a second one of 183 pages containing exercises.

You can download and log in to the eBook format along with the audio format from the Member’s Area once you have access. The program has additional audio files that contain mini-programs as a bonus. It includes minimal effort, maximum gains by Michael McNeil, success multiplier with Yanik Silver, and secret of ultimate restoration by Matt Riemann.

Who is Marion Neubronner?

The Amazing You Program is created by Marion Neubronner, who is a psychologist and a learning specialist. She is a graduate of Harvard University and has the training to deal with corporate and personal clients.

Creator Marion Neubronner is an expert in human resources and has helped more than 2500 adult learners. Harvard trained Marion in her remapping twenty-one-day e-book talks about her own personal story to become her best version.

Alvin Huang is the program’s co-author. He is an entrepreneur whose company has many brands for personal development. He, along with the program’s creator, Marion, made this program. But, it mostly contains her experience and expertise in coaching and working with several clients.

Marion is an actual author whom you can contact. Some similar programs contain model images and pen names for their profile picture. But Marion has a real digital track record with a name email that you can yourself verify on the internet.

Advantages of the Program

The e-book Program provides a large amount of content that helps a person go ahead and shift to a new life. When you learn and understand the e-book, it leads you towards your success. The book helps your mind and brain to do something that is positive. The Amazing You enables you to develop a positive personality to get more money.

It helps you to be positive and deal with your body shape easily. Further, the program lets a person improve their life by acting positively. The book provides you with information about things that help in the development of your personality. Thus, you can solve any question by doing mind exercises that bring joy and gradually changes your life. You will get your dream relationship with your partner and friends and impact their happiness.

How does the Amazing You Program Work?

The journey of individuals to become their best version consists of three different stages. The author Marion calls these the three “Doors”. Each door focuses on the current position of each person in his/her journey. Moreover, it has audio of Sonic Remapping.

So, if you are at the initial door, you first need to listen to the Sonic Remapping Audio. You can read the chapters of the book while listening to the audios.

First door

The first door of the book focuses on your present or the “Current You”. Many people are in this stage where they deal with problems about self-image. These problems arise from social roles and family conflict.

The exercises present in this stage involve identifying current beliefs that keep you stuck. All these beliefs come out from traditional social roles, negative self-talk, and family expectations. Identifying them can help you move to the next door of knowing the true quest of your life. You can listen to the audio of Clearing the Un-You Sonic Remapping.

Second Door

The second Door helps you create lifestyle changes to become “100% you”. Or it is your true self who is free from the noises of negative self-talk. This stage allows you to gain values that bring fulfilment and success to your life. It further brings new realities and thoughts.

The exercises of this stage uncover your values, deletes negative, old self-talk, and brings positive new thoughts. You can listen to the Sonic Remapping audio of Awakening the 100% You with the second Door.

Third door

The third and the last door bring out the “Magical You” by encouraging you to live wild and big. The author herself took time to achieve this stage. But she helps everyone in the Amazing You program to get through this stage. This thing allows you to manifest your success and live in a reality that is abundant without any attachment.

The book provides certain exercises for finding out your divinity and practice detachment. An important message is to ignite the spark of self-love and spread it to the world. You can listen to Sonic Remapping of the Amazing You with this Door.

What can you discover in the Amazing You Review?

There are three keys that the author provides in her book. The first key tells you that you are not the one who fails. And, the second key asks you clear all paths to become successful. Lastly, the third key tells us that our ultimate success depends on the neuro-remapping of three steps.

First key

The Amazing You product reviews tell us that the first key asks us to do things to program our brain to succeed. We cannot go further or beyond that, and it is not our own fault. The author here gives you an overview of something that you can do to reprogram the brain. And, the product will enable you to be successful and reach your potential.

Second key

The second key asks one to map his/her brain so as to move all messages from one part to another. There are different neuro-pathways that allow sending messages in your brain. If there are broken pathways or traffic jams, then you will face difficulty in remembering things. After finding those things, you will remember where you put them. This, therefore, means that there was something that was keeping your focus away from your goal.

Third key

The Amazing You product in its final key says that you may not always get your desired result despite brain remapping. Thus, you need to carry out some cognitive exercises to change the way your brain works almost instantly. It works on how you feel, perform, and think under specific circumstances.

What are the three steps?

The author of the Amazing You Program offers three steps to transform your life. These steps are ‘Replay’, ‘Rewrite’, and ‘Reset’. Let’s discuss them in detail.


The first step is called “Replay”. It explains the exact moment when you decide to change something. The author provides a story or two in the book. They suggest you have a state of mind to see everything that created a problem in the past.


“Rewrite” is a particular state of mind where the author teaches a way through her story. It helps you decide what you need to do to change the problem.


The most important final step is “Reset”, where you have to remap the structure of your brain. The author will help you clear your brain’s neuropathways. This step will be like hitting a reset button that will allow you to channel your energy easily. And it enables you to focus on achieving all of your goals.

You can use all the above steps in any aspect of your life. You can change your relationship to self-esteem and the struggles of your career. She also uses another key that was a late discovery in her career to improving the overall effectiveness.

The key of Brainwave Entrainment

The brainwave entrainment key allows you to reject any lack of interest or feelings of doubt. This will further limit all your success. So you need to bring your brain in the right state to carry out all your exercises. Therefore, she asks you to use the power of your brainwaves to solve these problems.

Beta wave is the normal brainwave for each state of mind during the day. Alpha wave is for meditative and peaceful states. It will come naturally, but sometimes it takes many meditative sessions to arrive. Theta wave is at a very deep state where many deep changes will happen. You will come to this state through a lot of intense meditation. It helps you to control your mind and body.

Moreover, Marion uses the science of soundscape and Cymatic to help you reach the level of theta waves. This leads you to a state of deep meditation while using the three steps of neurological remapping. In this case, your growth and success become drastically faster and enjoyable.


We all need a brain that will enable us to improve our thinking ability. Everyone wants to have a good, long, healthy life full of success and happiness. But, we often give up before achieving all these life essentials. The Amazing You is a program by Marion Neubronner which helps create a new you with a positive and stronger mindset. With this program, you will be able to let go of your old ways of thinking and perceiving a thing. Moreover, you will have a life that will be worth remembering.

The program will improve your life and allow you to work effectively. It is a legitimate program by Neubronner and comes with a money refund guarantee of 60 days. You can even lookup online to find her name, email to contact her. Her book will let you achieve all your dreams and reach newer heights.

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• According to the Amazing You review, it provides brainwave entrainment for the remapping of your brain.
• Simple exercises that enable you to transform your life.
• An ultimate program to help create the amazing you and develop a positive personality.
• Improves your character’s audacity
• Maximum gains Minimal effort by Michael Neill improves your mind and thereby your life.
• Exercises to improve body shape.
• Audibles to rewire your brain and make your life more peaceful. It will also eradicate all negativity from your love life. The Amazing You Review will further help you earn four times more than the money that you earn now.
• 60-day money-back guarantee.


• You require an internet connection to practice it regularly.
• The Amazing You Program Review says that the product is only available in a single pdf format.
• You have to spend much of your abilities and time to know the way and knowledge for obtaining results.
• Stopping regularly or becoming lazy will not allow you to gain happiness.

Summary: The Amazing You Program has certain advantages and disadvantages. When you start to use this program, you notice how it gives you a whole new outlook. It first enhances your character and improves your life. For your convenience, we have listed below all the pros and cons of the program.

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