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The 3 Best Survival Books for Serious Preppers

The 3 Best Survival Books for Serious Preppers

Even though you are living freely today, there might come a time where the world will become the survival of the fittest. What will you do when the sky is falling down, and the earth is tearing up?

If that’s not the case, what will you do when a mob of people attacks your house during an apocalypse? You need to prepare yourself beforehand. Only then will you protect yourself and your family.

But in order to prepare, you should know how to prepare. What are the things that you should know? How will you protect everyone and your house?

Luckily, we have all these problems sorted out as we have done a hefty amount of research. After deeper analysis, we have enlisted the top 3 survival books for serious preppers like you. Curious? See for yourself:

Alive After The Fall

What will happen when there is nowhere to go to? The worst thing that could happen to the people is the apocalypse, and no doubt everyone fears the day when nothing would be considered wrong!

Even the image of thousands of people attacking your home is terrifying. Nobody will come to your aid, and no friend will lend you a hand. But how would you survive in an apocalypse? The answer is in Alive After The Fall, which is a complete survival guide uniquely written by Alexander Cain.

The book targets the god-fearing people who know that they need to prepare for the worst. The main topic of the book is protection from EMP. The EMP is a device that will be able to control every electronic device, and every security system will fail to protect you. However, in this guide, the author guides you through steps that will show how you can protect yourself and your house from the EMP. That way, you can change the configuration of your devices so that they remain unaffected by EMP.

This book is the complete guide of survival when the biggest and largest tech giants and companies will fail to provide you the protection of any kind. And when you are on your own, this book will become your savior and survival.Alive After The Fall

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The Lost Ways 2

Ever thought of the fact that there was a complex civilization even before this technology and development? It is impossible to imagine your life without helping gadgets and electronics. When we think about our forefathers and how they used to live, we are left with questions and confusion.

But guess what, if the world is ending, you will have to stop relying on these electronic gadgets and start utilizing everything that is available to you, which means that you will have to resent back to the old ways.

Surprisingly, the mystery of the old ways is revealed in Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways 2. In this book, he calls the old ways as the lost ways because they have been forgotten and banished from minds. And now it is time to bring them back.

The author revisits the old ideas of survival and unmasks the hacks that kept our ancestors alive in the toughest of situations. From small things to huge survival mechanisms, the book shares the secrets that have been long forgotten in the history of time.

The book contains detailed survival techniques which involve making superfoods, secret medicines, survival hacks, protection techniques, and crafting ideas that will help you live peacefully even when nothing will be available.

If you want to make the most of what you have and utilize it to keep yourself safe and alive, this book is just the right thing for you.The Lost Ways 2

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Bulletproof Home

Just imagine that you have spent years preparing for the apocalypse, and you have gathered all the resources to stay alive in the toughest of conditions, but your house is not ready from the daily inconveniences.

What happens when the preparation for the apocalypse makes you forget the protection of your house on normal days? That would be idiotic. Thus, you should know how to protect yourself and your house every day and not just during the apocalypse.

The best part is that a US Army veteran, Steve Walker, took it upon himself to find out the best ways to keep yourself safe. In his book, Bulletproof home, he guides about the protection skills he was given as a veteran and provides complete information in each step.

Moreover, after gathering information from professional preppers and skilled professionals, he tried and tested all those techniques. This led to the construction of this book. The book contains all the hacks that people do not want you to know.

It contains a complete set of instructions as well as techniques that will not only help you in extreme conditions but will also protect you from regular burglars, thieves, and burst-ins.

You only need to thoroughly read the book, follow the instructions, and apply the knowledge to your house, and you are good to go. You are your house will be safe and sound!Bulletproof Home

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Your protection is in your hands. Only you can help yourself, and only you can make yourself worthy of combating everything. These books are your loyal partners and will help you in preparing yourself for good and the worst of experiences. Opt one and gradually try all. It is evident that after the complete course, you will be indestructible.

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