The Body Transformation Blueprint Review – Does it Work or Not?

March 3, 2023
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Sean Nalewanyj




60 days


  • Learn from the experts!
    Learn from real professionals who have taken their time to learn and provide you with the best experience possible.
  • Learn from anywhere!
    This great eBook, with video support, can be taken anywhere. You read it on your phone, tablet, laptop… ANYTIME!
  • Get amazing bonuses to improve.
    The bonuses are so much more than the book. They serve to supplement the book, but I am willing to bet you that even without the main book, the bonuses will just change your life for the better.
  • It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee
    In case you feel this isn’t working for you, you can ask for your money back.
  • Follow an amazing path.
    The book has been structured so well that when you start using it, you will be following a path that is progressive, taking you through the whole course with the best results when you are done seeing that it is written by an expert.
  • Based on hard facts.
    The scientific principles that make the backbone of this program will change the way that your body will work when you start using it. You will get the best results that are made to work for everyone well without having any adverse effects on anyone.
  • Lack of availability
    This is only available as a digital product. Therefore, you need a digital device to access to it.
  • It takes commitment
    Although it’s not a long time, you need to stick to the program 100%. Only then you’ll see results. It’s OK to miss a day or two, but you always have to come back.

The Body Transformation Blueprint is the best manual for skinny guys who want to develop muscle ASAP. This program has been around for years, continually perfected and improved. With its clear focus on people who just can’t gain muscle, this specialized program will give you the best results you ever wanted.
Bodybuilding can be extremely expensive and complicated for people who can’t seem to gain muscle. Most programs treat this discipline as a general one where everyone can just do the same and look the same. However, our bodies are different, and it’s important to work with that.
Well, now you have

This review of the Body Transformation Blueprint, by the talented Sean Nalewanyj, is a brilliant guide to hack your body and build muscle. Although it’s for people who struggle to build muscle, everyone can benefit from it.

In essence, the main objective of the program is to help skinny guys to develop muscle. To do this, you get “hack” your body, through:

  • Strategic guide
  • Specialized diet
  • Great life strategies

Personally, I had been training for three years and followed every natural path. I developed strength, became ripped, but I just couldn’t gain muscle.

Of course, I had chemical alternatives, but I always stuck to my guns not to do that.

At first, I gained 10 pounds of lean mass easily. The program is really generous in helping you promote growth. However, I got a little cocky and left it aside. When I did that, I plateaued.

That triggered a serious commitment on my side. So, I followed the program thoroughly, just for three months. Suddenly, my body started to change as never before.

Who Is The Author? Sean Nalemanyj

Fitness is the one investment that you will never regret till the day you die, for it is what makes your blood scourge through your entire being.” Sean Nalewanyj started as a skinny guy who just couldn’t gain muscle weight. For him, it seemed as if he would never gain any sizes and he was just meant to be skinny. The problem was that, like me, he was against steroids. Not because they don’t work, but because he had tried before and had bad side effects.

So, he noticed other guys were able to grow but couldn’t really trust them because most people don’t tell the truth.

Without many options, he went on to work with certain researchers and work on him. It took him years to finally get his goal. Then, he became a certified trainer and worked with many other people with the same problem.

In the end, he came up with a great solution to help people like him, to grow some muscle.

The Body Tranformation Benefits

The Best Things About the Program

Mainly, this book was written by an expert. He strives to make sure that whatever he comes up with, it works. Also, the customers always get what they are looking for when it comes to fitness.

Here are some of the best features of the program, at least for me. In essence, the course covers all the aspects of getting the best body and health. All of it, in a decent period without taking much of your time.

The Author

Growing muscle mass means “hacking” your body. However, you can do it in a rough way, or you can work with your body. The author is great in the sense that he comes from out same background and knows exactly where we want to go:

  • He went from skinny to having a good muscle mass.
  • Hacked dieting to get gains without hurting your metabolism.
  • Worked with health experts to maximize gains.
  • Proved the method with thousands of people.

This brilliant man created a valuable program for anyone wanting to improve their life.

Digitalized Format

The Body Tranformation Thumbnail

The books have are in PDF.  You can download and even print them out so that you can learn from anywhere. You can read from any:

  • Smartphone
  • eReader
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet

That makes it very convenient and so easy for you to get what you need without having any problems. The eBook will also come in handy when you need to consult or reread something.

It Is Based on Solid Science Research

When it comes to the research to make this program, you will find that there is more to it than just the opinions of a fitness enthusiast who is also good at what he does.

There is a solid research background to back up what he has done and the way that it can also work for you. That way, you will get the best out of everything that you need.

What You Will Find in the Book

The Body Transformation Product Image

This is the exclusive sneak peek into the book that will help you understand what you can expect to see and get when you get the book.

  • Weight Training
  • Cardio
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Progress Track

Unlike other programs, the system here connects every point to make you gain muscle without affecting your health. So, you’ll look better, natural, while gaining lean mass.

You don’t have to ruin your metabolism. Now, you can even be healthier while gaining muscle.

In essence, this program is meant for anyone, men or women, who can’t build muscle. Now, you’ll be able to break those barriers, ignite your growth, and become the person you always wanted to be.

The Body Transformation Author

A Quick Guide To Start the Program

In today’s era of endless business, there is no time to waste and no time for excessively long readings. With that in mind, Sean Nal included a handy quick start guide with the body transformation blueprint program that explains the entire main book in less than 23 pages instead of 246. Also, the explanations are all done through bullet points. Sean suggests that the mini-guide is suitable for use as a launching pad as you move on to the central guide in due time. However, the mini-guide is less clustered and is easier to understand than the actual one. 

In this mini-guide and the full-body transformation blueprint, you will learn a variety of bodybuilding based concepts like:


  • A body fat percentage goal for bulking that resides within 12 to 14 percent. Another one for cutting is from 18 to 20 percent body fat.
  • Procedures for calculating your macronutrient and calorie necessities to match your goals.
  • The timings and situations for when it is ok for you to add cheat meals, that is, without going overboard with the cheat meals.
  • Techniques for tracking your nutrition intake every day is by looking at your MyFitnessPal.
  • When and how to take breaks from dieting and the methods to ensure that you do not lose gains.


  • Whether you should train until failure for the sake of matching the hype or leave a few repetitions undone.
  • The amount by which you should increase the amount of your weight every two to four weeks. 
  • The proper ideas, repetitions, sets, and intensity for hypertrophy and mass gaining. 
  • The amount of time you should spend to rest in between each set.
  • How the amount of time under tension is related to hypertrophy and how this relationship affects eccentric and concentric gains.
  • The appropriate time for lifting weights throughout the entire day.


  • The truth behind the necessity of cardio
  • Whether you should perform cardio exercises before or after lifting, or whether you should do cardio on separate days from lifting.
  • The significance of high-intensity interval training and steady-state cardio.
  • The level or amount of cardio you should do to avoid losing your gains.

Phase training and progress tracking

  • Guidelines that will help you decide the ideal state and time for shifting from bulking to cutting and vice versa.
  • The volume of weight you should lose and the amount of mass you should gain every week.
  • The estimated time you may require to reach your peak physique. It may take around four to five years.
  • Techniques for efficiently managing both bulking and cutting at the same time. These will help you retain your gains and prevent any losses.
  • You will also get a full-body workout routine for lifting three times a week. It is for those who are beginners and for those who are not satisfied with their previous gains.
  • Furthermore, you will get an upper and lower body-based split for lifting three to four times every week. It is for those who have a 10 to 15-pound lean mass progress and are looking for a more targeted split.
  • A push-pull-legs routine that consists of four to five workouts per week. It is for those who have had around one to two years of experience and are aiming to augment their training volume.

Where you can buy The Body Transformation Blueprint?

The Body Transformation Blueprint is available on the official website,


The Body Transformation Blueprint is an amazing program, with video support, that helps people who can’t build muscle, to finally start building. In a matter of weeks, you’ll get gains you couldn’t get in years. All of it without having to mess with hurtful chemicals that mess up your body.

Personally, I thought I would never increase in size and become stronger. I was happy with my body but I wanted more. After I took this program seriously, it was as if my body had switched into a different one. Now, I could see how every routine really helped my development.

Get your own copy today! Learn from the experts, know exactly what to do, and worry only about growing and getting stronger. Click on the link below to get your own copy today!

Frequently Asked Questions
How does The Body Transformation Blueprint work?

The Body Transformation Blueprint works by helping you choose the correct workout split and nutrition plans that are suitable for your current body state and your goals.

Who is the author of The Body Transformation Blueprint?

Sean Nalewanyj is the author of The Body Transformation Blueprint. It took him years to finally get his goal. Then, he became a certified trainer and worked with many other people with the same problem.

Who is The Body Transformation Blueprint for?

The Body Transformation Blueprint is for those people who are looking for an efficient workout split and nutrition plan to acquire their desired results in the proper way.

Where can I buy The Body Transformation Blueprint?

To buy The Body Transformation Blueprint, you need to directly visit the official website of the product as it is not available on any other website.

Is The Body Transformation Blueprint under a money-back guarantee program?

Yes, The Body Transformation Blueprint is under a money-back guarantee program. You can get your money back within 60 days of purchasing the program, without any questions or formalities.

How long will I need to see the results?

In order to reach the very peak of your physique, that is the limit after which there cannot be any sort of healthy development, you will need more than a year.

What are the drawbacks of The Body Transformation Blueprint?

In order to reach the very peak of your physique, that is the limit after which there cannot be any sort of healthy development, you will need more than a year.

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  1. The program is entirely digital. This may not go down well with people who like hard copies or CDs, however, it also means that BTB is instantly available upon purchase and very convenient as you can keep it on your mobile device.

  2. You need to understand that transforming a body requires proper knowledge of the food you eat and at the same time the training needed for your body.

  3. With a step-by-step weight training plan, your abs will be fit throughout the year and it will tell you exactly how to eat for maximum muscle growth and tell you whether muscle building and fat burning supplements actually produce real results.

  4. As one of the beneficiaries of this amazing product, I stand here to state categorically that it really works. In fact, there is no single part of me that regrets deciding to buy the amazing product.

  5. Some of my friends that saw me 2 months ago cannot believe it is me. That is because there has been really a great transformation. So much has changed within that time. I find this as the best system since it makes use off holistic methods.

  6. The Body Transformation Blueprint is a fully electronic workout system that has been designed to help people who want to lose fat or build muscles. The information that this program contains is well researched and backed up by the latest scientific discoveries of exercise alongside many of experience that the author has in the fitness industry. If you want loss body fat or gain weight using natural methods that have been tested and demonstrated to give quality results, then this is right program for you. It is a total workout program that will help you achieve body shape that you have always desired.

  7. I like the working of this system because it is special and works differently from all others. It is the kind of program that you will never regret of buying. It has helped me change my life completely. Very simple methods and effective.

  8. The Body Transformation Blueprint is a system that comes in electronic structure. You can expend it on any portable or PC gadget. It contains simple to take after tips and bearings on the best way to eat sound and how to practice viably keeping in mind the end goal to put on bulk however get thinner at the same time
    This audit is composed by a gym rat. I can gladly say that I’m setting off to the rec center for the last 3 and half years, yet there wasn’t any accomplishment by any stretch of the imagination. I got the size, however the definition was inadequate.

  9. This full, detailed workout guide outlines the exact pattern of days to spend in the gym along with the exercises, sets and reps for each workout.

  10. In this program, transformation is real. It does not just involve a few tips, i have been using it and it provides several systems which include exercises and diet. This guide is also easy to follow sine the author has clearly explained everything.

  11. This guide, unlike many other of its kind, gives you actual tips on workouts that you can use without living in the gym. Yes, I had to exercise a lot, but the program teaches you how to build stamina, refine your diet and see results in the end.

  12. You give great data about lifting weights that many individuals can utilize. Pleasant Job! I have been investigating to getting a program to help with my muscle building objectives.

  13. The body transformation blueprint is a serious work for sure. If you have not used it and you are looking for a way to transform your body by gaining muscles and strength then you should look no further.
    One thing is that the author of this book is a professional who understands so much about health. The second this is the entire guide is well explained with clear steps on what you need to do. Another thing I found is that it is based on proven scientific techniques.

  14. With no doubt I believe this is the kind of product that will change lives. As the name suggests it is a blueprint into the body. The program provides you with information that will help you change your body.

  15. This is a product that works according to its name. I have been using this guide and I can for sure say that I am not disappointed. Actually I have benefited more than I expected. Since the book is in digital format, there is very easy access.
    The techniques provided in the book are numerous. This leaves a person with very many options to choose from. The best of them all being diet.

  16. From the Body Transformation Blueprint is that you actually get some very good tips on workouts, exercises and diet to change your body. It is available in softcopy which makes reading way easy. And bonuses also available.

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