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The Bounce Guide Review – Must Knowing Before You Buy

The Bounce Guide
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Inadequacies in sports and relatively in life are numerous. It can be coupled by your lack in height or fair complexion or certain traits. All in all, inadequacies is the mother of closed doors when opportunity knocks.

Today I will review for you a certain misdemeanor that can drag your whole sports career. The bright side however is I will give you a resolve. An ultimate one, optimally designed to efface your previous lack of bounce.

If you are a sportsman then high chances you know what this means to you. If you are not, this might just be your escape threshold past the dwarf life. Do you desire to add a few, couple inches to your height? Have you been benched because you cannot jump high?

basketball player

Grab this guide and learn the easy way up adding inches to your height in a matter of weeks.

What is The Bounce Guide by Momir Gataric all about?

This program is the ultimate guide towards having that coveted 44-inch vertical jump and furthermore make a living off it by helping others attain the same. In a layman’s lingo, The Bounce Guide is your best choice at dunking vicious windmills from barely dunking.

The protocol that the program follows is unlike all other similar programs. You might have wasted most of your pocket-money on a program that seemed a bed of roses only to discover that the promises on the website were pure crap.

The Bonce Guide is different because it focuses comprehensively on the four most salient factors of jump training:

  • Nutrition
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Efficiency

In this review, you will find how this four factors are going to work for you unlike in the gimmick programs. It is not the sophistication of the plyometric exercises that make the program work, no. This program states to differ.

playing basketball

Who Momir Gataric, author of the Bounce Guide is

The author is a jump training enthusiast who strived to get his hands on anything that was jump training related. In regards with how much his social life suffered, the author sought how to add to his height a few inches.

Lucky enough for him, he had close tabs on an Olympic Track and Field Coach. The guy in the words of the author was brilliant and was wired with jump training in an obsessed manner as the author.

The author emailed him daily to pick up tips on the training aspects of his passion I jump. He then ventured on to meet the coach personally and spent an entire 10 weeks of training.  Coupled by a lifestyle and meals like one of the professional jumpers, the 10 weeks gave the author a 44” vertical right from a 28” vertical.

Then down with the rigors of training, basketball became hyped. It became fun as Momir started shooting windmills and the in-between leg dunks he did with so much ease. Get this, in comparison with other summer seasons, the author had 26 dunks more than in other seasons when he had none at all.

man dunking

Momir Gataric thanks to The Bounce Guide won League MVP. The list of conquests are numerous to name but rest assured, your list of conquests can be as Momir’s.

How is the program guaranteed to be your passage to a 44” vertical?

Want to know how you can go from barely dunking to throwing mind-blowing windmills? Sit back and let me give you the entire drill. The program is centered on:

  • Rate of force Development Training

If you are a sportsman, you are going to love this. This program enables you in the minimal time to develop maximum force needed in determining how high you can jump or how fast you can run. No other program will do this for you; a big win for you.

  • Safety

Just because it encompasses jump training, it should not be enough to insinuate that you will indulge in high rep exercises that may be a risk to both you and your career. Safety first I the Bounce Guide course e-book.

Furthermore the program incorporates two phases that run in a span of weeks. They include:

basketball super star dunkinng

Phase 1(Weeks 1-8)

This is a volume phase that entails high levels of intensity if at all you get enticed to buy the idea. This is because you will be put to hard task; doing a combination of both:

  • Plyometric training
  • Strength training

This one gents is the whole strength training program. This is a total hands-on part because it is well versed in increasing your vertical jump and speed. In this phase, this is what you should expect to find:

  • Targeted rate of Force Development

This training is the kind that is responsible for adding, get this in under 4 weeks of training 4-6 inches in your height. This training will make you very quickly a superior athlete. You will be intrigued to learn that the world’s best athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe are masters of Force Development.

man jumping

  • Increase in Tendon Stiffness

This is where the plyometric exercises come in handy because unlike other programs which do not incorporate it, the Bounce Guide entails it. This one will keep you on the same scale as Olympic jumpers and sprinters.

This one is essential because high level athletes have to absorb tons of force when running to do a jump thereafter exert the force back into the ground, attempts at lodging themselves 40+ inches off the ground.

The exercises here will give you very stiff tendons which can take in such force.

basketball player

Phase 2(Weeks 9-10)

Phase 2 is a whole lot different from phase 1 because it tones down the volume so that your worked up muscles can be able to recover. The ultimate signs that phase 2 is working will be when you start to feel springy and strong.

Phase 2 involves plyometric exercises but in less intervals than in phase 1. Here, you will start to throw in functional jumping exercises that will make you get the one-foot and two-foot vertical jump techniques and movements at the tip of your athlete fingers.

playing basketball

Final Take

This by far is an awesome stance program. What it entails lacks greatly in some programs that claim to be similar to Momir’s ingenious work. It is totally hands on from the start; a must get for any athlete with the ultimate desire to be the supreme athlete.

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• Momir is considerate enough to add on 3 bonus features on the work e-book; a Nutrition Guide, an In-Season program and The Maintenance program.

• Considerate measures have already been taken to ensure that the program is 100% safe. The exercise are not high-risk.

• Privy to the helpful three bonuses that the author gives you, the cost at which you buy the whole course e-book is a whimper to your pockets.

• The program gives you an elaborate training timetable that entails a 10 week phase.

• The weekly phases are well spaced out so you have an elaborate design of training and you know when to switch up or down tempo.

• You are properly guaranteed to achieve a 40+ inch stance at the end of the 4 weeks because it is tested and approved, by the book.


• Unless you have the dedication, achieving that 40+ inch stance will be less of a walk in the park and more of hassle.

• The phase 1 part of training can end up disastrous for your tendons if they will not have the stomach to relinquish into the ground the immense force.

• A vicious windmill can just be as well achieved with practice. Take for instance Stephen Curry who dunks just as well as Kevin Durant despite all the inch difference.

Summary: This program is the ultimate guide towards having that coveted 44-inch vertical jump and furthermore make a living off it by helping others attain the same. In a layman’s lingo, The Bounce Guide is your best choice at dunking vicious windmills from barely dunking.

RatingRated 5 stars
Virginia Cordero
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Creating a routine by following simple guidelines is simple.

on 2019-02-26 02:12:48

You will be completely transformed in about 10 weeks. It is the easiest and the most effective road to take to become an athlete.

Jeffrey Wertz
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-30 13:44:07

The course is very well structured. Every week is designed carefully. Thus, you will know when to push harder and when to relax more.

Mandi Creighton
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-20 05:19:43

Love the program works! I own practically every book in this. Really helps my son understand the concepts taught.

Allen M.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-12-27 08:21:16

It takes time for me to achieve 40+ stance. I do it regularly just to monitor how things workout using this book. I can say that it's tiring but worth it.

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