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The Cold War Generator Review – Legit or Scam?

The Cold War Generator Get Ready
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People from all around the world are fed up with huge electricity bills every month. So, if you want to save up your electricity bills, read our detailed Cold War generator review.

Research states that the average man doesn’t even think about an alternate source of energy. Why? Because we don’t think that it’s possible. Studies from many years ago indicate that it isn’t remotely possible to develop an alternate source of energy for our daily needs.

Cold War Generator Review:

Cold War Generator is a simple program that guides you to make a device at home that can power your home appliances. It can prove to be a lifesaver when there is no power supply at home.

The power generator allows you to generate electricity directly from your home. This concept has been around since the Cold War period. Moreover, the creator of the program developed it to make it accessible to the general public.The Cold War Bonuses

About the Creator, Steven Anderson:

The creator of the product is Steven Anderson. He is a popular scientist and botanist from Ellijay City, Georgia, and is married. As a child, Steven always admired nature loved natural things. As a botanist, he loves his profession knowing that at all points of life, he will come in contact directly with nature. He always paid his electricity bills from the house he inherited from his father.

Anderson kept on with his life until an incident in 2017. He had gone on a camping trip with his son, far from home. However, a heavy storm came and pulled down many trees. It became worse when the electricity was cut off and the phone lines became dead. So, now they couldn’t see anything or contact anyone. The situation was so bad that there was no way to get an electrical connection for 72 hours. So, he became determined to ensure that other people don’t suffer the same fate. So, he set out to discover more energy sources. After many failed tries, he came up with a product he called the Cold War Generator. In this product, he combined Solar Energy and nature, which is an infinite source of power. He further developed the system to make his family and other families free from electrical companies.

This system consists of cheap and small products that will change the green energy industry forever. Firstly, Anderson tried the product on himself and experienced a 70% reduction in electricity bills. Seeing the effectiveness of the product, he shared it with his relatives and eventually, with people around the world. Keep on reading the Cold War Generator review to know more about the product.The Cold War

Cold War Generator Reviews:

The Cold War Generator is a simple and easy-to-use product that will help you to save a lot of money on electricity bills. The creator will show you natural energy-capturing ways for universal energy. In it, he tells you how to make a solar energy system or a device that will provide infinite energy without much effort. You can use the energy to power any energy electrical appliance, like TV, air conditioners or laptops. You can make the product with readily available material and its process is quite easy for even a child to follow and build the generator.

The product is great for people who want complete access to electricity but are tired of paying large electricity bills for the electrical companies. This guide will tell you about the procedures of how to build your own solar generator. However, the product doesn’t come with the supplies, just the information, and instructions which are easy to follow. When you purchase the product, you will get lifetime access to the information with no subscription needed. Moreover, you have the power to drop all the electrical bills and have steady access to electricity.

The main reason that the creator made this product was to save people money and not spend it all on electricity bills. It is also a great contribution to the advancements in the electric industry which have been going on for decades. This has led to the desire of people to want their own electricity supply. Thus, Steven Anderson helped all these people.

According to Anderson, relying on large electrical companies will always make you disappointed. Moreover, he believes that just like he left the dark in 2017, no one should ever be in a life-threatening situation again. The solution needed to be cheap and it had to be easy to construct. So, he made a solution from the Cold War which he heard from his father. This product was originally introduced by a scientist named Alexander. He tapped into different energies to make the product.

This system helps you generate solar electricity on your own. To build this system, you need three primary components, which are inverters, solar panels, and racking. Although the solar panels collect energy from the sun, the inverter turns the energy into electrical energy. Moreover, the racking is just a foundation in which you mount the solar panels. Moreover, you need batteries and a charger controller to store the energy. The creator has explained all these things in his guide.

The amazing thing about this system is that it doesn’t cost too much money to construct and comes with an unlimited supply of energy. Moreover, this home generator isn’t dangerous to the environment. And the guide is complete because it contains all the advice and blue prints of what you are going to do.The Cold War Generator Product Image

How Does the Cold War Generator Work?

The universe consists of an infinite amount of positively charged energy from the solar system. The earth accepts all the energy from the solar system which creates energy in abundance. Therefore, the creator capitalizes on this energy in which a little fraction translates into an unlimited supply of electrical power.

The Cold War power generating device consists of 5 panels and 8 panes. Moreover, it was designed to have maximum efficiency through the way it was set up. Moreover, the generator is quite adaptable and easy to construct. You will achieve this through the blueprints in the guide which you need to download. Moreover, the blueprints will take only ten minutes to read. After that, you can build your own generator, which will take around three to four days to complete.

This generator needs a solar source which is provided naturally. You will need equipment, like solar panels, reflective panes, cables, hinges, and some other materials stated in the guide. All you need to do is to buy the simple materials needed and start building. In this way, you can save money on paying excessive bills and enjoy a comfortable life with your family.

This product is just like any other investment. However, paying a small amount to get the information makes the product special. Another amazing aspect is that all the products mentioned here are available at your local goods market. Moreover, the product doesn’t pollute the environment; radiation isn’t a big deal. So, this leads to 100% sustainable energy with the help of a Cold Water Generator.

So, in crux, the generator will help you do the following things:

  • Get the solar energy from the sun
  • Power your electrical devices
  • Power the isolated cabins and sheds
  • Give you an amazing alternative to the power supply in your home
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Provide You the Best Alternate unique source
  • Offer you solid power and portable generating product
  • Provide you a cheap power sourceThe Cold War Generator Founder

How Can You Make this Generator?

Mainly, the components needed to make this device will be mentioned in the manual and the complete procedure will be explained. However, not everything needed needs to be purchased. You can find some components in your home and garage, like pencils, files, screwdrivers, hammers, geometric sets, etc. However, you can easily buy the equipment you don’t have from the local electrical shop as they are quite common. Moreover, you don’t need to be an expert to assemble these parts; you only need some technical knowledge.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions of the manual and build the generator. This isn’t time taking at all and will take a maximum of three hours.

The Five Sources of Electricity:

If you want to know how an electric generator operates, you should know how this device functions. To begin with, you should look at the different areas of the generator. This will help you understand the working of the apparatus and create a constant flow of energy.

There are two things you need to consider before constructing an electric chainsaw. At the start, you need to determine whether you need residential or industrial usage.

In case you are looking for running a little fridge for a Cold War Generator Blueprint, a chainsaw is OK. However, if you are looking to operate your notebook or air conditioner, an industrial generator will be better.

When you start to construct an electrical chainsaw, the majority of the job will be performed for you.

There are a couple of components you need to do but you can do on your own. Once you install everything, you will be ready to run it.

An electric generator has been utilized for some time and is broadly used now. This system can power vehicles and homes. It can be used as a power source for the army and industrial usage.

Bonuses Attached to The Product:

In this Cold War Generator review, we have added some bonuses related to the product. Although they aren’t advertised, the author provides you with these bonuses.

Bonus 1 – Reducing Energy Waste:

This is an eBook which talks about energy waste and how you can combat it. It explains the alternative sources of energy and energy-efficient appliances. You will learn about how to reduce energy consumed when using appliances. This book also lists the activities that you should perform to promote sustainable energy issues for the environment.

Bonus 2 – Electric Lighting History:

This book talks about electric lighting history. In this book, you will see the contributions of individuals and teams in the electric lighting industry. Moreover, you will know about how the industry has evolved through the years and affected society.

Bonus 3 – Energy Storage Encyclopedia:

This eBook will tell you everything about energy storage mainly focused on batteries. This book explains the working of the battery and how you can manage it effectively. In this book, you will discover different energy-related things, like Power from the Earth, building Acid Batteries, How to Make Your Own Battery Pack, Capacitors and Inductors, Recondition Your Batteries, Repair Acid Batteries, and All About Flywheels.

Bonus 4 – Top 15 Ways to Save Money:

As the name implies, the eBook tells you about 15 ways in which you can lower your expenses, like insurance, mortgage, repair loans, and several others. Mainly, this book tells you the tips to tackle these aspects.

Bonus 5 – Money-saving tips for Families:

This eBook tells you how you can save money as a family. In this book, you will find different tips, like family budgeting, evaluation on how to spend as a family, and different ways to cut down the costs, like having priorities.

Bonus 6 – Saving Power – Saving the World:

In this eBook, the author talks about different ways to save energy and how they affect the world. In it, the author discusses eco-friendly energy generation alternatives. Here, you will find different topics, like renewable energy, solar power, cutting down on power usage, and teaching children to conserve energy.

Bonus 7 – How to Be Environmentally Friendly:

This book teaches you how to help the environment with the help of your activities and actions. In this, you will learn about the things that you do to benefit the environment and those you do to affect it.

Bonus 8 – Go Green – Save Green At The Same Time:

This book tells you about the top ways to go green and save green at the same time. In this book, the author talks about how human activities affect the environment and climate. Moreover, he discusses the ways and measures we can take to help the environment.

The good news is that the author has also attached a Free Gift with the Product. Moreover, the ebooks price are free.

Why Should You Get This Generator?

The reason for buying this generator is quite simple. There is the issue of the rising cost of electricity and no one will pass the opportunity to reduce the costs to an affordable option. Another thing that you need to consider here is that the search for alternative sources of energy is increasing. Moreover, many of them are costly, like the Solar Panel System. Thus, an alternative source of energy won’t cost you too much money. Another great thing about the generator is that it is quite user-friendly and easy to build.

Finally, the world is now looking for a sustainable way of doing things, without endangering the deteriorating environment. So, in this regard, the generator presents you with an eco-friendly, electricity generation alternative. There are no gas emissions, radiations, or fumes, even though it provides an endless amount of electrical energy. Thus, this guide will give you an amazing electrical generator at home.

Cold War Generator Pros and Cons:

In this cold war generator review, we have added some advantages and disadvantages related to the product. First, let’s look at the pros:


  • The Cold War generator is quite simple and easy to understand. Even a layman can operate the system.
  • The guide isn’t lengthy and is easy to read with amazing colored pictures for better understanding.
  • The product is only available in digital format. This means that, once you purchase the product, you will get instant access once you have downloaded it.
  • The Cold War Generator has a moderate price and it’s a one-time investment that helps to build a life-long device.
  • The device is a great solution for all your energy needs.
  • You can save around 80% of electricity bills with the help of this device.
  • The blueprint is quite simple and any person with engineering knowledge can go through it in 10 minutes and install the system in a few hours.
  • It acts as a lifesaver if you are in a remote location, where one power supply erupts and it takes a lot of time to repair it. So, people don’t have to spend long cold nights without electricity, in remote places.
  • The device is quite beneficial while camping and lighting up tents and caravans.
  • The device comes with a complete money-back policy which offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, it is risk-free.
  • It makes the household quite self-sufficient for their electricity needs, instead of depending on big electricity companies.


  • If you don’t have a good internet connection, the program won’t work because Cold War Generator is only available in digital format.
  • If you don’t follow the instructions of the blueprint, it can cause a lot of confusion.
  • Other than these two problems, the product works satisfactorily and fulfills all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this Cold War Generator review, we have added some Frequently Asked Questions by the users about the product. Here are the top FAQs related to the product.

Q1. Is there any level of expertise required to build the Cold War generator?

Ans. For some people, the device is a fear factor. They think it takes too much time to build. However, you don’t need any special expertise to make the generator. The guide provides you the things you need to build the generator. You will get a complete manual. Moreover, the maintenance costs are low.

Q2. How much time will it require to go through the manual?

Ans. It will take around 20 minutes to read the contents of the guide. After reading, you will work on the construction which will take 2 hours to finish. The construction will take even less time if you get a helping hand from someone.

Q3. What is the total cost of components used in the generator?

Ans. Making this device isn’t expensive at all. It mainly depends on the size of the device you desire to build. For example, it will cost you around two hundred dollars to build a small cold war generator. However, if you want to build a bigger machine, the cost will be double or triple the price mentioned above. This guide contains information about the cost of cables and panels.

Q4. How much energy can you save from the Cold War generator?

Ans. The main purpose of this device is to save the energy that you consume. This product will help you to save around 80% of energy. However, if you choose to power all your gadgets from this generator, you will save 100% energy and your high electricity bill will be zero.

Q5. Is Cold War Generator another scam?

Ans. Many websites state that the cold war generator is just another scam. However, these are fake and not real scam alerts. The title says “Scam Alert” to draw the users, however, when you read the complete review, it’s positive and the author appreciates the Cold War Generator. So, you shouldn’t listen to these reviews and go with your gut feeling if the title page and review don’t match. So, you should beware of fake scams and press releases. Moreover, you should visit the official website of the company to listen to positive stories of people.


In this Cold War Generator review, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the product. You should stop wasting so much money on your electricity bills. So, make use of this amazing energy source and create electricity anywhere. It is the closest thing to free electricity.

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The product is quite simple and easy to understand.
The device offers a solution for all your electricity needs.
You can save up to 80% electricity with the help of this product.
The blueprint is quite simple and even a layman can construct the device.


Are you tired of your electricity bills and want an alternate source of energy? If so, then you should read our complete Cold War Generator review. The product helps you save electricity by producing its own electricity through a generator. Moreover, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. So, you should definitely buy it.

Summary: Are you tired of your electricity bills and want an alternate source of energy? If so, then you should read our complete Cold War Generator review. The product helps you save electricity by producing its own electricity through a generator. Moreover, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. So, you should definitely buy it.

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