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The Complete Empath Toolkit Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

The Complete Empath Toolkit
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Product Name: The Complete Empath Toolkit
Author/Creator: Michael Smith
Price: $117.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://www.empathconnection.com

Emotions play a massive role in our day to day to life. We may act short of our true nature just because emotions clogs the way. Lucky for you if you have not wrapped your finger around the empathy mark.

You should know that the ones who are most hard hit by emotions are people so close to us. Yes, as surprising as it sounds, there is someone else who bears the weight of your lows much more than you do. They linger so close to us it is hard to notice.

The perfect term to refer to them is empath.  This individuals carry so much off our shoulders. You place these burden onto their shoulders unknowingly because in them, in a way, you find soothing comfort.

If most of what ways you down is cried onto the shoulder of someone else, he or she is an empath. Grab this guide and let us review how we can make these people zone off.

What is Dr. Michael Smith’s “The Complete Empath Toolkit” all about?

strong emotions

The purpose of this program is to revitalize the lives of those who are emotionally sensitive, tend to get overly attached and are energy sensitive. The goal of this program is to therefore make these individuals blend the best in accordance with:

  • Western self-improvement techniques
  • Ancient Eastern traditions
  • Indigenous and holistic medicine

Just from the areas of particular reference, you can indeed see the program’s incentive is true. Reshaping the lives of these scathed loved ones is the core mandate of this program. But before we make great strides, it is important you know the true face of an empath.

According to the author’s e-book, these individuals exhibit the following traits:

  • They tend to isolate themselves from others in order to hide away their pain.
  • You dump on them your stories because they are good listeners
  • Emotions ring deep within them and this can make them to cry often without reason
  • Their sense of intuition is deep and this trait them makes them to be able to read your true colors from far
  • In the case of being in public places, they can end up overly stimulated.

The lives of these individuals as you can see is a lot to take on by themselves alone. So being there for them as much as they step in for you is crucial. With the Complete Empath Toolkit, you can learn how to step into action and reduce the emotional burden off these folks.

This program channels the author’s own expertise. Getting your hands on this one will be like scoring major gold.

Girl comforting her friend

About the author of the program, Michael Smith

The good doctor is a nutritionists and has been working as a counselor. He also is an author and his work gets commendable mention throughout New York by fellow author, Sonia Choquette. The author is also greatly traveled.

His studies have earned him trips from the rural villages of Asia to the Malaysian Temples in Mexico. All this travel made the author learn a lot from some of the shamans, medicine men/ women, channels and healers, some of whom were very talented and humble.

The author’s resolve to focus on emotional and energy sensitiveness is what landed him on this path. The author then wrote “The Complete Empath Toolkit”. In his e-book, the author strived to put his knowledge tucked into not one but two e-books.

How The Complete Empathy Toolkit is bound to help the emotionally sensitive get back to normal

Backed up by the author’s course workbook that works a way around this social stumbling block, you will get audio-visual packages when you buy the whole program. The author has wired his work in such a way that you can learn the practices for yourself.

woman sleeping

Once you learn all the practices by yourself, you will have no use for the program. This by far seems like the author is letting you off but in fact it is a salvage. Being able to tap to self-healing makes it possible for you to conjure your own freedom and inner peace.

The lessons you will get from the package are deep rooted in the 15 long years of the Michael Smith’s knowledge. You will be pleased to know that the instructional package borrows a lot from:

  • Polarity therapy
  • Energy medicine
  • Yoga
  • Shamanism

If you have not felt the thrill yet, you will soon. All these spiritual exercises which have been integrated into the system are powerful for your emotional stamina. The ambience of yoga and the deep wisdom of shamanism are bound to give you full control of your mind.

The author makes the program even simpler to understand. He uses tables, links, resources, pictures and concrete action steps with every lesson. What’s more is that this a clean shot at a true guide. It further gets honorable mention as “An encyclopedia for Empaths.”

Does the program really work its intended purpose or is it a scam?


Despite all the high accolades and major recommendation from other reviews, what really counts is if the program is legit or not. In my case I say that the program is note-worthy. It is not a scam.

First off, the program is very easy to connect to. The author has even scaled down the program to a level of simple understanding. You will not even require to be in the spirited presence of a shaman to get by the program, you can do it yourself.

Furthermore, the program offers you the keys to unlocking mind serenity. It is already assured that once you steep into the intrigues of the program, you will be able to make your own life. It will be a total reshape because the program gives you the means for inner peace and freedom.


Looking at what you can gain with the program in your hands suffices to place this program in the green zone. It is bent on revitalizing the nature of man. It does not take pleasure in extortion rather it sits you down with your inner self, shows you how to put a leash on your stray emotions.

Where you can buy The Complete Empath Toolkit?

The Complete Empath Toolkit is available on the official website, https://www.empathconnection.com.

Final Take

It is true that you can be jailed in your own mind. Lack of self-worth and inner serenity can arouse deep insecurities which can root that Empath nature. It is good that the author had to come up with a program that seeks to reverse the aftermath of this social engineered condition.

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• The Instructional package is easy to take on by yourself therefore you will need no help in patching up yourself.

• The program gives a guarantee at making you tame those stray emotions and making you the boss over your intuition, thus inner serenity.

• When you take a detour on yourself, you will unlock unseen potential within yourself that come in handy whilst tackling mind balance.

• The program incorporates Yoga and Shamanism which are incorporated right into the program.

• The guide can be the beginning of you discovering the loopholes in your own self-worth because you might just be an Empath without knowing.


• If your mind is crippled past self-retribution, your best shot at mind peace and freedom will call for the services of a trained expert.

• Conspiracy theorists can argue that it is all a thing of the mind; a mind game which can be easily rooted out with minimal complexity.

• Just to latch yourself out of the mind bracket of being an Empath can take time because the author only shows you the signs you are one but not the signs you are healing.

Summary: The purpose of this program is to revitalize the lives of those who are emotionally sensitive, tend to get overly attached and are energy sensitive. The goal of this program is to therefore make these individuals blend the best in accordance with western self-improvement techniques, Ancient Eastern traditions and Indigenous holistic medicine.

RatingRated 5 stars
Sheila Traub
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

It is affordable

on 2019-09-30 02:13:02

The main objective is to help people to blend the best of Western self-improvement techniques with the ancient traditions of Eastern, indigenous, and holistic medicine.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Creating your own personal shield

on 2019-07-23 23:36:39

Spiritual techniques are presented that will help you advance your emphatic intuition & deepen your connection to the Spirit world.

Charles M.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-05 14:00:11

You can also use this product to take a step forward in your spiritual journey.

Shawn L.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-01-25 05:18:23

This is a great book for sensitive people that teaches them how to work with the heavy emotions and use them for good. Those that are hypersensitive can do a lot of good in the world and help others. Great book for helping people get on track, it treats empathy as a gift.

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