The Favorite Food Diet Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

February 17, 2022
The Favorite Food Diet Be Healthy Now

Are you disappointed with how you look? Are you gaining weight and you would like to find the best, all-natural, program, that will help you to lose some weight? These are some quite common worries for people struggling with obesity.

Many of us are tired of applying ineffective and unpredictable efforts to our weight loss journey. We really want to have an alternative, weight-loss, program that will provide its users with the slimmer figure they are striving for.

In case you are among them, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Don’t surf all through the internet, wasting your time, trying to find better reviews. In fact, this is the best review of them all. Here, you will find the answer to all of your questions and help you solve your weight problem. It’s all about The Favorite Food Diet.

In Short

Google “How can I lose weight” and the search results that will appear before you will range from the vaguely bizarre to the downright harmful. In fact, based on the so-called diet options that are available, it seems that staging a coup against calories is next to impossible. Even more so, without damaging your health or reducing one’s daily food intake to eating a single rice cake a day.

The Favorite Food Diet is a great diet plan that will help you get slimmer and better looking in no time. It provides you with all of the information you need to succeed with your diet goals, provided you stick to the program. The fact that you get to still eat your favorite foods (pizzas, steaks, etc.) makes this diet easy to follow, which isn’t something you can say for other available diet plans.

What Is The Favorite Food Diet Secret Ingredient?

If you have been researching this particular diet for some time now, chances are that you have come across the term ‘favorite food secret ingredient’ a couple of times. So what is the secret of the favorite food diet?

While several sources claim that this secret ingredient will help boost your metabolism, none of them actually mention exactly what the ingredient this is. It seems that for you to find out the favorite food secret ingredient, you will have to go ahead and purchase the diet.

Who’s It For?

The Favorite Food Diet is the ideal choice for anyone who is serious about losing excess weight but has been faced with failure in the past. It can help you shed excess weight in no time, without going through a rigorous diet plan or training regimen. Those who haven’t had much success with diet plans in the past should definitely try The Favorite Food Diet.

Who’s It Not For?

While The Favorite Food Diet is effective in helping people lose weight quickly, it’s not to be viewed as a silver bullet that will magically make you lose weight. Those who are on The Favorite Food Diet still have to put in the effort to make sure they are able to achieve their weight loss goals. So, this diet plan is definitely not for anyone who is not willing to put in the effort to lose weight.

Pros and Cons


  • Shed excess weight fast
  • Affordable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Relatively risk-free purchase


  • Available only in PDF format
  • Requires discipline and hard work

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What is The Favorite Food Diet?

This program is basically an interesting approach guide that leads you to weight loss. Unlike what many reviews will tell you about this program, it is quite different from the many weight loss programs that you may have come across before.

It is unique in its own way. Unlike the others, this one enables users to regularly consume their favorite foods like pizza, brownies, and cheesecake, without having to worry about gaining weight.

What I am trying to say is that this program is a fascinating technique for weight loss.

The revolutionary methods introduced in this system have been proven to work, not only by the author but also by most of the users who have introduced it to their lifestyle.

woman holding burger and an apple

About Chrissie Mitchell

The creator of this revolutionary diet plan is, surprisingly, not some scientist in a lab coat or a doctor. Chrissie Mitchell is a 43-year-old mom who is a physical fitness expert.

Chrissie Mitchell The creator of The Favorite Food Diet

Chrissie is a well-known name in the fitness industry for her effective strategies. She has years of experience as a wellness expert. Through the years, Chrissie struggled with her weight, and after her third child, the weight didn’t want to leave despite trying out several diet plans.

One of the main reasons for those diet plans not working is that they just restricted the foods she could eat. So Chrissie, along with her partner, set out to devise a new form for a diet plan that would reap the same benefits without making any drastic sacrifices. The new diet plan has garnered widespread acclaim for its simplicity and effectiveness.

What do you find in this program?

This is one program that has very much to offer than what it really appears. Among the many things it offers, you will find some of the following components in this program:

  1. The breakthrough miracle shakes. The program provides individuals a whole overview devoted to development wonder shakes and dishes. The regimen is very easy to adhere to. Also, it consists of day-to-day, easy to purchase, active ingredients that anyone could find at their local supermarket.
  2. The real root cause of obesity: This is the second phase of this program. It offers individuals with a wealth of knowledge that allows them to much better recognize the source of excessive weight.
  3. A comparison to a fitness program: Last but not the least, the program discusses that it takes greater than simply a physical fitness program to drop weight as well as this program supplies the added devices as well as sources that individuals have to make terrific strides when it pertains to weight-loss as well as their wellness.

fat woman with a lot of food

How does this program work?

We all read reviews because we want to know more about where we’re spending our money. The reality is that most of us who write reviews are so satisfied, we are compelled to share our experience with the world.

This program bases its works on treating the root cause of weight gain and it also boosts your metabolism. The latter is taken to a level that enables you to burn excess calories at all times of the day.

With this strong, powerful, and reliable system, your body will be able to power through the excess weight. The objective is that you can slim down within a reasonable amount of time. Further, by treating the root cause of your weight gain, you’ll be able to maintain results for years to come.

Does that not sound amazing? A product that is legit and is not a scam? I don’t see why you should not buy this program and get to try it now … and get to see what it offers.

Outdated Knowledge

In the past, we’d been told that fats are evil and they should be avoided.

We all have a relative who, as he aged, had to stop eating greasy to try and stay healthy.

However, little by little the doctors have found out that certain fats, in moderation, can actually help you be healthy.

Then, after over 40 years, we finally moved to look at carbs as the cause of obesity and heart disease.

It just so happens that these guys promote fat storage and insulin resistance. Did you know that insulin resistance causes diabetes?

So, after 40 years of believing that fats were the devil, we moved to carbs.

happy girl favorite food system

Ancient Knowledge

However, since ancient times, people have been eating everything but fasting for some time.

See, fasting is not about starving yourself for days. Fasting is about knowing how to give your body a rest so that It can recuperate from all the heavy stuff we eat.

This program works a little like that. It’s not about restraining what you eat, but rather managing the times during which you eat. Leaving some space between meals for your body to recuperate.

Also, anything we do with our bodies has a direct impact on how it works. Every food you eat causes a hormonal reaction; every food you don’t eat generates stress in your inner system.

Many people are overweight because they don’t sleep well, not so much because of what they eat.

It’s A System

You see, the problem with most diets is that they focus a lot on what you eat. However, health is almost never dependent on one sole thing.

Our health is the result of thousands of processes that happen without us even noticing. Your emotional state, sleep and food quality, work or school environment, etc. Those factors have a direct impact on you.

When things are not going well, our survival part releases something called cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

This hormone puts you in an “economy” mode. It makes your body work with the bare minimum and save energy (like fat), sleepless, etc. So, in case of an emergency, you can survive.

However, this is rarely considered by nutritionists. Some even go out of their way to make us feel helpless or lazy.

They don’t take into consideration that it’s not only about food, but it’s also so much more.

happy couple favorite food system

You Can Take Care Of Yourself

Now, don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any health professionals unaware of this. There are many, and they are growing in numbers.

The author of the Favorite Food Diet is one of them, that’s why she created this program, and that’s why I wrote this review.

This system is not widely used because it’s very simple. While highly educated people do know a lot in their fields, for many, it’s almost like an insult to accept that simpler things could be the answer to something they thought was more difficult.

It is possible for you to start making a positive change in your life, just by managing time and switching nutrient intake every now and then.

Beyond Food

You don’t have to stop eating your favorite food, because this system goes beyond that.

Focusing solely on food is like saying that we deserve to be mistreated by the way we dress, instead of looking around and seeing that there are many factors that have to be addressed. Then, we understand that the main problem is not the clothes. Similarly, here you’ll understand that the main problem is not the food.

Having said that, some of you might feel discouraged. Knowing that you will need to tweak different aspects of your life might not be what you were looking for.

However, think about it. Most of us have fought, time after time, against food, and most of us have failed to keep on track. What if, by changing other things, we could improve?

Well, here’s your answer!

woman reading and eating

Does the Program Offer any Bonuses?

You also get three bonuses when subscribing for the Favorite Food Diet.

Favorite Detox Cleanse

The first bonus is the Favorite Detox Cleanse. It is basically a guide that is going to show you the shortcut to detoxing, a shortcut that’s fun, easy, and without the over-complicated procedures of the usual detox routine. While this program is sold separately for $97, it’s free for those who purchase the Favorite Food Diet.

Favorite Wardrobe

How many times have you opened your wardrobe and thought, “I really need to get an upgrade.” Well, that’s exactly what this guide offers you. The Favorite Wardrobe will help you choose the best dress options as you get rid of that excess of pounds. In other words, you will never have to spend hours in front of the mirror wondering about what to wear ever again.

Favorite Recipes

The third and final bonus that users of the Favorite Food Diet are going to get is a recipe book of up to 27 delicious desserts that have been prepared in ways that will make you lose weight instead of gaining weight. In this collection of Favorite Recipes, you are going to find out how you can prepare your favorite desserts and enjoy them, while you shed those extra pounds. What more could you possibly ask for?



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Which Foods Should You Stay Away From While Following The Program?

“What foods should I avoid eating?” is likely one of the very first questions that someone who wants to start dieting asks. However, with the Favorite Food Diet program, you don’t have to worry about that! There are no foods that are off the table. In fact, the creator even said that as long as you like the food, then feel free to consume it.

It doesn’t matter whether the foods you choose are labeled as bad or unhealthy by other diet routines. With the Favorite Food Program, you can still lose weight! However, of course, don’t forget to consume your food moderately in order to avoid health concerns.

Foods That You Should Try Eating For Better Weight Loss

While Favorite Food Diet doesn’t restrict you from eating whatever you want, there are, of course, foods that you may want to try consuming in order to achieve better health. The journey towards weight loss needs wise decisions when it comes to food. That’s why while certain healthy foods may not be as tasty as other foods, it is still worthwhile to incorporate them in your meal plan. Here are some foods that you may want to try:

  • Leafy greens
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Berries
  • Nuts

What Benefits Can You Get From The Favorite Food Diet?

Who doesn’t want to achieve their dream body despite enjoying their favorite food? With the favorite Food Diet program, you can achieve effective results without having too much hesitations when it comes to eating!

Aside from that, this program doesn’t let you diet in hunger. In fact, it helps you maintain your weight with zero hunger and zero energy loss. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can overindulge in food. You will also need control, which will be easier since this program helps you get rid of hunger and suppress cravings that often gain you more weight. Through this, you can have a healthier eating pattern.

Furthermore, with the help of this program, your metabolism speed will likely improve. It is also simple and easy to follow. You can even lose up to 3 pounds in 5 days or shed off all of the excess weight in your body.

Does The Favorite Food Diet Have Any Disadvantages?

The only drawback that the program has is that it is only available online and not in physical stores. You can only purchase it from the official site of the creator.

Aside from that, since the program is all-natural, it takes time and consistent efforts before you achieve results. Hence, this program is not for those who are looking for immediate solutions. Nevertheless, this program’s results is more likely to last for a lifetime.

TestimonialsOLIVE MONSON Testimonial


How much does The Favorite Food Diet Has to Cost You?

In case you are interested in buying this program which I know you already do, then you can do so through the brand’s website. The program is currently priced at just $37, down from the original $200.

With this system, you can finally lose weight, feel great, and improve your figure… all in an affordable manner.

Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are skeptical about purchasing this program, why not try it for 60-days first? If you purchase the Favorite Food Diet program from their official site, you can enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee!

This means that if by any chance, you aren’t satisfied with the program or feel like the program doesn’t work for you, you can ask for a 100% refund. However, note that this guarantee only works within 60 days after purchase.


Q: What Am I Buying?

A: This is a valid question. So, what are you going to get with The Favorite Food Diet plan? A DVD, book or course? It’s basically an eBook that you will be free to print out and share with others. This makes the product more affordable and eliminates the charges for shipping.

Q: Is The Purchase Secure?

A: The good news for those who are concerned about the security of their information need to know that all of the purchases are processed through a leading online retailer of digital products who process countless online transactions by using security systems that are similar to that used by your local bank. This ensures the security of your data while purchasing The Favorite Food Diet plan.

Q: Where Can I Buy It?

A: The Favorite Food Diet is available on the official website,

Q: Can I Really Eat All My Favorite Foods?

A: Yes. You are allowed to eat the foods you want, but not packaged junk food. That said, eating Twinkies once in a while is not going to interfere with The Favorite Food Diet. The tweaks that help you lose weight are available for all foods.

Q: Is The Favorite Food Diet Difficult to Follow?

A: On the contrary, The Favorite Food Diet is by far, the easiest diet plan you can follow. After all, you get to eat all of your favorite foods and still lose weight. What other diet plan offers that? The diet has also been tested for over 2½ years to ensure that it works.

Q: How Often Can I Cheat?

A: Apart from the typical cheat days and the deserts that are made from scratch using our secret ingredient, you will be eating a lot of your favorite foods without any problems.


“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”-Ayurvedic Proverb

Getting rid of the excess weight in one’s body is extremely challenging but what is tougher is living with that weight. Honestly, obesity is an illness that eats away a person’s health slowly at first but rapidly eventually.

Those that are disappointed with the program for any kind of factor could get in touch with the brand name within the return as well as reimbursement time span for a complete reimbursement.

Hey! What are you waiting for? Buy this program today and get into the league of those who have successfully lost weight through this program. Be among those who testify of how efficient the program works.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “The Favorite Food”:

How does The Favorite Food work?

The Favorite Food program focuses on addressing the underlying reason for weight gain while also increasing your metabolism. The latter is elevated to the point where you can burn more calories at any time of day.

Who is The Favorite Food for?

The Favorite Food Diet is ideal for anyone who has previously struggled to reduce weight. Fast weight loss without a regular diet or activity regimen. Former dieters should give The Favorite Food Diet a go.

How long do I need to wait for the results?

This method may help you lose 3 pounds in 5 days. You will be able to lose and even maintain your weight without experiencing any hunger or energy loss with Quick and immediate results.

Does The Favorite Food really work?

Favorite Food offers everything you need to start eating healthily and seeing results. Unlike other diets, this one permits pizza and steak. You may not consume canned or packaged items.

Where can I buy The Favorite Food?

The Favorite Food Diet is only available as digital material on the official website. The full collection may be bought for $37.00 and sent to users' inboxes after payment is received.

Who recommends The Favorite Food?

Chrissie Mitchell offers the Favorite Food Diet for anybody who wants to lose weight but is unable to give up their favorite meals. Rather than starving the body, this regimen prepares the individual for future achievement.

Is The Favorite Food safe?

The Favorite Food Diet is a safe and healthy approach to losing weight. Unlike other diet regimens, this one takes a somewhat different approach to weight reduction.

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  3. I really never thought that there could be a guide like this one! I just thought to lose weight i need workouts and supplements. But this one has done it well for me!

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  8. Yes. Because of the favorite food diet i have been able to get the type of body that i have ever wanted to have. It is system that has helped me even forget about the gym. I do not have to spend a lot of time in the gym trying to loose weight, this works well.

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