The Lost Book of Remedies Review – What You Must Know Before You Buy!

January 15, 2020
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Are you living with a chronic disease? Are you afraid you’ll develop one?

For me, living with asthma was always an issue, until I found this program. Everything in here was so easily incorporated into my life, the changes were very pleasant.

“Will Claude Davis’s The Lost Book of Remedies work for me? Is it worth my money? Is it legit or a scam? How will it work and what does it have to offer?”

I wrote this review of The Lost of Remedies because, just like you, I had many questions before starting.

Basically, the Lost Book of Remedies is a book of natural medicines, cures, and remedies. However, it gives a modern twist to remedies that have been used since ancient times.

With natural remedies, it’s easy to run into scams: Compilations of recipes you could find with a simple Google search. Or, even worse, a series of nonsense mixtures with ingredients you can only import for huge prices, from shady countries.

However, here is what solved my problems. Hopefully, it’ll solve yours too!

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?


In a nutshell, it’s a tool that helps you get relief (or even get rid of) chronic diseases.

First, the system is completely nature-based. The guide outlines secret medicinal ingredients, herbs and more used by our ancestors. It’s exactly what they used to increase longevity when they didn’t have modern medicine.

Claude Davis, the author, carefully breaks down all the knowledge in this e-book. Here, you’ll find natural remedies for different conditions. The best part? You can grow the ingredients in your backyard or in small pots indoors.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a revolutionary e-book.


Well, look at these incredible benefits:

  • Reduce your intake of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills.
  • Help you if you have problems coagulating.
  • Regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce or reverse (early stages) arthritis.
  • Lowers cholesterol.

These are only a few of the “side benefits” of the remedies in this book.

Ultimately, the main goal is to promote the natural balance of your body.


About the author, Claude Davis

Claude Davis is the brilliant author of this book.

In a nutshell, Claude is a very experienced survival expert. He’s worked a lot on promoting survival skills, for more than 30 years. In this book, he compiles his knowledge of long-term survival.

What’s the ultimate survival tool? Staying healthy!

He is also the man behind the popular survival website,

Davis works to connect the current generations with ancient wisdom. So, his programs always mix this knowledge and modern technology.

This guide, by Claude Davis, happens to be among the most comprehensive survival guides in the market. Why? It focuses on your health. When you work on your health, you highly increase your survival chances.

Actually, Davis created this book by putting together all the knowledge he learned from his grandfather, Dr. Davis.

Also, if you are not satisfied, you are covered. I mean, it’s highly unlikely it’ll happen, but you can still return it and get all your purchase money back. Claude offers a 60- day money-back guarantee.


What will you learn from this program?

Growing the medicinal plants on your own.

    • The program covers everything you need to know if you’re a beginner.
    • You can always grow some plants, regardless of the size of your place.
    • Everything he lists is easy to access and, most likely, already at your home.

Extracting, preparing, and using the ingredients.

    • Basically, he wrote foolproof instructions for creating the remedies.
    • Even better, he details which ingredients can be mixed and which ones shouldn’t.
    • Soon, you’ll be able to create your own, customized to your personal needs.

How to save money on certain diseases.

    • First, he lists common diseases (chronic or not) and the specific symptoms you can address with this.
    • Then, you’ll find the common medications which you can start replacing with these remedies.
    • Finally, saving money while improving your health becomes a reality.
    • These include common cold, asthma, wheezing, allergies, among others.

Identify wild edibles and medicinal plants.


Natural ingredients that help with severe diseases.

    • Here, you’ll find plants and roots that help with cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc.
    • These can boost the effectiveness of your current treatment.
    • If they are not severe, you could keep them from becoming worse.

Keep parasites and viruses at bay!

    • My personal favorite.
    • Learn the common spices and ingredients that help you get rid of them.
    • Turn your body in a bad place for them, without hurting your good bacteria.
    • Surprisingly, it works only with small, temporary changes to your PH or diet.

Reduce inflammation.

    • With certain plants, you can help your body reduce or flush inflammatory substances.
    • After that, you will notice less or zero joint pain, wounds healing faster, and less chronic pain.

Does the guide offer any bonuses?

Of course! Claude Davis is famous for leaving no loose ends.

The two bonuses are:

  1. An Awesome 80 square feet SHTF Medicinal Garden.

    • Be ready, always!
    • Grow an indoor or outdoor garden with the best plants you could need in an emergency.
    • I mean, you could even sell some remedies.
  2. Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook

    • Craft your own remedies for doomsday.
    • Learn how to do that with minimal equipment.
    • Store them for maximum shelf life.


Where you can buy The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is available on the official website,


People are spending their hard-earned money on medication; it’s time to stop!

That’s the biggest benefit for me; the reason why I wrote this Lost Book of Remedies review.

Big Pharma addresses one symptom but worsens others. You know this, they want you to depend forever on their meds. However, you can start saving money and getting healthier NOW!

I honestly advise you to try out this guide.

First of all, it’s based on natural remedies. So, side effects and complications are either reduced or removed. Also, the ingredients are accessible and easy to process. So, you save time, money, and get better.

The guide is relatively cheap and affordable.

So, with only a small investment, you’ll be able to save more money and take care of yourself and everyone around you. Furthermore, you are guaranteed a 60-day money-back refund. That is how much the author trusts his book.

You don’t have to waste more time. Just buy the guide right away and find the right path to health light.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• Everything works, so there’s no guessing!
The methods that you get from this program are well tested and clinically proven to solve the problems from its root cause.

• Detoxify and fill your body with great nutrients!
The guide will help you to do away with the toxins from your body with any side effects.

• Invest your money in what really matters.
The Lost Book of Remedies is relatively cheap and affordable. There are zero risks by the use of the listed herbs and ingredients.

• Everything is natural.
The main purpose of this book is to help you balance your health by the use of natural herbs and ingredients for having a better result.

• The author is an expert and he delivered a complete system!
The owner of this program is a well-experienced person who knows every bit of how the guide will help you solve your problems right from the word go.

• It’s risk-free.
Once you buy the guide you are guaranteed to a 60-day money-back guarantee. Whereby you can request back your money in case you are not satisfied.


• Extra equipment needed
It is a digital program, so you’ll need a digital device to read it.

• Be cautious!
You need to follow the steps provided well and keenly for you to achieve the best results.

Summary: The Lost Book of Remedies is an online eBook that shares secrets to survival by improving your health.
It includes almost every natural substance, plant, weed, berry, flower, you can and can’t think of. It helps to solves almost every health issues in your life.

RatingRated 5 stars
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Provide information on how to grow your own medicinal plants

on 2021-02-24 06:32:03

Many plants, including those we pass by each day without giving them a second glance, often contain curative and beneficial properties that can help people with various ailments.

Shelley Hall
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Everything you need to know about the wild plants around you and how they can help in natural living

on 2019-07-02 00:24:52

I have been,for years,infatuated with the art of healing with natural remedy's and have many publications at my disposal,but the book of natural remedy's,has been a great addition to my collection.Resources such as this are hard to come by ,and will be very helpful in the event of hard times.Thank you for protecting history.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

A very helpful book!

on 2019-03-13 02:45:01

It makes the remedies easier to get & prepare the holistic/natural cures. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for more natural cures.

Jose S. Brewer
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Best Guide on Weight loss

on 2018-08-01 06:35:17

I can say that this is the best guide i have come across so far. This is because the system has given me the easiest tips to follow to loose weight. I like how the author explains every point and makes it easy to understand. There are natural and effective methods provided in this program and i like that.
Within a matter of just 3 weeks i gave been able to loose my tummy and i am happy about that.

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