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The Paruresis Treatment System Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

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Product Name: The Paruresis Treatment System
Author/Creator: Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane
Price: $67.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://paruresishelp.com

Shy bladder they call it. It is embarrassing and totally not cool when you want to go but the bladder that you have is not cooperating with you. You cannot enjoy life as much when you know that you can’t just pop behind some tree and let loose a gallon of ammonia.

It helps to be able to go wherever and whenever you like and when you can’t do it like normal people, you will need to have some help with this.

However, you will find in this dog eat dog world, there are people out there who want to swindle anyone that has a problem. That is the reason why they come up with so many remedies that will not help you and then sell them to you at ridiculous prices.

They promise that if you try the program that they are offering, you will find peace. Many a times, you will find that it is hypnosis, books that are scanty and shallow or some other bizarre method that is not practical at all. You have to stop now and see that there is a solution.

woman with her pants down

This solution is not found with these jokers, that is why you need a system that is complete.

In comes the Paruresis Treatment System which has everything that you can possibly need when you have this problem. You will find that all of it has been explained in ways that you will find easy to apply and also work with. You don’t have to be such a doubter anymore.

Turn that shy bladder into a courageous stream with intimidating public power and you will have fun. I have seen the reviews and they are positive. This review agrees that you just found the solutions that you have been looking for.

Who Made the Paruresis Treatment System?

When you are dealing with medical stuff that you may be experiencing using books that you have sourced from the internet, you will need to know who wrote the stuff. This is because this will help you know whether or not you can trust what you have bought.

There are too many scams out there and it is painful to waste mine on something that does not work.

That is why I will tell you who wrote this and what qualifies them to tell you these things about your shy bladder. The program was developed by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane, she is a doctor of Clinical Psychology and that is very useful in unlocking the bladder.

The program was made to be drug free and also natural in the way that it works to make sure that you have a quality in the treatment that you receive. You will love the way that they explain everything. Everything that is in here is the real deal and you will get help.

man urinating

What is The Paruresis Treatment System all about?

When you get an eBook like this one, you will need to get the specifics of what it is all about so that you can derive the best from it. This is a system that has been designed to help you have a way to overcome the shy bladder problems.

This is what you will thank when you are done because it is a surefire way of getting to the end when you have been trying for too long.

The material that has been included in the system will be delivered in books, DVDs and also other ways that will make sure that you have gotten everything that you need. When you finish with this one, there will be no more problems with the shy bladder.

It is all about using the techniques that are natural and also drug free to make sure that you can pee anywhere that you want without having to shy about it. The bladder will respond to the techniques that are included in here and you can have that life you have wished for.

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How Does The Paruresis Treatment System Work?

You see, there is a need for you to know just how this works before you buy it to see if you can get through with what they are proposing. That is why I will tell you what you will have to go through to get to the end and why this is important.

You will start with the simple stuff and then you will progress from that to the other things that are more complex. This ensures a short learning curve.

This problem is caused by a psychological thing that can be trumped if you know how that works. When you have used it, you will find that switch which turns you off and you can throw it down to get the life of normalcy back.

There is also the anxiety that crops up when you are in a public place.

This one will work by using the anxiety to beat itself. You will learn the techniques that will make you not have that irrational fear that drives you to stop from using the chance that you have to pee. This anxiety will go away and you will be closer to peeing than ever.

You will also learn the breathing exercises that are supposed to help you involve the surroundings less in the process of peeing. When you can make the world that is around you disappear, you can pee anywhere. This is how this one works.

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Some of the Methods That You Will Learn in The Paruresis Treatment Technique

Being Alone

Imagine that there is no one around. Don’t look at anyone. Find something and fixate on it, it could be something in your head or something that you can see. Either way, it will be something that can take away the fact that you are in company.

Just be natural and pee, don’t think about it, just release that grip and there you go, we have splashdown.

Listen to Something

Overcoming this will require you to have distractions. The best distractions that you can have are the ones that you create yourself. Try plugging in your earphones and listening to some loud band blaring into your head. Just relax and concentrate on the nose.

That way, you won’t be able to hear anyone’s pee or even your own making it a silent occasion where the only thing you can feel is relief and Aerosmith shouting something in your ears.


Say Nothing

When you are peeing and there is someone there next to you, do not say anything. That will just make it worse. Even a casual hi can be very awkward resulting in a sudden stop and you will be left there stranded with your pee and nothing to say about it.

Don’t look at the other man’s business or even in his face. That will just throw you off your game.

Where you can buy The Paruresis Treatment System?

The Paruresis Treatment System is available on the official website, http://paruresishelp.com.

The Final Verdict

This is the system that you have been looking for and that is why you need to buy it. We have come to the end of this review and all I can say is that you have found it. This is the one and you have to get it now. The solution has never been simpler.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• This is one that actually works. This means that you can get it with no fear that you will fail or get swindled. It will work because it has worked.

• The system is downloadable from the internet but you can get it in physical forms and that is just diverse and so efficient.

• There is the 60 day money back guarantee if this does not work for you. That is a relief as you will not risk money for nothing.

• There are so many people who are giving reviews that indicate this is the thing that you need and that is why you need to buy it now.

• The program will take you through to the end in a very short time and that will make you have relief as soon as you start using this one.


• You will need to work to get the results that are here.

• Most people think that all these are scams, which may deter you.

Summary: You cannot enjoy life as much when you know that you can’t just pop behind some tree and let loose a gallon of ammonia.
In comes the Paruresis Treatment System which has everything that you can possibly need when you have this problem. You will find that all of it has been explained in ways that you will find easy to apply and also work with. You don’t have to be such a doubter anymore.

RatingRated 5 stars
Steven Folks
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Very simple and easy methods that help you to overcome your anxiety.

on 2020-11-10 03:38:09

Either men or women, Paruresis treatment system reviews are helpful for everyone. A complete set of Paruresis Treatment System review is a guaranteed product that provides relaxation to your body, peace to your mind and makes urination process more straightforward and easy.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Technique of exposing yourself bit by bit to the anxiety trigger until you heal.

on 2020-03-20 20:42:44

The sufferers are unable to urinate in common restrooms or when they are visiting someone else. This physical and mental condition does not allow them to urinate in their own house when they have guests.

Toni Lynch
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-15 00:35:24

Paruresis, also known as shy bladder syndrome, is an anxiety disorder that makes someone unable to urinate in the presence of other people. The condition is also called shy bladder or bashful bladders, and mostly happens when someone visits a public urinal. Those who have this condition are unable to urinate in any other place if there are other people because they feel like all attention is on them.
These days, paruresis affects a large number of people. It causes the muscles that relax to allow urine flow through the body system to tighten and clench if someone walks into the urinal stopping the urine mid-flow.

Karen Clark
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-05 12:45:44

The Paruresis Treatment System is an advanced system developed by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane, Doctor of Clinical Psychology. It’s natural and drug-free. So, it’s good for those who suffer from more severe cases and need to learn to control anxiety while urinating in public.
It includes a variety of material to help you deal with and overcome the mental anxiety that comes along with shy bladder syndrome. This includes the Paruresis Treatment System Manual and both volumes of the P.A.T.S. Sessions. The program comes with other extras and you can choose to download the info right away or have it mailed to the address of your choice. The system has a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can get your cash back with no questions asked.

Jennifer Caraballo
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-27 14:21:32

Cost-effective ways of overcoming the problem of Paruresis without the need for any medications, therapies or hypnosis.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-12 11:21:49

When you have paruresis, you really do start valuing being able to go to the toilet without any problems... And that is finally what I can do again, thanks to this program.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-09 11:40:17

It is actually embarrassing that someone is around you while you are peeing. But sometimes this embarrassment become so dominating that you cannot even pee. My brother had this kind of problem. Even if there was none, still he feared that there might be someone staring at him. It became so serious. He tried medicines which didn't work at all. But this program helped him to get rid of his paruresis problem.

Margaret Schroeder
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-30 19:54:44

This is the one thing you need to cure your Paruresis permanently. This program has some real deep technical stuff that could tell you exactly what you need to do and cure you of your misery forever. I know what it feels like when you want to pee and home is a few hundred miles away and you cannot go anywhere else because it won't help you. It sucks! The program, however, is a boon to the entire humankind.

Royce Craig
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-17 16:22:58

This is a holistic System that illustrates the techniques, methods and tips of eliminating and curing the Paruresis condition permanently. You will learn not only the how to prevent the conditions recurrence, but you will also learn how to permanently eliminate the condition so that you gain your confidence.

Sarah Meza
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Permanently eliminate the Paruresis condition

on 2017-10-09 14:19:13

It uses techniques and strategies that actually work and have already helped many people around the world. In fact, when you buy and begin following the tips, techniques, and methods contained in this system, you will learn not only the how to prevent this conditions recurrence, but you will also learn how to permanently eliminate the Paruresis condition and improve your confidence.

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