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My Shocking The Prosperity Formula Review

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Do you want to become rich while staying home? If yes, then you need to go through the prosperity formula.

With the help of this formula, you can be rich and earn money while staying within the vicinity of your home.

The prosperity formula encourages you to start doing something that you have never done before in your life. It is similar to begin baking with no experience.

You download a recipe from the web and start baking banana bread. Though you had never baked before, you have a good recipe in your hands. So the end results would be bonuses and money that ensure prosperity.

What is in the Prosperity Formula?

There are various modules in the prosperity formula. Some detail is as follow:

Module 1-The niche Profit Validation

The very first module is about making money. It shows how you can make money if you implement the prosperity formula religiously. In this regard, you can also go through the reviews of different users.

This first module might be helpful for a newbie who is looking for some assistance on the page of prosperity formula to gain prosperity in their lives.The Prosperity Formula

The Module 2-Creation of the customer avatar

This module of the prosperity formula is a platform for creating those things that help create your customer base.

The Module 3-Taking initiative and laying Foundation

This third module is essential for internet marketers because it lays the foundation of the process in a way that acts as a training program for users.

The Module 4-The Prosperity Formula

Here the customers can also review the program and come with the final product of prosperity.

The Module 5-The Prosperity Formula for making a profit

Yes, here the users start to make money and start the business.

The marketing methods as discussed in the above portion of the formula are also discussed with greater opportunity for enhancing business.

The Module 6-Attracting the Audience

Here you start promotions and attracting lot more customers than others. The site also has affiliate links that enlist features of the products and how to make savings.

The Module 7-The Solution Selling System

This system shares the solution programs and how the concept of affiliate marketing can be used without creating any doubt in the minds of customers

The Module 8-Building a fanbase

This means finding and making a list of loyal fans ready to start a business and know your products. This knowledge and claims about the industry are essential to make a trustworthy team.

The Module 9-Generating Leads

It means you make a loyal base of customers and lead the team. The author believes that for the success of any business, the affiliate site needs to have a range of products and training on the formula.

The Module 10-The Profit Multiplies

When you have successfully created a list of customers and review them, then it’s time to enhance marketing methods and start earning profits.

It is about anything that is liked with prosperity formula profit process, and thousands of social media also talk about the procedure.

The Module 11-Follow up Machine

Here you need to have an automated system of machines to keep a regular follow-up on orders and affiliates. There might be a lot that a device would be doing, like recording problems and a lot on keeping the email address of people.

The Module 12-Communicate with the team

This module is all about better communication and creating trust with the team members. There might be few people with the ability to keep the entire team along with the right intention.

The prosperity formula is all about making money and fostering prosperity in customer’s lives.

The Module 13-Building Bridges

You need to find a way to build bridges with different stakeholders. Your product should be such that no one has any doubt and all shout speak the truth

The Module 14-Managing traffic of buyers

It is all about creating and managing the speed of buyers on the website. Your empower network is scam-free and your product has to have a good review of people.

The Module 15-Finding strategies for free traffic

You need to have strategies for internet marketing. In either way it should be about product and prosperity. Especially for newbies, the training tools and others, experience can do wonder

The Module 16-How to perfect your funnel

This is all about testing the process and then making your product perfect for everyone.

The Module 17-Get the six-figure blueprint

Yes, in the end, it’s the last thing that matters. Earning the six-digit blueprintThe Prosperity Formula

James Francis-Person behind the Prosperity Formula

The author of the prosperity formula is James Francis. James Francis didn’t develop this affiliate marketing and property formula for people to create money only.

He had other motives behind the empower network the prosperity formula:

  • To create a liberal and free space for all internet marketers for online marketing campaigns and activities. You can also check reviews of people and how James Francis prosperity formula has helped people in a way to earn money and prosperity on their lives
  • He tried to save people from other online scams and marketing gurus, who claim to have something out of this world. There are some fake internet marketing products that offers prosperity in the beginning but become troublesome for the business later on
  • James Francis came up with the formula that offers training and proper programs for all those who want to earn to do business online with an appropriate program.

The prospect Target Audience for the Prosperity Formula

The prosperity formula is targetted at different online people who:

  • People who are tired of the same thing over and over again. The same old programs of doing business online which doesn’t involve any training and product.
  • Beginners and all those internet marketing people. Those who have had access to different affiliate links and affiliate sites for various reasons. No one on the web advises them about any training page or training review for learning new concepts
  • All those people who are ready to earn and learn about the business program of James Francis. Also, those who intend to listen to James Francis empower network things and reviews
  • Everyone who know they can earn money and prosperity online but lack know-how of the prosperity formula and required training on the program and formula
  • Someone who wants to work from home and use all available opportunities from lot available on the webThe Prosperity Formula Product Image

The Prosperity Formula is not for whom?

Yes, there are also certain things about promotions of the prosperity formula that others need to know when considering the formula to avoid a problem later on:

  • Those few people who want to become rich overnight and are ready to do anything for that matter. There might be thousands of such people who are haven’t done through review on the product, yet they want to do that thing to avoid scam and earn money
  • People who want to make money through the prosperity formula but are not listening to and abiding in any way to the thing mentioned to them about the product page.
  • People who are not ready to listen to any problem they face, rather want to earn money either way.
  • Those people who go through a review on the product and see it’s not a scam still are not ready to invest and affiliate with the prosperity formula

Is the Prosperity Formula affordable?

Since the product is scam-free and comes with training on the product, people still intend to ask how much does it charge? and how much would they be able to make money from it?

First, the product is risk-free and will put people in any difficulty. Then the author has come up with an offer of 365 money-back offer. Yes, you read it right.

You can use the product, be sure it is not a scam, make money and earn prosperity.

The Prosperity formula can be returned in case you are not satisfied with the reviews.

As a bonus, the author is even ready to pay $1000 to all those people who follow the instructions and training in true letter and spirit and start making money online.

If you reach prosperity in your life with this scam-free product, you have some bonuses from the author.

If you get the prosperity formula and empower network now, you just have to pay 27 percent, and the rest of the 73 percent is waived. Training, bonuses, opportunity, formula, and a lot more in just 27 percent payment.

When to buy the Prosperity Formula for an Online business?

To answer this question, you first need to see if the prosperity formula is the one you intend to invest in? This question is essential because all investment requires some sort of risks involved in such formulas.

The page of the prosperity formula also gives reviews about methods that can help in making money.

When you have finally planned to have a formal procedure and training to invest and earn online, you must go for the prosperity formula program.

Learn about the training list from someone who had had some knowledge of the formula and products.The Prosperity Formula Author

Is Prosperity Formula an Empower Network?

Here the question comes as what is empower network and how do you define the concept? Mainly empower network is an online scam and some people even associate the prosperity formula with the empower network.

Of course, not everyone successfully got the desired output and benefited from the program; thus they started calling it to empower the network.

You have to be confident and clear in mind that all such kinds of activities and online money-making services have a certain element of risk and challenge.

If you have ever gone through the review of the program from the list of some emails from users, you will probably also consider it in the category of empower network.

However, actual affiliates on the program can be guessed from a few internet reviews and also if you order the products.The Prosperity Formula Testimonial

Pros of Prosperity Formula

There are some pros of investing in the prosperity business of making money. Those who have earned handsome through the program call this formula very successful, and those who have not been successful call this prosperity formula not a feasible option to use.

I believe the experiences vary from a bunch of people and probably out of thousands, some call it to empower network category or other as internet money scam. Certain pros as shared by users are:

  • If you read the plan, mainly the theory part of the prosperity formula, you can for sure earn a lot of money. The specifications of products, type of training and promotions, the entire content, and word give ideas about running business and proof of your affiliates.
  • With a bunch of training programs, you can learn about various training programs like MLM, word on social media, products rights to use, and other relevant details
  • Besides these, you can also learn a bunch of other information about the program like making ads for Facebook, SEO, and other solo ads, etc.
  • The program comes with a complete refund of the money spent. There are many similar programs already part of the program that charge huge amounts with no refund policy.

Cons of Prosperity Formula

  • People have been linking the prosperity formula with empower network.
  • In some way, the review by some users call it an online scam
  • Number two main issue is you have to become a member of MLM plan and affiliate program for working
  • The information about the affiliates and program is not widely given, rather know-how on MLM and other products detail is also missing. You probably have to send in emails again and again to get more data about the products, mainly MLM.
  • In no way you can test the product on your own, rather you just rely on review on the prosperity formula by other people

Does the Prosperity program offer a money-back guarantee?

Many users mainly beginners, are concerned if the program offers any kind of money back offer especially when it fails to show the desired results.

Then there is good news for all those users. The creator has 365 days money-back guarantee.

Even the promises to give $100 from his own pocket if you successfully earn handsome money from the program, only after following it in true sense.

But keep in mind that this refund is not like refund policies of other products.

Here you have to work hard to claim your money back. Yes, you have to convince and prove that you did your best and failed.

In this regard, you can also review people’s comments and ideas on the web.

The Coaching Program for the prosperity formula

James Francis has also come up with coaching classes in the online program for the ease of users.

The program offers a total of 10 modules. It is like an online community where all people sit, discuss and get bonus lectures, classes and sometimes coaching classes with the help of which you connect to James or some of his close members for assistance.

The schedule of the online classes is different. Unlike other classes where one gets a reply to each query, these classes require patience to deal with a lot.

You also have the liberty to either ask James or any of his members to check your project’s working and that if you are doing well.

Applying for the Coaching Program

You can easily apply for the coaching program of prosperity formula. You just need to invest some amount, probably $10k for the coaching program.

If you fail to invest the amount, your application might get rejected.

Once applied, you will be asked some questions about yourself? Like your interest and idea about making online money. If James finds you willing for the said program, you will get the desired results.

The Bestselling Book-The Ignition

The prosperity formula also has in it the best-selling book, by the name of the ignition. The ignition is mainly a blueprint or a snapshot that tells you the accurate method to become a billionaire in a few months.

The book reveals how you can start from zero and still can earn six digits in just a few month’s time.

The formula comes in 10 steps that in easy language discusses the methods to earn money online since the book is not very expensive and just cost you $7.

But in this small amount, you get the required information on the product. You can buy the book and start making money.


If you are looking for the product or offer that comes with the idea of creating your services or online business, then all the content, including inside the prosperity formula, is the right choice for you.

Your own self can take the program. Also, if you want someone else to do your part of business online, then that part is also covered in one side of the program, in the form DFY services. DFY stands for done for you services

If you want to help someone promote their business and earn some money from devising a strategy for that business, then the prosperity formula can be a better choice for you.

Thus, the prosperity program offers an excellent and good source for your business to start earning the money you purchase the products. Rest you need to check the course of action and plan accordingly.

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-The Prosperity formula comes with 17 modules with complete detail on how to go with the program
– It comes with a money-back guarantee in 360 days
– If all instructions are strictly followed, it leads to a guaranteed return on investment


– Money has been linking the prosperity formula with network empower
– You can figure out about the program only after availing of the services of prosperity formula
– In the presence of many online scams, people link it with yet another scam program

Summary: Are you planning to start some small business or someone has approached for a business idea? You must have checked a number of online money-making processes, the prosperity formula is one such program that has been helping people making money online. You just need to register with them on their official webpage and start earning. For availing of the services of the program, you tend to be a risk-taker because such programs might also not benefit you in long term.
So check the detailed insight on the program and become a member now.

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