The Pull Up Solution Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

January 26, 2021
Pull ups

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The Pull Up Solution


John Sifferman




60 days


  •  The author implores all the exercises that he himself used to channel a spirited fight against pull-ups which you can also take into practice.
  • The question of falling out of balance is less daunting because the program is the author’s own path to brilliance which means that the same end result of Sifferman will be yours.
  • The exercises that the program implore are simple and basic therefore do not much knowledge so as to implement.
  • John Sifferman’s prowess go before him therefore all scam claims are thrown out of the window giving the program a legit okay.
  • You do not have to worry about torn muscles at the end of the day as the author promises that the exercises will go smooth on your muscle tissue.
  • All the exercises that are endorsed in the work-out routine are proven and certified as the real deal by the author’s own clients.
  • The program implores a practical approach therefore you will have an easy time implementing the exercises rather than had it been all theoretical.
  •  Unless you are ready to put in diligence and patience apart from the strife, all your efforts will spiral out the window because the program is diligent motivated.
  •  It is not a guarantee that the author’s own routine will bring out the best in you. It focuses solely on pull-ups which are a pre-requisite of a toned down body weight.
  • Getting into shape as the program puts it takes practice therefore it is very indulging in every step of the way.

What Pull up Solution does for you is revolutionary because unlike other workout routines, it will greatly improve your pull up numbers. The fun just does not end there because even your chin up numbers will be greatly revitalized.

Getting fit is a predicament that faces most of us. Many people just do not know the right schematics for getting tanned or getting a six pack. It could be because you have never thought of a gym enrollment or perhaps the past routines were just inept.

When you set your eyes on a workout routine, there are many intrigues that are in place. It could be push-ups or just a diet meal. Have you failed terribly at all those routines or have they just failed to spawn the results you have so much desired?

Look no further. I am going to give you reason to keep working out. What’s more is that this guide offers the safest routine that will not scar your muscle. You will beat the failure that wore you down and could not give you past 3 pull-ups.

What is Pull up Solution by John Sifferman entail?

What Pull up Solution does for you is revolutionary because unlike other workout routines, it will greatly improve your pull up numbers. The fun just does not end there because even your chin up numbers will be greatly revitalized.

With this program, you have the guarantee to spawn those lean muscles you might have long coveted. More interestingly is that Pull up Solution will show you the right manner to undergo all these exercises.

Truth of the matter is that pull-ups are not some random walk in the park. Just like you majority of people struggle with them because of this sole reason. Furthermore, you cannot just take-off weight plates to make the exercises bearable.

Pull up Solution delves you into the bare truth; there is a much higher barrier to entry that you will face when it comes to pull-ups. It goes without mention that it will take a little bit of discipline and hard work, applied over time so as to consistently build up your pull-up strength and maintain it.

The program lets you put in the work. It should go without saying that getting better at pull-ups doesn’t occur overnight neither will it happen by accident. It will take you:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • A lot of humility

The program reveals discipline and integrity as core to attaining true mastery of this art. Without the three then you will be faulty in your ways. Also you have to be very intentional, certain and systematic in every step of the way.

About the author, John Sifferman

It is resonating; the fact that the author’s incentive to write the course-eBook was from his desire to learn the ways of this art. If you’ve been struggling to get better at pull-ups and chin-ups, then you are in the same situation as was Sifferman back before he learnt the ways.

In view of his futile efforts that transcended to brilliance, you really have a clean shot, a salient opportunity to help you succeed and I am confident that with The Pull up Solution you can.

Over the years of trial and error, John Fisherman discovered a number of key components that are essential to pull-up training success. Unfortunately, most people do not know about these drills or know them yet they do not use them.

If this is you it is perhaps and perpetually why you struggle with exercises like pull-ups among others. The author brings into light that if all of these key components are integrated into one comprehensive system, pull-up training success is guaranteed.

The author is a fitness coach who fell in love with sought of training ever since he was a kid. His passion was so deep he cannot even remember to tell you how many times I’ve been asked about how to get better at pull-ups and chin-ups over the years. On many accounts, he was ambushed with questions on the pull-up bar at various gyms.

He alludes that even to those countless questions he received online since he started publishing fitness articles dating back in 2008, they have been overwhelming. Even after answering the same questions over and over again about how to get better at the art proper like a guru, he realized that he could do something great with his unique twist on pull-up training and maybe even help a lot of people like you.

Thereafter he decided to create a comprehensive pull-up training system, “The Pull-up Solution” , that can help practically anyone improve their pull-up numbers using a unique system that works better than anything else currently available.

How the Pull up Solution is guaranteed to spawn in your perfect chin-up numbers

The big question always revolves around how the work is get done to save a guide form any scam reviews. The program promises to raise you like a Phoenix form the bare minimum. Even the exercises it implores promise to go soft on your muscle tissue and this is how it does it.

The Pull-up Solution gives you the keys to create for yourself a customized workout program that shapes your naïve ways. Using a tested system that is as approved by John’s clientele, the program will address all your goals and needs with your specifications in mind.

Therefore, The Pull-up Solution gives you the keys to create your own custom pull-up training program based on needs, goals, and circumstances. This is in view of the program’s consideration that no two people should follow a program the same exact way.

The author included some simple workout programming strategies that you can apply to help you customize this program in accordance to your skill and conditioning level. Just to make it spicier, you will find it intriguing that these are the same strategies the author has been using with even his own personal training clients for years.

The program certifies the recommendation mark from just the bare essentials it implements. The author puts into work the exercises that he has used in the past to bring you to shape. You will not have to worry about things falling into place with all the due utter guarantee.

Where you can buy The Pull Up Solution?

The Pull Up Solution is available on the official website,

Final Take

Just the sole assurance that the author’s own routine is endowed in his program should be the motivation for you to get Pull up Solution. This is because you get the best form the crème. Besides all that, it only calls for you to uphold diligence and take time with the program to see all the results rear its face in fruition like it did for the author

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  1. I became mostly independent from the book, I had become familiar with the movements and the dos and don’ts. It was quite refreshing.

  2. I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of what I’ve created and very – VERY – excited to share it with you. Because if you’ve been struggling with pull-ups and chin-ups, and want to get better at them, you’re gonna love what I’ve put together for you.

  3. With the program, people will know how to do workouts without joint aches and back pain. Users will also learn how to control blood pressure and keep their blood sugar stable.

  4. With the program, people will know how to do workouts without joint aches and back pain. Users will also learn how to control blood pressure and keep their blood sugar stable. Detailed instructions on how to improve their pull-up and chin-up performance quickly.

  5. Pull-up’s are an amazing workout and when tailored for your own ability can lead to incredible muscle tone and strength for the individual using this form of training and exercise.

  6. The Pull-up Solution is a new program developed by someone with many years of experience in the health and fitness industry. The program provides people with a lot of exercises, techniques, tips and detailed instructions on how to improve their pull-up and chin-up performance quickly.

  7. There’s something that the vast majority of pullup workout programs have in common .They all prescribe very specific pullup workouts – even down to the actual sets and reps to be completed. And in my experience, this is an ineffective program design method for a pullups workout program.

  8. The Pull-up Solution is a new program that provides people with exercises, techniques, tips, and detailed instructions on how to strengthen their body easily.

  9. Getting fit and strong doesn’t need to involve lifting too many weights. It teaches you everything you need to know about doing a pull-up.

  10. A nice read for an overall view of current fitness research. If you’re looking for something to help guide where to focus your energies when working out this is just right for you. Generally, a fun read.

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