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The Smoothie Detox Challenge Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

The Smoothie Detox Challenge
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Product Name: The Smoothie Detox Challenge
Author/Creator: Drew Sgoutas
Price: $24.95
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Official Website: https://smoothiedetoxchallenge.com

Do you want to aid your body in the weight loss process? Are you looking for different means to remove toxins from your body? Do you wish to de-stress your mind? If yes then the Smoothie Detox Challenge is for you.

The toxic diet is a significant reason behind weight gain. Such diet ignites the weight gaining cells in your body, which results in a fat body. Further, the toxins in your diet can make you get different harmful diseases.

The Smoothie Detox Challenge

Some of these diseases if not treated well, can even take your life. So how can you stay safe from those toxin food items? Is there a way to recognize healthy food that will serve you in weight loss?

Well yes, a solution is available called the Smoothie Detox Challenge. But what is this Detox Challenge, and how will it work for you? In the Smoothie Detox Challenge review, you will identify everything.

What is the Smoothie Detox Challenge?

It is a guide that will show you the process to extract the toxins from your body. This ebook covers around 15 chapters and has over 60 pages. You will discover some rare healthy tips through this product.

These tips will help you stay detox-free, healthy and active throughout the day. You will understand the role of smoothie in your life. This product will give you techniques to use smoothie for the detoxification of your body.

It explicates some new weight loss techniques. You will study to put your body into high gear for a rapid weight loss outcome. This program ensures that within ten days, you will start observing a slimmer waist.

The Smoothie Detox Challenge

It guarantees to give you better and charming skin, which will add confidence in your personality. This product is going to change your health perspective.

You will recognize substances that are adding poisons in your body. By removing toxins from your body, this Detox Challenge product will save you from many life-threatening diseases.

It assures to improve your overall energy level within a short time. The best thing about this Detox Challenge is that it does not demand you to go through a complicated process. This detox solution is simple and effective.

Also, you can win different prizes every month through this product. This program offers different cash prizes if you win a competition. In competition, you will have to send your photos before using this product and after using this product.

About Drew Sgoutas – The Creator

Drew Sgoutas is the creator of this product. He is a Board Certified Health Coach who knows the right approach to develop your health.

Drew Sgoutas is also a weight loss expert who has helped thousands of people to lose pounds from their body. Drew created this product to prevent people from getting a fake diet plan, which doesn’t even show any positive result.

How Does the Smoothie Detox Challenge Work?

The prime intention of this product is the smoothie. You will acquire various smoothies that you have to drink for a specific given period to make this Detox Challenge work for you.

This detox solution will put your body into a phase of removing toxins. Within ten days, you will get optimal energy, focus and health because of this product.

The Smoothie Detox Challenge

Important Sections in the Smoothie Detox Challenge

This Detox Challenge will make you go through different sections. The Detox solution will only work for you if you follow these sections.

Prepare Smoothies

This product demands you to substitute your three primary meals with smoothies. You will have to keep on consuming the smoothies as a replacement for ten days. This product will give you smoothie recipes which you can prepare easily.

Food Snacks

This detox solution will additionally provide you with two snacks every day. You receive a list of snacks that are beneficial for your health through this product. This program will help you attain many vital nutrition’s through snacks.

Optional Food Meals

This product also offers you the modification version, but it is optional. This alternative edition will suggest you change a single smoothie every day with a meal plan. You will gain an optional meals plan with this program that you can take as an alternative.


What Comes with the Smoothie Detox Challenge?

The items that this Detox Challenge product will provide you are listed below.


You will get access to a core detox guide on buying this product. This guide will reveal to you some weight loss and health gaining tips. You will mark a reduction in your weight and boost in your health because of this product.

Action Plan

This product will supply you an action plan that will last for around ten days.  You will obtain a complete strategy that you need to follow for ten days.


You will receive recipes of different ingredients through this Detox Challenge product. However, you will need to consume the recipes as commanded by the program.

Shopping List

This product carries a shopping list, which covers all the items that you require to own to prepare tasty recipes. All the ingredients in the shopping list will be easy to locate.

Privacy Community

On purchasing the Detox Challenge, you will get access to its private Facebook community where you will keep on learning new things to keep yourself healthier. This community will encourage you to work hard on this product to get the desired outcome.


Benefits of Using the Smoothie Detox Challenge

Some of the advantages of using this Detox Challenge are outlined below.


This product will make your body go through the detoxification process where you will start making your body pure from all the unhealthy substances.

Optimal Health

Optimal health is one of the biggest reasons to adopt this Detox Challenge. It will help you to meet all your health goals.

Refund Option

You will be given a refund option with this detox challenge. This refund option will remain with you for up to 30 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section of the Smoothie Detox Challenge product is explained below.

What is the Price of the Smoothie Detox Challenge?

$24.95 is the total price of this Detox Challenge program.

Do the Smoothie Detox Challenge Require Monthly Subscription?

No, this detox solution does not have any monthly subscription policy. You will only have to make a one-time investment.

Is the Smoothie Detox Challenge Safe For Health?

Yes, the Detox Challenge program is 100% safe for health. After using it, you will recognize growth in your health.



In case you aspire to get rid of all the poisonous substances from your body permanently, then you should prefer the Smoothie Detox Challenge program.

This product is a one-stop-shop for people who strive to lose weight and stay healthy. The program only commands you to follow it for ten days, and after ten days, you will mark a significant improvement in your health.

Further, in the Smoothie Detox Challenge program, you will not have to follow traditional dieting. It involves a special detox plan that will work for all those people who implement it as described in the product.

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• You will accept a rare approach to drop weight via this program.
• This Detox solution does not include any harsh exercise.
• Within ten days, you will start noticing the outcome.
• You will get tasty smoothies through this product.
• This detox product does not have any bland food.
• The Smoothie Detox Challenge is affordable.


• You might need to quit your favorite food because of this product.
• This detox solution is only digital.

Summary: Now you can easily remove detox from your body and live a healthy life using smoothies because of the Smoothie Detox Challenge product. This program is going to give you perfect smoothies recipes that will help you lose weight and earn a healthy body.

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Rating: 5
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Vitality and are more effective and efficient to function.

on 2020-07-30 04:39:40

Smoothie Detox makes it possible for the vitamins or mineral required by the body to be available in a sufficient amount that can recondition our body’s sugar level. Smoothies, which are fruits and vegetables-rich, can restore the balance in electrolytes, especially Magnesium and Potassium.

Rudolf Lambert
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Full in-depth Smoothie Detox challenge review

on 2020-06-28 11:46:35

I got plugged into a facebook group that kept me going throughout the Smoothie detox challenge video. With other people sharing results constantly, I was kept motivated.

William Mitchel
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2020-04-29 10:43:54

The Smoothies in the Smoothie Detox Challenge is tasty and full of healthy benefits. Its a great product.

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