The Syndicated Deal Analyzer Review – Is It Totally Scam?

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Are you an entrepreneur who want to make a better livelihood? Do you want to grow your passion and make huge money from it? Have you come across this amazing guide, the Syndicated Deal Analyzer?

You may be wondering if this guide is really worth trying but that should not worry you any more since you visited the right article. In here you will get to learn more about the program, what it contains and all that which is going to offer you.

People wonder how come some people are pulling through so easily in such business. This is basically because they are making the right choices. I’m not saying that you are not no! It is just that you need something that will help you up your game altogether.

For you to learn more about the guide I would like to ask for your patient as you go through this entire review and you will get to unfold a lot that the guide has in store for you.


What is The Syndicated Deal Analyzer?

The Syndicated Deal Analyzer is an easy to follow guide that helps its customers to analyze the deal that concern buying an apartment or building. It gives you the entire help that you need to find a commercial real estate deals.

It is an ultimate guide to purchasing apartment buildings with your private money. It consists of eight and half hours video and audio as well as a 187 page eBook in general. This helps you to learn in every manner that fits you best.

That is not all, basically because it is a huge guiding program that offers the best. It comes along with a vast Document Library which contains contract templates, check lists and other sample documents that are referenced throughout the course.

I also learnt that there is another part of the course that contains syndicator legal library samples and templates for structuring the entity as well as complying with securities laws when syndicating deals. This is really a cute and amazing thing right?

Currently this program is one of the best-selling out there in the market. It equips you with analyzing skills and techniques and therefore you will not have to spend hours to analyze a given apartment. Just a few hours of your day and there you go.


It is a clean spreadsheet that is used throughout the entire course to analyze deals and model different scenarios from that very time when you get a deal to due diligence and the ultimate refinance or sale.

With the main guide there is also a 17 minute video that demonstrate how to analyze the deal from the beginning to the end. It will also show you how to effectively structure the deal with your investors and how risk free you will get to pay yourself.

About the Author, Michael Blank

The man behind this entire strategy is well known by the name Michael Blank. As I studied some little facts on this guy, I found that he is a successful entrepreneur and a real estate investor.

Michael has a lot of knowledge on how to buy apartment builds and houses. His main focus is to buy apartment buildings by just raising the money from private individuals. His story is quite long. He has been investing in residential and multifamily real estate since 2005 and began syndicating deals in 2010.

The art of the deal is Michaels’ favorite ideal. He loves making a joint to the deals and raising private money. That is the reason as to why Michael has come up with this program generally to help you properly analyze your future deals on purchasing the apartment.

Basically with this guide you will not have to go through multiple reviews in order to find a guide that is suitable that this. You will have all it takes to struck your own deals and grow what you have at hand.


What Do You Learn From This Guide?

Once you opt to this guide, there are a number of things that you will learn from it. Basically the entire guide is a learning schedule and the main purpose is to equip you with exclusive knowledge that will elevate your analytical skills.

Let’s get to the main thing. Here are a number of things that you will get to learn from this program.

  • You will learn when and how to overpay that is you will discover how to look at different scenarios from a different perspective.
  • You will learn how to pay yourself while syndicating an apartment building deal.
  • You will learn all the essential that will make you prosper in this entire real estate deal.
  • The program will give you the ten minutes analysis…this gives you tips on how to determine the payment of a given apartment.
  • You will also discover how to fine tune the P&L. how to fine tune the projections with your particular business plan.
  • You will get enough knowledge on how to determine the most profitable exit strategy, which will show you how to model different scenarios. Therefore you will get to learn of that which produces the highest returns.

Is it Legitimate or Another Scam?

Honestly speaking this is one of the best-selling program as well as promising out there in the market. The guide gives exactly what it promises. You will get all the legitimate information on how to elevate your analytical skills.

You will sure fall in love with the fact that the guide comes to you with a 60 day full money refund. That is you can request your money back in case you feel that the guide does not suit you best.

You will also get a customer service direct from Michael whereby you can get answers to your questions direct from the author himself. What is more fun than that? It is the right time you try this guide and experience all that it has in store for you.


What Are You Waiting For?! Get Your Copy of Right Now!

Does It Offer Any Bonuses?

Absolutely, yeah! Once you opt to the guide here is what you will get.

Bonus #1: Investor Deal Package Word template: This bonus help you to take the authors deal package and modify right away thus creating one of your own investor.

Bonus #2: Two Video Case Studies: this will show you how the author analyzes two different deals from the start to the end.

Bonus #3: The Syndicated Deal Analyzer: this is the ultimate guide to analyzing the entire apartment deals. It is PDF format of this program best for people who love reading.



I highly recommend this program for anyone who want to venture in houses and apartment builds business. The program is highly legitimate and trust you me there are no reviews out there that will claim this system as scam.

The guide is proven to work and people are opting for it to make a greater step in their business and win a great fortune from its deals.

You will get a 60 day money back guarantee prior to purchasing this program. By this you know how much the author trusts his program. Waste no more time…make the right decision and am sure you will love the results.

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• The guide will give you exclusive knowledge on how to analyze commercial real estate deals.

• It has easy and simple to follow instruction that are favorable for everyone.

• It is risk free and easily downloadable.

• It is relatively cheap and affordable. This makes them available for anyone.

• There is constant technical help once you opt for this guide. Customer service is also given to its customers.

• The program comes with a money back guarantee durable for 60 days.


• This is a digital program and therefore you need to have a working internet connection for you to access it.

• For you to get the desired results, you need to effectively apply the techniques and tips well.

Summary: The Syndicated Deal Analyzer is an easy to follow guide that helps its customers to analyze the deal that concern purchasing an apartment or building. It gives you the secrets and knowledge on how to analyze best your deals.

RatingRated 5 stars
Neal D. Hamilton
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Easy to follow and helps a lot

on 2018-08-26 17:57:58

This is a good choice to go for. If you do not want or you are not ready for very lengthy procedures of buying an apartment that will give you headache then this is it. It has helped me secure an apartment without struggling at all. It is worth buying.

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What Are You Waiting For?! Get Your Copy of Right Now!