Tiny House Made Easy Review – Is It Worth Purchasing?

December 28, 2021
Tiny House Made Easy Build Your Own Now

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Tiny House Made Easy


Adam Ketcher




60 days


  • According to the Tiny House Made Easy review, it helps you to save a lot of money.
  • It has small places for heating and cooling, which means that it has built-in energy efficiency.
  • The amazing thing about the house is that one can pick it up and go wherever he wants, whenever he wants.
  • You can download the Tiny House Made Easy guide through the website of the company easily.
  • It’s a fact that the Tiny House Made Easy program helps you to save a lot of money. However, sometimes saving money compromises the quality of the product.
  • According to the Tiny House Made Easy reviews, a big truck is needed to tow it.
  • You can buy the Tiny House Made Easy guide from the company’s website only. The ebook isn’t available anywhere else.
  • The Tiny House Made Easy program features small window unit AC which isn’t fit for humid afternoons.

You will get the Tiny House Made Easy guide for a cheap price, so it’s totally worth it for the money that you pay. Even if you get a few good tips, avoid an expensive error, or save a few dollars, the ebook has done its job and it is totally worth it. The Tiny House Made Easy review suggests that it is quite common among the general public as it is purchased widely. The ebook also comes with 60-days money-back guarantee.

Welcome to the most awaited Tiny House Made Easy review. The book is an inspiration and a good surprise for all the dreamers waiting to build their dream house. The way that the author, Adam Ketcher, repeatedly praises the book and shares his best tiny home-making skills, makes everyone want to buy this book.

But the real question is that does he belong to the “people with knowledge” category that he claims to be in his sales copy? Or is the book just another attempt by the author to become rich quickly? So, before going into the conclusion, let’s dissect the book and examine the details from the viewpoint of a homeowner.

What is Adam Ketcher’s “Tiny House Made Easy” All About?

The Tiny House Made Easy Program is for all the people who want to build their houses with minimum effort. In recent years, people have been discovering the benefits and beauty of building tiny homes. It may seem easier to do at first, but it actually takes a lot of planning.

Let’s admit that building a tiny house requires some construction skills and knowledge. Most people who build tiny houses on wheels or trainers make many mistakes which further slows down the overall process.

The program is beautifully crafted to give a good insight into tiny houses. You’d think that since the building is smaller, the construction would be easier. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, you may face the same number of problems in building your tiny home as you would a normal-sized house.

Most people make several mistakes when making a tiny house, like sewage, electricity, zoning restrictions, water facilities, and several more.

Such mistakes cost them more than what is required. So, this guide tells you that how you can build a small house through standard procedures and avoid big disasters related to cost.

The amazing tips of this program will tell the users how to construct a house efficiently and quickly. Other than the required tools, the guide has some bonus features to enhance your overall building processes.
Now, let’s know more about the genius behind the program:

Tiny House Made Easy And Budget Friendly

Who is Adam Ketcher?

Adam Ketcher has written this book to help people build a full-time inhabited tiny house easily. In his 20 years of experience, he has successfully delivered 300 tiny houses to his clients. Now, he is telling about his experience through this guide. So, you should read this Tiny House Made Easy Review till the end.

Ketcher is a leading authority on the Tiny House Construction Movement. Moreover, the author has a great influence on the shipping container home industry. He has also worked as a consultant with the top-rated companies in the field.

What are Tiny Houses?

Now, let us address the Elephant in the room that what does Tiny Houses mean? The Tiny House Movement is a popular social movement as more and more individuals choose to downsize and live with less.

Tiny houses are small dwellings that occupy around 50m2 space. There are many kinds. According to one article, Some tiny houses are designed and built by the owner themselves, while others are purchased, adapted from trailers, or built from a tiny house kit. Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but they all enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space.”

They are made with a simple choice, focusing less on material possession. To sum up, Tiny Houses are inhabited dwellings that are quite cheap and mobile-friendly.

Top Pain Points Addressed by the Guide:

You need to follow certain rules and regulations when building a tiny house. Otherwise, it will just increase the development costs and lead to injuries. So, we have gathered the top 9 pain points which Adam has saved you through the guide:

1. Increasing Construction Budget:

Constructing a tiny house is all about conserving nature while keeping the budget minimal. You don’t need to invest a hefty sum of money. However, you have to buy some new materials to complement the design of your tiny house. You have to learn to set a proper budget for this.

The cost of building a tiny home may not be as straightforward as you think. There are a host of hidden costs to factor in. Careful planning and some know-how from this instruction material are going to play an important role in your project. You don’t want to run out of funds in the middle of your construction.

Implementing just a few rules can help you to save 20% of your money. This guide covers all the information you need to build a tiny house.

2. Delays for the lack of right tools:

You need important tools in order to complete the construction process. Through these tools, you can make a tiny house at minimum cost. The Tiny House Made Easy Guide has details about these materials. It informs you how to obtain the materials at a low cost. Through this guide, you can get knowledge about these tools. The great thing is that the tools cost only a few dollars, but they will help you to save hundreds of dollars.

3. Costly Foundation:

Let’s admit it. Construction is costly. So, this guide tells you how to construct an economical foundation and save around 30% of the construction costs. When building a tiny house, the major investment goes into setting the foundation. As it should, because the foundation needs to be strong and stable if you want your home to stay standing for many, many years.

According to an experienced builder, To get the right foundation for your little house, you’ll need to consider your needs and wants, as well as some important variables, including a budget, local zoning laws, home location, and regional climate. Once you’ve considered the details, you’ll be ready to choose a foundation style that is a perfect match for your new tiny home.”

There are several options for tiny home foundations. However, you will be able to lower your bills by using the strategies mentioned in this book.

4. Unsecured House Perimeter:

This guide also tells you what you should do once you gather the materials. The guide gives a detailed explanation regarding how to set up the walls of your house. We have provided you with the Tiny House Made Easy review to tell you that the well-curated building strategies mentioned in this book are unknown even to the most professional tiny house builders.

5. Incapacitated by Harsh Weather:

Every person requires a house that provides safety during harsh weather. Many individuals who are looking to construct their own tiny homes wonder if the structure can withstand harsh weather.

However, only a few people know the right skill of making a tiny house. Adam shares some simple tricks and techniques to improve the strength of your tiny house. These tricks can help you to get rid of future troubles.

6. Failure of setting up the Gray water system:

Gray water is essentially the wastewater that you produce whenever you take a shower or wash your hands. This can be reused for toilet flushing or irrigation.

Through a stable gray water system, your compound remains clean and green. It enhances your surroundings and properly discards the waste products. Moreover, you can recycle your used water. It also reduces water costs, so you can use it to fulfill other needs in your home.

7. Failure to provide warmth during winter:

Keeping warm during the winter can be a hassle for a tiny house. Just like in withstanding harsh weather, keeping the tiny home’s interior toasty can be a challenge.

In order to keep your room warm, you need a heating system, which increases your utility bill. So, the guide provides you with all the cost-effective methods to keep a balanced temperature in your house. It will save you money, along with the inconvenience of harsh weather.

8. Need for the expensive cooling system:

Living in a limited space has its own disadvantages. If keeping the place warm is a challenge, keeping it cool can be difficult as well. Of course, you wouldn’t want to stew inside your house during summer but putting in an expensive cooling system might also be out of the picture. There are many options to keep the inside of your tiny home cool. Some of them are details in the guide.

To avoid the unforgiving heat of the summer, you need to have a heat-reflecting roof. Adam Ketcher has explained through this guide how to make a weather-friendly roof for your house. The tips mentioned in the guide and the Tiny House Made Easy review will stop you from wasting money on expensive cooling systems.

9. House Filled with Holes:

The procedure of wiring a tiny house is quite different from a conventional home. You can’t dig holes and install wires and accessories. This guide will help you to avoid faulty wiring techniques, which will in turn minimize your overall costs.

Tiny House Made Easy Creator

Tiny House Made Easy Review Bonus Tips and Tricks:

  • Floor plans for Tiny Houses –The Tiny House Made Easy Program contains a combination of 300 house floor plans. The plans range from simple to advanced builds. Adam claims that these plans are quite different from anything you would find online for free. These are real plans for tiny houses.
  • Cheaper Shipping Containers –Shipping containers are great options for the base of your tiny home. The shipping container home construction mentions the step-by-step guide of how to make the proper elements for your Tiny House. The book guides you on where to buy the best quality shipping containers and the things to look for in your house. Moreover, it features the best shipping containers Home floor plans. The program also tells you about how to make your shipping container home in the fastest method. It will also inform you how to get rid of the tedious heartburn and paperwork caused by the local authorities.
  • The Tiny House Trailers Bible –The “Tiny House Trailers Bible” gives you everything you need to know to get the best trailer at the lowest price possible.
  • Tiny House Homesteading –The Tiny House Made Easy guide gives details on how to achieve self-reliance. The best way to achieve this is to grow your own food. It ensures a healthy organic diet. Moreover, it ensures survival during any kind of situation because stores are the first thing to shut down during a catastrophe.
  • Electricity Generation Methods –Tiny House Made Easy tells you the methods and techniques to generate your own electricity. You will be able to learn the best techniques regarding wind, solar, and micro-hydro generation. It focuses on cost-effectiveness and the advantages of a shipping container-based electrical system.
  • Lifetime Updates –The Tiny House Made Easy ebook is improved and updated on a constant basis. The Lifetime updates guarantee that whenever the new updates come in the field, they are sent to your inbox.
  • Author’s customer support –Adam Ketcher has assured you that he has your back. This means that you can ask him questions and advice when making your house.
Tiny House Made Easy Client's Reviews

Can I finance my tiny house?
The Tiny House Made Easy review shows that most people don’t borrow money to finance their tiny homes. The best method to finance a tiny house is to lower your expenses and save money. After that, you can choose a building place and start building.

What kind of toilets do people install in tiny houses?
If you want to travel with your tiny house, you should choose a commercially available composite toilet system. In case you stay at a property, a sawdust-based toilet system is a way forward.

Is it legal to build a tiny house?
Well, it all depends on which part of the planet you reside in. When it comes to alternative housing, there are some places that have building restrictions and are quite friendly. So, you should learn more about the community where you wish to stay.

How do I insure my tiny house?
You need to check with your insurance agent and use terms like a cabin, which will clarify to them exactly what kind of insurance you want.

Where can I get more information about tiny houses?

The internet is a great place to learn about tiny houses. After that, you can buy this ebook “Tiny House Made Easy” by Adam Ketcher.


That’s it. You can easily trust Adam Ketcher to build your dream tiny house as his 300 clients did. The great thing is that if you don’t like the program, you can avail the 60-days money-back guarantee option. With the Tiny House Made Easy review and the different bonuses included in this program, I strongly believe that this guide is going to be a success.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tiny House Made Easy?

Tiny House Made Easy is a program that teaches any interested builder how to construct a tiny home. It contains all the needed tips and steps to build the house quickly and cost-effectively.

Who created the Tiny House Made Easy program?

This program was created by Adam Ketcher. He is an experienced builder of tiny homes. He claims to have facilitated the construction of more than 300 homes and is considered an authority in this field.

Are there tools included in the Tiny House Made Easy program?

The tools are enumerated in the program. Adam Ketcher details what you will need to build your home and how to get your hands on affordable ones.

How much does the Tiny House Made Easy program cost?

The entire program costs $47. This includes all the sections that you will need to build your home. It also comes with several bonuses like floor plans and a guide in homesteading among others.

How can I use the Tiny House Made Easy program?

The program covers all of the basics of building your tiny house. The parts are arranged systematically from buying land, preparing materials, getting tools, to fabricating the roof. You just need to follow the steps.

What are the pros and cons of using the Tiny House Made Easy program?

The pros are you can pick the content that you need, it has money-saving tips, and it includes details on energy efficiency. The con is you can only purchase is via the official website.

Is the Tiny House Made Easy program for all?

Building a tiny house will require construction skills and experience. However, if you are going to hire a builder to do the project, you can still use the information to avoid costly mistakes.

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