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Tipping Gurus Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Product Name: Tipping Gurus
Official Website: https://www.tippinggurus.co.uk

Are you looking for the best betting program? Look no further than Tipping Gurus.

Finding something that makes you happy and stands out as a tipster can often be challenging.

Do you want to earn more in lesser time?

You are on the right path then!

I have seen many services that are beneficial and we can keep it safe in our memories.

The main objective one would have using the service of tipping gurus is to stand out as a bettor.

Here is the tipping gurus’ review that one will stand out as a tipster in different sports.

Are you planning to get a huge amount of profit?

Do you want to increase your amount by any good mean?

Let’s investigate why one would consider betting daily.

The main reason one would get involved in betting is that they want to get profit from it.

Whether it’s a long term source that helps to make a full-time income with the help of tipping gurus or by just simply to make enough money to enjoy in their free time.

Tipping gurus offer betting in different sports that help to think about the Wight Horse tips.

One can claim a monthly profit of around £700.

We cannot estimate the actual profit.

Sean Brehaut’s created the best way to make more and more money and one can easily get benefit from it.

Services offered by Tipping Gurus

The services offered by tipping gurus have always come from a popular source.

Before people were much concerned to look at Direct Booms that is a well respected Tipping Gurus that can easily stable the tipsters.

The main reason for a tipster service to stand out is very important to understand.

Often it can a huge amount of profit.

Or it can also be the same stream of results or maybe any low amount of risk.

All these services have their advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day, we find all the benefits from these Tipping gurus.

I have personally started earning a huge amount of profit with the help of tipping gurus.

This had helped me in several ways.

Let’s understand properly what Tipping Gurus can in real offer a winning service to their customers.

About The Tipping Gurus

Being honest and open is the best pride that Tipping Gurus offers.

You may find full results that are present for every one of the tipster services.

They are professional and they also offer and come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This happens if you do not feel that the service is up to the mark.

Among all the professional tipsters that are publically searched and proofed before they were launched and you can visit these trialists in the area that helps to provide free tips whenever you want.

This betting program is a good source I believe, to help a person get benefit from and add more money to their pockets.

Professional horse racing tipster- Direct Booms

Direct Booms were successfully operated by John who has been a gambler professionally for over 10 years.

Five years back he started his living in this field of gambling as a tipster.

This Direct Boom is welcomed on the board with Tipping Gurus where he was able to pass his trial period for success.

In the Trialist area, the results are proofed and you would love to stake on tipping Gurus.

Direct booms are responsible for receiving information from different sources from jockeys, trainers, owners and steady staff that helps to stay good.

They offer the best services to their customers ensuring that they do not face any problem in the future while betting.

Direct booms easily work to a betting bank like all the other professional tipsters and are suggested to start with 150 points.

Tipping Gurus golf

After that, the selections are sent via email to the members every morning at around 10 am.

If the information is not on time then there will be a further email sent on the day but that will be before the race for sure.

It is very easy to place to bet whenever you want.

Just you need to focus on the right bet and you will get the best results from it.

Staking Plan

The staking plan is something an interesting one.

You can bet anywhere that can be anywhere from the starting point that is 0.5 points.

On any of the bet, all the way and can reach till up to 5 points and on any of the seeming occasions.

There can be a stake of 6 points.

This is not a huge problem but you must keep in mind that the high numbers will be beneficial frequently when required.

You may find a lot of different reasons to stake that will guide you to earn a huge amount of profit.

Tipping Gurus soccer ball

It needs to have a substantial betting bank that will help to work smoothly.

It is not that you will be losing more than 20 points in any day and potentially it can be more than that as well.

Tipping Gurus also suggest that you must have at least 150 points that are kept aside to bet.

This is the most important tipster services but it is not prohibitive.

There are a lot of potentials that are offered by the direct booms to its customers that help to make some quite easy and reliable profits.

These are the historic results that help to earn a huge amount of big bet.

Tipping Gurus horse racing

Apart from that, the fact is that you may see the loss of many points that is around 35 in less than a week previously.

This drop is very low and staking larger bets can anytime rack up when you are losing any of the bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is it possible to make from these tipping gurus?

The profit estimated is over £5500 that is calculated in 3 years at the rate of £10 per point that has made many bettors happy from this rate.

How should I start betting in the tipping Gurus program?

You just need to select the sport you want to add a bet.

After selecting the sport just stake on it and here you go!!

Start winning on the go!

How does this program work?

This program works daily.

You just need to add a new stake on different sports and check the selection of tipster.

What if I want to bet on horse riding?

In tipping gurus, there is betting placed for every type of sports including horse riding.

It is a master racing that allows you to bet for any of your horse that you think can be a source of good income for you.

What is the total cost?

For new members, the cost is £5 for the first 14 days.

And if you ask for a monthly basis, then it will be £25 and for quarterly, it will be £60.

The success rate is high.

How they treat their customers?

The service to handle the customers of tipping gurus is very good and co-operative.

What is the return rate?

The overall profit that has been seen since January 2019 by the Direct Booms is around 270 points that are a good number of scores.

According to the Tipping Gurus proofing, this may reach a peak level that is of 300 points.

The return rate is good even for the customers who want to make it a good start.

What is the striking rate offered by the tipping gurus?

The striking rate for the trial is  46% that matches the same as that of the long term strike rate of the service and there are many winners too.


If someone asks me the best thing to get out of the way before anything else, then I would recommend using different services provided by the Tipping gurus that produce remarkable results.

500 points in less than 6 months are the average best result that one can receive in the form of profit.

Keep this in mind that the results have been produced by a staking plan that helps to lean the risk factor.

You have to be committed enough to potentially bear any loss of 20 or 25 points in a day.

If you are thinking to claim any profit and this is something not beneficial for everyone.

Tipping gurus are the professional sports betting program that offers its customers to earn a remarkable great profit without getting much lose.

You must read all sports tipsters’ review that will be helpful for you to predict which betting sport is beneficial.

Know this for you and from which sports you will be earning more profit as compared to others.

You can search for any type of sport that you are interested in betting.

It can be either football, cricket, soccer or even horse riding.

Tipping gurus offer a great range to its customers that are essential to understand before placing any bet.

It offers the best tips to bet for the customers that can be of great profit.

The professional tipsters are there to guide you for any profit that is important to have in your betting career.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• Even if you are new to this betting world Tipping gurus will make it sure that it would be your first successful bet
• It is very easy to place a bet
• By just following the instructions, you can get a huge amount of profit.
• The prices are available at good prices and there is no real issue that matches the results published.
• The earnings are crazy.
• Everyone can become a part of the program


• The disadvantage that can be faced while using the tipping gurus is that if you didn’t read the instructions and betting strategy properly you may lose everything that means you may get your money complete stake in such a way.
• People start to rely a lot on such betting sites and waste their time.

Summary: This is one of the best tipping services that I have ever seen or used before. Now I am able to earn more than I would when I had a job and betting has become my daily earning method.

RatingRated 5 stars
Mirta Hunt
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Spend a fair amount of time recuperating those costs.

on 2020-11-10 03:50:00

I want to talk about the bets. Now, you will just receive one bet per day. And as such, it is very easy to look at One a Day and say that there is nothing complicated about it, but there are elements that are not necessarily so straight forward.

Melvin Beltran
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Tipping Gurus are able to produce an average strike rate of 28.47%

on 2020-08-04 02:51:48

There are very few restrictions on selections and how they are managed. What this means in real terms is that Tipping Gurus issue all of their selections to subscribers directly via email (as you would expect) on a near-daily basis.

Paul Pierce
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Picks for today

on 2020-06-30 16:36:34

All professional tipsters are publicly proofed before being launched and you can view these ‘trialists’ in the Trialist Area giving you a selection of free tips every day.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2019-12-30 15:22:07

Guys, this is awesome. Through the help of this program I have been able to turn betting in a way of living for myself. Now I provide the food for my family through the daily bets that I place and I must say, there is nothing more wonderful.

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