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Unbiased Review: Should You Buy TrafficZion?

TrafficZion Free Traffic
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Every internet marketer wants more real traffic. If you have an online business or WordPress website, then you may want to get traffic as cheaply as possible. As per the software TrafficZion Cloud review, it is software that can help users to start getting free targeted traffic. TrafficZion will offer you clicks through people who follow the content you want on your website.

You can get started on free traffic on complete autopilot for your affiliate marketing, business, and products. As cloud-based software, TrafficZion first engages with the websites. Initially, you need to connect the domain with the software and enter tags and keywords.

After putting the tags and keywords, you have to watch and start the site to have free traffic. This human traffic will be engaging with the new content on your site to get free targeted audience.

You do not require paid traffic because Traffic Zion gives traffic back while enabling you to generate a passive source of income.

What is the Traffic Zion Cloud-based software?

If you have one website that acts as a sales page that sells products or contains blog posts, then you require traffic.

TrafficZion is a software that enables one to get traffic for their websites. Therefore, if you need a laser-targeted traffic without investing a lot of money, you have to go for TrafficZion.

According to TrafficZion review, it is a simple to use software that enables you to get started with free traffic.

Besides, it offers traffic on complete autopilot for your WordPress website with WordPress theme or any other authority platform. Several social media plugin users have gained a traffic source for their websites. Only the content on your website can’t help you reach to your targeted customers.

TrafficZion works like a page builder for its TrafficZion members who have an online business and online marketing. Online marketers can use this for affiliate marketing as a cash making machine.

As a member, you can launch TrafficZion cloud-based software as a traffic platform to start getting traffic back on your website.

trafficZion inside

How can you get traffic back to your websites?

TrafficZion cloud review guarantees you high-quality traffic on complete autopilot. By generating targeted traffic, you can boost your inner circle. People use TrafficZion as their business keeps growing.

Users and online marketers can sell their products with the help of the TrafficZion software. Every online business can enhance their sales page through TrafficZion by transforming their WordPress websites. This enables you to get the audience back to your websites.

Moreover, free traffic is better than paid traffic. Another advantage of using TrafficZion cloud version is that users do not need any additional technical knowledge for using TrafficZion.

Therefore, it helps an online business to grow by amplifying its profits with its cloud-based traffic source.

Who needs TrafficZion?

TrafficZion generates traffic sources without any hassle, which people find user-friendly. As per TrafficZion cloud review, it identifies the type of online business you have.

Hence, you can use TrafficZion cloud to upgrade the sales page of your WordPress website by creating free traffic.

Besides, it is good for people who are new in the business to create a plan through its training courses. If you are one of the action takers who want to improve the sale of their product, this is the best traffic company for you.

With this, you can further enhance your social media presence. So if you fall in any of the following categories, you can use TrafficZion.

  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Email marketers.
  • Local marketers.
  • Digital product owners.
  • Offline business owners.
  • Social marketers.

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Who are behind TrafficZion?

According to TrafficZion cloud review, there are two creators behind this software. They are Alex Krulik and Demetris Papadopoulos, who were working on it for around three years.

Their main focus was on creating targeted traffic for each site. Two of their other digital marketing products include Passion Tube Profits and Flip Flop.

Demetris Papadopoulos is the CEO and founder of Taj Passion Limited. He is also a blogger and expert affiliate marketer who contributes to Flip Flop Life and d-papa.com. Alex Krulik is another expert in the field of developing internet marketing.

Both of them were able to create targeted traffic for each one of their member’s websites. However, as per TrafficZion’s review, they needed some time to monetize the traffic on the site. After developing the software, they were automating the process for few months.

What makes TrafficZion Cloud unique?

As per the TrafficZion review, you get beta testers for experiencing results immediately after you turn on the software. Few of the beta tester uses this TrafficZion cloud software for more than a year.

This beta tester ensures that it is not just software that just works overnight and takes a short few weeks.

TrafficZion cloud software has dashboards that are quite easy to use. Therefore, you will not face any problems with technicalities.

You can just put in your keywords and tags, press start, and then wait for traffic to hit your offers, sites, and products.

People prefer the cloud software, as it is completely free. This makes it suitable for online marketers and affiliate marketers who have no or very little budget. As a result, they find the software very convenient for use.

What are the features of the TrafficZion software?

As a software, TrafficZion enables you to create a passive source of income in your preferable niche. By amplifying your traffic, it skyrockets your conversions, clicks, sales and leads.

According to TrafficZion review, it builds a massive following for your WordPress site effortlessly. Once it is set, you will have no running campaigns for you to monitor.

It enhances the results in a short few weeks. The TrafficZion software does so by increasing the sales of your product.

Moreover, it is 100 percent user-friendly business software for beginners. This is because it includes step-by-step training programs and monetizes free traffic of your product.

TrafficZion Review further states it is a 24/7 viSET and FORGET completely automated software. It will always generate traffic completely free of costs for each WordPress site. A leading platform can find its targeted buyers in any corner or niche.

It works on autopilot that enables you to upgrade the commissions, sales, and profits. In addition, you will never again have to pay for advertisements. For each one WordPress site, you will have an unlimited source of visitors.

How does TrafficZion work?

According to TrafficZion review, in step 1, you can connect your email address profile and WordPress website. During step 2, you can tell TrafficZion what keywords and the niche you need free traffic for.

You can watch the free targeted people and sit back in step 3. It enables one to convert sales and leads into one monetized site.

TrafficZion provides quality traffic while helping you to save money. After you start using TrafficZion for your WordPress site, you no longer have to pay for generating traffic. And, it will further offer engagement for the content that is there on your website.

In addition, it promotes the sales of the products present on the WordPress site. Therefore, if you want to generate traffic using autopilot, you must go for TrafficZion. Therefore, make the best out of this one-time offer.

What will you find in the TrafficZion upgrades?

During the Cloud Upgrade One, the posts and contents on your website attract traffic. Therefore, every time you put out something on your site, it sends you traffic based on the content.

Moreover, it helps your ranking on SEO and Google. This brings the right engagement and traffic to your website.

In the Cloud Upgrade Two, users will get a guide on how to create a cash-producing machine. During Premium Plugins, you will get an all in one visual page builder and WordPress theme.

You will further receive Magazine Premium Theme for new agencies and bloggers. On top of that, you will have a premium Optin Plugin with a Social Media Plugin, a training course, and an extra exclusive bonus.

TrafficZion Cloud Upgrade Three will offer DFY website template, limitless traffic for your products, and advanced training. You will get enormous value gain and shortcut results.

Traffic strategies for your product in terms of Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing ads. Moreover, a Jetpack Plugin is required.

In Cloud Upgrade Four, after installing the Jetpack Plugin, you can sell traffic to other websites that need visitors.

As a user, you can create a traffic agency for your product with around thirty clients. You can make a lot of money while landing yourself clients.

What will you get in TrafficZion?

TrafficZion offers you one-click installation to any site of WordPress. You can choose your own keywords and tags. This function is particularly useful as several free traffic sources do not target the right clients.

Therefore, it creates relevant information which helps you target the right traffic for your product and site.

As a result, you will get people who will have a genuine interest in your offers and product. According to its review, it has an autopilot function that removes user management.

Therefore, it works as a comprehensive system that autogenerates steady traffic without your involvement.

TrafficZion Cloud Review: What will TrafficZion do for you?

It is a powerful app for automating your traffic using a proven, exclusive process. This app generates unlimited traffic effortlessly without any restrictions. You will require nothing to install or download and can work on any kind of operating platform.

Moreover, you will get video guides that will show you how simple it is to flow traffic. It uses the best practices to enhance your results. This includes their method of generating passive income with the help of free traffic.

You will learn how to monetize your sites and blogs to get the highest profit. For working on the cloud, you will only need a WordPress site as your home base for the free traffic.

In addition, it is user-friendly because even if you do not have such a site, it teaches you how to make one from scratch.

The traffic will never saturate. This is because it has over hundred million active users. It keeps evolving with every new content and user.

TrafficZion is completely unique; therefore, you can enjoy a premium-quality experience. Also, there is no competition between the millions of buyers and you.

It will further notify each one of your followers once you update your sites and grow your following. You can build your targeted leads and subscriber list.

It is a push-button software that builds your business with high profits for tomorrow. You will master the art of targeting your visitors with your niche, keywords, and tags.

So you can start drilling until you get your ideal audience. You will learn how to look for solutions that will enhance your profits and conversions.

What are the drawbacks of using TrafficZion?

The only drawback it has is that its not new user-friendly, but it is beginner friendly. A new user is someone who already has an idea of which business models they need to follow. They also look to make money online but need a starting from the scratch course.

TrafficZion does not offer any such course. It assumes that they are already in a business and want to start an online business. And, it knows that the most important thing that you may need which is targeted traffic.

However, as per user review and information, it is friendly for beginners. For instance, if you do not know how to use the software, it will eliminate all your complications. Therefore, you will be able to set it up and install it without any problems.

What are the bonuses present in TrafficZion?

If you are wondering whether you will get any bonuses, then the answer is yes. The creators offer several bonuses which come with the program. For your convenience, we have listed them below.

  • Bonus library

Here, you will get access to the best downloadable products. You will get training and a comprehensive guide on how to generate a passive source of income

  • WordPress SEO

You will learn a few of the basics of SEO in the form of an additional bonus. You will get everything to have a high volume of traffic to your WP site.

  • Link Supercharger Software

An access to this software will allow you to increase your revenue. You can achieve this just by branding all of your domains.

In addition, you will also be able to attract more clients. You will brand your domains, increase your commissions, and generate more traffic.

  • SEO Tactics

You will get tips on essential tools for tracking the SEO rankings.

  • Landing Pages 101

It is about creating highly effective landing page for mobile devices and websites.

  • Viral Secrets

You will learn the secret code to let your media go viral.

  • Better SEO in a Month

It also includes tips for SEO.

  • Creating a startup

It is about building a successful business.

  • Profit Blog Secrets

The pros use these secrets to create high-profit blogs.

  • Lock down WP sites

Identify the way of securing your site.

Upgrades of the software and their details

Lets talk about the upgrades of the software.

Trafficzion Tribe

It helps you in attracting attention to your posts on your website. You will receive community-based traffic. When you select a content and post to which you like to gain traction, it will naturally send the traffic to the desired content.

Inner Circle

You will find a Private Inner Circle Group and blueprint to creating a cash-generating machine. The package includes some premium plugins, visual page builder, and WordPress themes.

Moreover, there are Magazine themes for new agencies and bloggers. Furthermore, you will get social media plugin and email optin plugin. With the email plugin, you will have SMPT autoresponder. The package also comprises content creator to develop premium content.

The Private Group presents you with Weekly Q&A episodes. You will get a chance of telling about your work. You will also have directions from DPAPA. DPAPA presents you with All Premium Training Courses.

DFY Website- Upgrade 3

You will get several visitors and 110 DFY sites of any niche. You will also have free visitors to your sites. The content-ready sites will be highly advantageous to you.

Moreover, you will enjoy plugins, premium theme builders, advanced training, and affiliate templates.

Agency- Another upgrade

You can plug 30 sites to your Cloud Software. You may create your own Traffic Agency. Using a DFY Website Template, you may sell your services.

TrafficZion Review: FAQs

  • What is present in TrafficZion?

When you use the program, you will receive access to the eBook. This eBook will cover all the strategies and information that will enable you to gain some clients for your site. Additionally, you will get access to the app, which will have many more benefits.

After you analyze the method review, the platform will offer you a one-click installation option for your site.

Once you install, you will receive the function of choosing target keywords and tags for the niche. The autopilot mode makes it easier for you to use the program.

  • Where can you get the TrafficZion from?

You will get access to TrafficZion from its official website. To protect yourself from scams, that you do not use the product from any other site which is not the original website.

When you purchase from third-party sites, it will be tricky to get a money-back guarantee. You have to ensure to use the product only from its official website.

  • How soon will you get the results?

Hundreds of users have received targeted traffic for their websites with the help of this program. Therefore, you will get results on the first day. However, in some cases, you have to wait for the first few weeks at least.

  • What is the format of the program?

The program has all the information that you require for upgrading your website. You will have an eBook that will provide you all the instructions that you need to know for earning more money. This will further help you to promote your sales.

  • Will you get any free traffic for any site that you own?

For your main traffic hub, you will require a WordPress site. You can redirect this traffic to any platform or site if you want. Moreover, you will receive a step-by-step training for monetizing the WordPress site.

The Sales Funnel of TrafficZion

You may have encountered several online courses teaching you the way to earn money. Traffic Zion also comes with a sales funnel, which lets you reach the path of upsells.

When you have bought the product, you will find it. But, in case of Traffic Zion, the sales funnel is slightly different.

You can find different upsells related to the software. One of them is known as ZionTribe. It will enable you to get audience to the posts and raise the engagement level. The sales video reveals that ZionTribe is applicable with up to 10 posts in a single month.

However, the most notable part of the upsell system is the presence of the Tribe Feature in the base product. You can check out the price for joining ZionTribe.

Normally, while you do not like to upsell, you will reach the sell page. You may also hit a different upsell page and learn the way of accessing the initial purchase.

But, the scenario is different in case of Traffic Zion. Although you have chosen the NO option, you will reach the ClickBank checkout page. The reason behind it is not clear to us.

Final Verdict

TrafficZion is a legit program that can enhance your site and promote the sales of your product. All you need to do is to enter some relevant tags, niches, and keywords.

This will help you get more traffic for your site. It is suitable for those who do not come from technical backgrounds.

When you gain a certain amount of audience, you will be able to generate a passive source of income. You will be able to locate your ideal clients. And, an eBook will help you work through this program.

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It will create a targeted audience for your product.
It does not require any technical background.
You will get more clicks.
You will receive several bonuses.
It comes with an explanatory eBook.


It is not user-friendly for new entrepreneurs.

Summary: Online marketers can use TrafficZion to create a targeted traffic. This will enable them to increase their earnings while saving as this program has a cheap price. Once you start using this program, you will be able to raise the number of clicks.

Unlike other free resources, it takes into consideration your preferences. Therefore, you can easily create your ideal visitors for your site. The ebook and the bonuses will allow you to upgrade your site. In the meanwhile, it will help you to promote the sales of your site.

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