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March 4, 2023
TressAnew Control HairLoss

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60 days


  • Prevents hair loss by blocking the DHT hormone
  • Reduces hair shedding from hundreds to 10 strands per day
  • It helps to maintain the overall beauty and quality of your hair
  • It improves your hair volume and length naturally
  • It keeps your hair luscious and shiny all the way
  • It is easy and safe to use
  • It has not been evaluated by FDA
  • Pregnant and Nursing mothers cannot use it
  • Patients with severe health conditions cannot make use of it

TressAnew is the solution to all your hair problems. The ingredients are natural to reduce the risk of side effects and are well-sourced. These ingredients are contained in easy-to-swallow capsules. Two capsules a day is enough to keep your hair healthy. This supplement helps you say goodbye to hair thinning, fall, and breakage.

Every woman wishes to grow old and live a healthy life. However, growing old means you lose your hair's shine and lusciousness. Can you have both healthier hair and long life? You can! TressAnew brings the solution you need. It is a hair support formula that keeps your hair healthy.

A woman's hair is her fulfillment and pride. She is beautiful and strong when the hair is on fleek. Sometimes a bad hair day means a bad day. And this is why women take time to nurture their hair, whether on a low cut or with sleek long hair.

Losing all these qualities can be disheartening. Some ladies would prefer to cut their hair to find peace. This is very okay. But you could also fight hair loss and restore good hair health.

There are lots of products you will find on your search for hair regrowth. Some are safe and some are made with harmful chemicals. Some promise faster hair growth within a short period, and in the end, you see no results. Let's take a look at what TressAnew is all about.

What is TressAnew?

TressAnew is reliable hair support formula that comes in pills. Hair supplements are supposed to give you fuller and thicker hair. They are meant to strengthen your hair follicles and in turn, reduce hair loss. Other supplements help to reduce the split ends that damage your hair.

TressAnew revives your whole hair quality. It restores damaged hair, removes hair breakage, it performs all functions to improve your overall hair health. Firstly, what are the problems that can occur with your hair?

TressAnew Ingredients

Common Hair Problems

Hair Loss

Medically, you would refer to your hair loss as alopecia. It occurs when you lose a large amount of your hair. Your hair grows in three stages: the actively growing stage, the transition phase, and the resting phase. The duration of these stages varies in women. At the resting phase, your hair falls (shedding) and is replaced by new hair.

Hair shedding is different from hair loss. 'Generally, humans drop between 50 and 100 single hairs per day.' When hair is shed, it is replaced by new ones. However, hair loss occurs when there is hair fall without replacement.

As humans age, they become bald. The female pattern baldness causes hair thinning around the center part of the hair. It usually does not affect the frontline. Severe hair loss can be the result of stress, surgery, or severe infections.

Hair Damage

Damage to your hair is either in form of breakage, split ends, or dry hair. You might have been damaging your hair unintentionally. Hair breakage and split ends result from overbrushing, excessive styling, and use of heat. You should go gentle with using heat on your hair.

Your hair has natural oil. For healthy hair, you need to maintain its moisture. Your hair becomes dry when you wash it too often or when you blow-dry too frequently. The changing weather can also influence your hair. Ensure that you use silk covering to sleep, and to take walks in hot weather

TressAnew Review - The Pros & Cons

What Causes Hair Problems?

We have listed some causes in the previous section. TressAnew, however, gives one cause. This cause might be new to you. It is different from the regular causes like stress, an unhealthy diet, or heredity. It is the cause of men's baldness.

According to TressAnew, the enzyme responsible for hair loss is 5 alpha-reductase (5-AR). Men and women have both estrogen and testosterone. As a woman grows, the estrogen level decreases which leads to increased testosterone levels. 5-AR then converts excess testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

DHT hormone is the hormone that causes thinning hair. How does this happen? The scalp's hair follicles have a receptor through which they absorb nutrients from the body. When DHT is formed, it replaces the follicle receptors.

The new DHT receptors then take up the essential nutrients, causing hair fibers to become brittle. To regain your luscious hair, you need to prevent 5 AR from converting testosterone into DHT.

What is TressAnew Made Of?

TressAnew formula is a natural blend of natural ingredients that would block DHT. These ingredients are scientifically proven nutrients that are safe to use to enhance your natural hair growth.

TressAnew Products

TressAnew Ingredients


TressAnew hair growth supplement contains Fo-Ti. Fo-Ti is a china perennial herb with a brown oblong root. In China, they call it He Shou Wu.

'He Shou wu' translates as black-haired Mr. He. It is named like this because a certain elder Mr. He ate Fo-Ti. Mr. He got back his youthfulness and black hair naturally.

A research and editorial team in china carried out research to support Fo-Ti's use in growing healthy hair. They observed an increase in the size and length of the subject's hair follicle. Another research showed that Fo-Ti increased the hair fiber length in the growth phase.

Fo-Ti achieves this by inhibiting 5 AR from producing DHT. It is used in China and other parts of the world to treat cure or prevent alopecia. Having it in TressAnew will give you healthy-looking hair.

Nettle Root

Nettle root is a pointed root that was discovered in the bronze age. This plant prevents 5 AR. It gives you fast and healthy hair growth. A women's health magazine suggests how you can use nettle roots during wash days. You can put nettle roots into boiling water, then use the water after cooling to rinse your hair.

Saw Palmetto.

'Saw palmetto is a botanical extract that has been shown to block the effect of androgen hormones. We know that high levels of these hormones are associated with hair thinning so blocking them may theoretically improve hair growth.'  TressAnew supplement contains Saw palmetto. Asides from hair protection, Saw palmetto has anti-inflammatory properties.


Horsetail contains antioxidants and silicon. While the three ingredients block DHT, horsetail provides adequate nutrition to your hair. The antioxidants keep your hair fibers strong against natural aging. Silicon keeps your hair thick and luscious.

Biotin and magnesium

Biotin, also known as vitamin b7 is important in your skin, hair, and nail health. Keratin is important for your hair's strength. Therefore, biotin increases the production of keratin in your body. Magnesium rids your hair follicle of calcium at the end. In the presence of magnesium, DHT cannot be produced.

Buying TressAnew

You can buy TressAnew by calling from their official website. There are three packages you can choose from:

  • Starter Pack. You can begin your hair growth journey with one bottle of TressAnew, at a small delivery fee
  • Most Popular Pack. The most popular packs have three bottles of TressAnew at a small delivery fee.
  • Best Value Pack. If you buy this package, you will be getting six bottles with free US shipping.

Go ahead to place your order on their official website. You might be lucky to buy at a discounted price. After payment, you can expect your order between five to seven business days.

Directions to use: A bottle of TressAnew contains 60 capsules. Take two easy-to-swallow capsules of TressAnew once a day. You can choose to take it in the morning or at night. You would begin to see results in a few weeks.

TressAnew Testimonials

What are the Drawbacks of TressAnew?

TressAnew is only available for purchase on their official website.

They promise that you would start seeing results from the first pills. It might not be so for you. Humans work differently so you might need to wait for some weeks or months before you see results.

You cannot use this product if you have a severe health condition. People with estrogen-related cancers of the breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate should avoid this supplement. And if you are on some medication, please seek advice from your physician before purchasing.

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers cannot take saw palmetto and hence, they should avoid TressAnew.


TressAnew is a perfect solution to get your hair shining once again. It improves the quality of your hair and ensures that just like Susan, you have healthy hair at your old age. Asides from hair health benefits, TressAnew offers other benefits. For instance, horsetail in TressAnew reduces the risk of edema, kidney and bladder stones.

Disclaimer: The advice or guidelines revealed in this post are not even remotely a substitute for consulting a professional physician. Please read the review details clearly before making a decision. Before you make a purchase, do well to contact a licensed healthcare provider if you have concerns following the review we have given to you. The statements regarding the functions of this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Hence, it is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any diseases. Although the product was manufactured under sterile conditions, the efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the creator of TressAnew?

A 54-year old passionate grandmother, Susan, who was already losing her hair, created this formula. She teamed up with nutrition experts to get the natural ingredients into capsules.

Is TressAnew under a money-back guarantee program?

TressAnew is under a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can email their support team to seek a refund.

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