Trucking Made Easy Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

April 5, 2022
Trucking Made Easy best truck driver available for you.

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Trucking Made Easy


Jim Purcell




60 days


  • Trucking made easy is affordable, in fact, the price is only little compared to what you will get from the program.
  • It helps truck drivers attain their goal in the truck driving job easily.
  • Trucking made easy is risk-free
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee within a period of 60 days after purchase.
  • Trucking made easy will make your financial status boost.
  • People would approach you for innovative ideas about the program.
  • You will be a professional truck driver and the best truck driver after following all the instructions set in the books.
  • You can attain a successful truck driving career and trucking job with a somewhat decent paycheck.
  • You’ll be better able to envision yourself as a professional truck driver, and more easily determine whether or not you could successfully see yourself living the trucking life.
  • They are a wonderful company that helps trucker families.
  • They provide Truck Driver Options, trucking mastery and Opportunities Find the right job.
  • Trucking made easy is a proven program by people who have become truck drivers and been able to get a trucking job in a trucking company. There is little to no negative feedback about the program.

Trucking made easy is a program of three books that would help anyone with a trucking life achieve their goals with step-by-step guidelines.

Trucking made easy is a guide that helps people who want to have a career as a professional truck driver and a truck driving job. It has step by step guide that will help even beginners know what they have to do to become a truck driver.

Trucking made easy is a proven program by people who have become truck drivers and been able to get a trucking job in a trucking company.

In this review we have gone over what trucking made easy is, the benefits, what you get from the program and also the bonuses that comes with the program.

If you ever want a career as a truck driver, this is the best place for you to be. Trucking Made Easy has made everything you need to know about becoming the best truck driver available for you.

Do you want to be a successful truck driver? True success. Do you require aid in mastering the art of Trucking? To become successful making a trucking career started by you and are good at and get a decent pay? Become an owner-operator and eventually own your own fleet of trucks. Do you want to learn basic driving skills?

What is Trucking made easy?

Trucking Made Easy is a program of three books that would help anyone with a trucking journey achieve their goals with step-by-step guidelines. And also assist in trucking mastery.

Trucking Made Easy is a guide that helps people who want to have a career as a professional trucker and a truck driving job. It has step by step guide that will help even beginners know what they have to do to become a truck driver. You might have heard these claims and hype about Trucking before:

MAKE A LOT OF MONEY! ($30-60K Plus first year's salary)

GO OUT AND SEE THE WORLD! (At least, much of America)

BE YOUR OWN BOSS! (Or at the very least, not having one peering over your shoulder)

Before any of those could become a reality, there are some steps that you would have to follow

1. IF you know precisely what it is you're getting yourself into before you start (a thorough understanding of the huge world of Trucking is a prerequisite before diving in!)

2. IF you choose a high-quality truck driving school and CDL training program (there are thousands of truck driving schools, and not all of them are high-quality!) CDL mills are everywhere these days. So you have to be careful.

3. IF you can locate a trucking company that shares your vision and ambitions, that is. (Stable and dependable.) Transparency in communication. Fair routes, compensation, and benefits, among other things. It's not simple to find a firm like this!)

4. If you keep learning about Trucking and improving as a truck driver as you gain experience (Training isn't complete just because you finished the trucking industry or spent time with a driver-trainer.) With the help of Trucking Made Easy, you will master Trucking in no time at all.

Trucking Made Easy Becoming A Truck Driver

Who is the author of Trucking made easy? Jim Purcell

Jim Purcell created Trucking Made Easy.

He became a trucker in 1992 and has driven over 2 million miles. In 2002, he began writing TME while traveling vast distances. What started as scrawled notes about how drivers may be more effective on the road evolved into a book series that covers practically every area of Trucking, including understanding Trucking as a job and way of life.

He is also the creator of Trucker Country, a website of resources for future and current truck drivers. Go to the CDL Practice Test Center if you need some help getting your CDL or passing a CDL endorsement test. This is a FREE resource for all visitors!

Trucking Made Easy Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

Why did I create Trucking Made Easy?- Jim Purcell?

Back in 1992, when I first started Trucking, I had no idea what I was doing. I decided to take a chance after seeing a newspaper ad from a trucking firm offering to train even inexperienced drivers and assist them in obtaining their CDL.

Why don't you give it a try? I was looking for a change from my usual 9 to 5 schedule, and Trucking appeared to fit the bill!

I'd soon be on the road, well-trained and ready to make a lot of money and live the trucking life to the fullest. Right?

I was completely mistaken. I had no notion what I was getting myself into, nor did I have any idea how to get there. The instruction I received at that truck driving school (which was funded by the company) was excellent. And I probably might have never created Trucking Made Easy!

a well-known honest trucking company) left me with inadequate training and unpreparedness to succeed in the wide world of Trucking.

I needed to know how to drive a truck the hard way. To put it another way, most drivers and most truckers learned through trial and error. This took a long time.

As many truckers will confirm, it's easy to get off on the wrong foot in the trucking industry. But you won't have to if you follow the advice in this package for trucking success! Trucking made easy will help you master trucking in no time.

How Does Trucking Made Easy Work?

Trucking made easy is a program that is wanted by many users. The members' area of this program is rich with information and step-by-step instructions that make Trucking made easy.

Trucking made easy is a program of three books that would help anyone with a trucking journey and goal to have a driving job achieve their goals with step-by-step guidelines. Getting your CDL and truck driver training will help you get to where you want. There are various trucking operations, and all of them are discussed in this program.

It takes no time in delivering Trucking made easy after purchase.

good trucking school may assist you in learning fundamental driving skills, obtaining your CDL, and in many cases, locating a truck driving job in a trucking company. But most trucking schools and truck driver training do not adequately prepare you for life on the road and how to excel at each stage of your trucking career and life and help you become a successful truck driver.

Among the main classes embrace: instruments, load securement & safety, family movers provide, truck & private provides, meals & beverage provides, computer systems, journey planning, organizational provides, and digital home equipment & equipment which would help you with job success.

Truck Driving Schools teach:

Getting Trained is critical to your success that you do not enroll in the wrong school. These days, CDL mills and unqualified schools can be found just about anywhere. We'll show you how to choose the PERFECT school for your needs. You've obtained your CDL and completed your truck driver training. Congratulations on a job well done! The next step is finding the right truck driving job. Unless you attend company-sponsored training, you'll have to go through a protocol to find and, more importantly, investigate potential trucking companies. In the book, various trucking operations are also discussed.

Whether you've decided to enroll in a truck driving school and begin your career as a truck driver, or you're still inquisitive about the process, truck driving schools function, the Trucking made easy guide will enlighten you. Choosing the incorrect trucking companies can lead to dissatisfaction, insufficient pay, and a lack of home time. It's possible that you will decide to leave Trucking altogether.

The training provided is exactly what was required to pass the CDL road test and to provide a course on load securement, which is essential to this industry. Truck driving schools in just a few weeks teach you a lot about Trucking and trucker life, and are essential in helping you become a successful truck driver, get the right driving job, and for you to have job success.

 "There is no situation like the open road and seeing things completely afresh."

- James Salter.

Trucking Made Easy Products

Steps to become a trucker provided in this program:


Your trucking education will begin with Becoming a Trucker. This series is a trucking supply guide. This is a three E-book series for a beginner truck driver that will help you navigate the early phases of your trucking career. It was prepared with every aspiring or new truck driver in mind.

Most drivers had to learn Trucking by trial and error. The program will take you through the process of not choosing the wrong company.

You'll get a real-world glimpse of a typical trucker's diet, and nutrition, as well as alternatives to their traditional truck stop routine, in Truckers Can Be Healthy.

The truth is, most truckers take several years to complete. Worse, many people give up entirely since Trucking, and the road, in general, may be difficult to bear, let alone master.

The E-Series for Beginning Truck Drivers and becoming a 

will start your trucking education and trucking success. There is also a section on self-contained Trucking.



There's a lot to learn about Trucking if you're considering a career in this difficult and demanding industry. Here are some of the specifics of this book:

The School of Hard Knocks (or, more accurately, how NOT to begin!)

Why do you need to Consider a Career in Trucking?

Do You want to Be a Company Driver or an Owner-Operator?

How Far You Want to Drive

Should You Be a Driver or an Owner-Operator?

Examining the Various Types of Trucking Businesses

How will you be compensated, and how much can you earn?

Making the Final Choice. Is a Career in Trucking and the trucking life Right for You?



So you have made the decision to pursue a career in Trucking. Great! Now is the moment to embark on that journey.

Book 2 is divided into two sections:

Obtaining Your Commercial Driver's License

Are you thinking about earning your CDL but don't know where to start? Are you unsure what a CDL is? If this describes you, or if you're already familiar with Trucking but need some assistance getting started, you've come to the right spot.

Trucking allows you to make a lot of money in your first year of driving! That is, assuming you receive the appropriate information, direction, and training. A CDL is also required if you want to work as a truck driver. It's that simple. The good news is that it's not quite as complicated as it appears. If you take the proper precautions.

This area contains all of the CDL-related information and tools you'll need to get started on a successful trucking career. Most trucking mastery and truck driving schools do not adequately prepare you for life on the road and how to excel in every aspect of your trucking career and life. It's simply not possible to learn what TME teaches in a few weeks of CDL training.

Training for Truck Drivers

This section is going to assist you in learning more about truck driving schools, so you can make more informed and wise decisions and have a better chance at a successful truck driving career. Whether you've decided to find a truck driving school. And get on the road to a career as a truck driver, or you're still curious about how truck driving schools work.

Trucking Made Easy Creator



You've obtained your commercial driver's license and completed your truck driving training. Thank you for a job well done! The next step is to look for a suitable driving position.

You'll have to follow a routine to discover and, more crucially, analyze potential trucking businesses unless you take company-sponsored training (details in Book 2).

Choosing the incorrect company could result in you being dissatisfied, earning little money, and never having enough time at home.

It's possible that you'll decide to abandon Trucking completely. That isn't the intention!

If you pick the appropriate employment, you may stay for a long time, drive however you like, and earn a lot of money!

It's time to get started when you've chosen a trucking firm and been recruited by them.

The book has a step by step instructions about everything you need to do.

Arriving at the company's headquarters and/or terminal, attending your driver orientation, on-the-job training, and working with a driver-trainer, as well as some final words of encouragement to help you start your trucking career began on the right foot!



Professional Trucking Success: The Ultimate Guide

You've gone a long way if you finished school and obtained your CDL. You did an excellent job! So, what's next?

Of course, trucking mastery!

Is that not what truck driving schools are for, you might ask? Yes, to some extent.

But let us ask you this question: Do you just want to get by with a nice wage and just visit your family once in a while? That's assuming you even have a normal life!

Do you want to be a successful truck driver? True success.

Do you want to have a truck driving job? Are you ready to live a trucker's life?

Make a whole lot of money making a career that you enjoy and are good at? Become an owner-operator, with the goal of someday owning a fleet of vehicles.

Alternatively, if you're willing to look beyond the box, consider investing.

Bonuses that come with the Trucking made easy program.

Beginner Guide: The Becoming a Trucker and trucking mastery 3 Book Series.

Trucking Mastery: The Guide to Professional Trucking Success

Bonus #1: Trucking Lifestyles: There's also a segment on self-contained Trucking where you may discover how to save, be time conscious, and be healthy by using this method. Finally, Truckers Can Also Be Fit!, This discusses a driver's usual routine driver orientation, and offers great ideas for keeping in shape while still maintaining a high level of trucking productivity.

Bonus #2: Trucking Supply Guide


After purchase, it takes literally no time at all in delivering Trucking made easy to you. You will go way beyond the trucking school basics as you discover what only the top truckers on the road are aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Trucking Made Easy work?

Trucking made easy is a program of three books that would help anyone with a trucking journey and goal to have a driving job achieve their goals with step by step guidelines.

Who is Trucking Made Easy for?

Trucking made easy was created for truckers, drivers, owners of truck businesses and anyone who wants to learn about being a trucker.

Does Trucking Made Easy really work?

yes, trucking made easy works and there are reviews from clients who have used the program, claiming to have gotten results from the program.

Can Trucking Made Easy help me in my business?

YES, trucking made easy can help you in your trucking business, or if you want to become a trucker, trucking made easy was created to assist you to achieve your goal.

What are the drawbacks of Trucking Made Easy?

Trucking made easy is a proven program by people who have become truck drivers and been able to get a trucking job in a trucking company. There is little to no negative feedback about the program.

Where can I buy Trucking Made Easy?

The trucking made easy program is available only on their official website and cannot be found for sale at any other retail store.

Does Trucking Made Easy under a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is also a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee if users see that the program does not work for them or they have any other reason to ask for a refund.

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