Ultimate Small Shop Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

February 27, 2023
Ultimate Small Shop quick way to build a small shop on a budget.

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Ultimate Small Shop


Ralph Chapman




60 days


  • A step-by-step guide that is easy to follow
  • Clear images that show you what you need to do
  • A nice and awesome list of the tools that are needed
  • Specifies the mistakes that you should avoid
  • Warns you about the different time wasters of the process
  • Requires a level of expertise in woodwork in able to put it into practice at its best effect

I can only say that this guide is a real dream saver. I have a passion for woodwork and for years I have tried to have my own small shop but I was scared of making a mistake that was going to cost me both money and time. By making this small investment, I was able to build my own small shop in a budget and I am happier than ever.

Ultimate Small Shop is a guide that is going to teach you to step by step how to build your small shop on a budget.

If you are struggling for the moment this guide is for you.

It will give you the answers that you need before you take any wrong steps towards your dream shop.

At first, I was confused and I didn’t quite know what to do to build my small shop.

The options were just too much around and I was scared of losing any money.

This guide helped me learn a lot and I have followed the lessons found here in the basement of my small shop.

I learned how to not waste my time with tools that I don’t need.

How to not fall prey to scams that are only after my money and don’t care if they sell me “soap for cheese”.

I also learned the best places to shop for tools or any other necessary accessories needed to build a small shop.

And once I was equipped with this knowledge I was ready to get into action and build my small shop and it only took a couple of hundred bucks of investment including the tools.

I am so glad for deciding to buy this guide and to say thank you I am writing this Ultimate Small Shop review.

How did I start with Ultimate Small Shop?

“Not everyone has an office, so it’s all right to work at your dining room table or couch. My advice is to try and create some space between the places you are working and the places you are relaxing.”

I have learned in my life that if you are lacking information then you should go out there and buy either a book or a guide.

A professional has written this guide and I desperately needed his advice.

I was stuck in one place and too afraid to make any moves.

I can already feel that you relate to the feeling I am describing.

Wanting to build my small shop and I had the vision in my head.

But soon as I would take the smallest step to manifest it I would get stuck.

Either a scam webpage telling me to buy some strange tools.

Or some random YouTube amateur giving out lessons that aren’t worth anything.

You see I had no extra money to spend on meaningless things and I did not have time to waste either.

This is because I have already spent money on “void” products before and I have already followed advice from people who have just wasted my time.

So having enough of it all, I decided to get my thoughts together and do research after research until I found the right answers.

Not before I took a one-week long vacation at the beach that helped me get in that Zen mode.

There is something about the beach that fascinates me and gives birth to the drive and clarity of mind that I need.

I went in a full power mode and I started making research everywhere.

Looking at magazines and eBay was out of the question since they are a big waste of time.

I was searching for advice everywhere I could and on every search engine that I could find.

After about three weeks of research, I nearly gave up.

Luckily for a commenter on a video, I was able to get this amazing guide into my hands.

The video was a review of some tools that are “must-haves” for building your small shop.

I had already watched hundreds of these reviews before.

This time I was just scrolling through my computer nearly falling asleep when I stopped at the comment section.

Some guy had lashed out on the video creator calling him a scammer for promoting useless tools (and he was right, the tools were a joke) and advising others to click on a link he shared and get an amazing guide.

Thinking that I had nothing to lose, after all, I decided to give it a try.

So I bought this guide, used the principles that are inside and I have been able to save more money and time than ever.

I don’t need to listen to anyone, anymore.

I can simply go through this guide and get all the information that I need whenever I feel like something is missing in the plan that’s inside my head.

Ultimate Small Shop Modules

About the Creator of Ultimate Small Shop, Ralph Chapman

Ralph Chapman is a woodworker with a lot of years of experience.

He has made a lot of mistakes during his way but ultimately the mistakes are what taught him.

Ralph has been working for years and years and he has learned a lot during this whole experience.

He has even tried to mentor other, younger woodworkers during the way.

This shows that Ralph loves teaching others what he knows and that is the best virtue someone can have.

What is the point of knowing if you don’t share it with others?

Knowledge only becomes valuable after it is shared with others.

Ralph has had several awful experiences during his whole life.

He has bought useless tools, he has spent money on things that are not needed.

He has wasted time listening to the wrong experts.

But all of these failures are what made him a lot wiser.

These failures are what gave birth to the guide that he created.

Ultimate Small Shop Review - Worth or Waste of Time?

How Ralph Created the Ultimate Small Shop?

After reading his story I think it all came like a breaking point for him.

After all, once the human being has been through enough failures, some of these are going to give him valuable knowledge that later is going to manifest itself as a breakthrough lesson.

That is what Ralph went through before creating this guide.

He was already out there trying to teach others while still doing work for him, but this time it was different.

Ralph already knew all the bad tools that he had used.

He remembered all the time wasters that had set him back.

He had kept a note of all the dos and the don’ts of the business so when the idea came to him, it was brilliant.

This is when Ralph decided to create the guide Ultimate Small Shop.

He packed together all the valuable lessons he had learned from all those years of failure and time-wasting.

He was finally ready to teach someone how to build a small shop in a budget.

After all, that is what all of us are looking for.

We don’t have extra money to throw away and even more important, we don’t have any time to waste.

So instead of just making another scam guide full of useless advice, Ralph has crafted a jewel.

This guide is like nothing that I have ever seen before and if you are like me, we see a lot of bad advisors.

So instead of creating another bad guide, Ralph has created something that is going to serve a lot of woodworkers and more.

If you want to build your small shop on a budget you need to buy this guide now.

I hope there are others out there that are leaving an Ultimate Small Shop review because this guide deserves five stars.

Don’t fall for scam reviews promoting bad functional products and know what you are buying.

What Do You Get with the Ultimate Small Shop?

Module #1: Tool Selection

Most people waste their time by not choosing the right tools.

This is very important because time cannot be returned.

Once the time is gone, is gone for good.

So to not waste your time you have to know which tools are the right ones for you and which ones are total wastes of time.

This module helped me identify what I was doing wrong as far as tool selection and how to drift my attention to the right ones.

Module #2: Space Selection

Space is important when you are building a small shop.

After all, you cannot be transferring everything every time that you find out you have chosen the wrong space.

It’s like buying a house and then changing the decision after making the transaction.

This module will teach you how to choose the right space for a low-budget small shop.

Module #3: Shop Layouts

You need to learn how to design your small shop from inside once you got the tools and space right.

In this module, you will learn how to fit everything inside from the tools to the machinery.

You need to set everything in order inside the small shop, to not have any trouble moving things around while you can still do your work.

Module #4: Electricity, Lighting and Sound Proofing

Maybe you want to build your small shop inside your house, then I bet no one wants to hear you making all of that noise.

While people might love your work, they also love to sleep.

So you need to be all set with soundproofing to keep the noises inside.

On the other hand, you don’t need to pay an electrician to set the lighting and the electricity inside the house.

You can save a whole chunk of money by learning how to do it yourself in this guide.

Module #5: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

With the seasons changing you will need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

So you will have to learn how you can set your ventilation, within a budget of course.

You also have to make sure to install ventilation in the small shop, since you don’t want to suffocate yourself with all that dust.

Module #6: Workshop Safety

They say that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Working with wood involves the chance of being in danger by fire.

In this module, you will learn how to take any safety precautions for your small shop to thrive.

You can be able to provide more than 90% of the fires in the small shop.

Ultimate Small Shop Products

Ultimate Small Shop: Scam or legit?

Although there are some shortcomings with this program and its presentation on the Internet. But I believe that it is, in fact, a perfectly legal program. The resources inside have been well researched.  The program is listed on the well-established Clickbank checkout platform.

I have used them for some things before and there have been no problems. Plus, the program actually has some great tips to help me set up my workshop. In general, I had different experiences with this program, but can I say that it recodes an idea that is already on the market?

In today’s era, there are many fake websites on the Internet selling fake programs, which is a big problem because many customers are losing money on these fake websites. But on the other hand, there are a large number of those who buy the Ultimate Small Shop guide and are very happy with the course.

Many customers have commented on the guide, and most say it has helped them in many ways. And I’ve experienced that most customers say this book has helped them avoid silly mistakes and save money. They already have a proper understanding of woodworking tools, room management, general safety when working with sharp tools, and more.

Many novice lumberjacks said that following all the instructions in the small shop setup guide made them professionals. Almost no one will find negative comments about this book.

Is it Recommendable? 

Yes, I want to recommend this eBook through this review. The Ultimate Small Shop program offers many ideas to help you set up your workshop when you find one that suits you. This will help you to save time and effort and help you complete your work in a limited time.

No matter how big your budget and free space, is this exclusive, fully equipped workshop setup guide enough to learn? The Ralph’s Wood Workshop provides a single source for multiple woodworking plans.

The book Ultimate Small Shop has several pages to help foresters with suitable instructions, guidelines, plans, pricing guides, and references.

There are many other pieces of training available online that you can buy to set up your own workshop, but I prefer and recommend you to buy The Ultimate Small Shop by Ralph Chapman. The course mainly covers a variety of topics.

Ultimate Small Shop Creators

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money I Am Going to Save with the Ultimate Small Shop?

Well considering that you won’t have to waste your time buying tools that you won’t need, you will save a lot more than money.

But of course, with what you will learn money won’t be hard to save at all.

I build my whole small shop for less than $1000, that’s including the price of this guide and the tools.

Is the Ultimate Small Shop easy to Build?

The step-by-step guide is very easy to follow and you cannot go wrong while building the small shop.

You will be able to finish with everything within a week or so and that is a very short amount of time for building something this small but fantastic.

Is There A Guarantee?

I would not be here writing this review if there wasn’t one.

After you make the payment you will be given access to the member’s area.

You will also receive 60 days money-back guarantee.

You are safer than ever this way.

The point is that you don’t even risk your own money.

You will have 60 days to try out the guide and experiment.

If you find out that maybe this system is not for you then you can simply ask for your money back via email.


The Ultimate Small Shop guide is more than useful.

It is a smart and quick way to build a small shop on a budget.

Ralph created this guide by his own experiences and this is the best way possible to learn and to save your precious time.

I found this guide to be so useful and I think this is the best investment for anyone.

When I look at this guide I don’t see only simple lessons, but I look at the expertise of a whole lifetime.

Surely you are going to have a really easy time building your small shop.

Make sure to be secure and follow every step in the way of building it.

If you feel as though it doesn’t quite work for you then you can simply ask for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ultimate Small Shop all about?

The book helps woodworkers with tasks ranging from setting up a complete shop, cooling & ventilation systems, tool selection, and much more. It’s a 246-page guide with lots of imagery and floor plans.

Where can I buy the Ultimate Small Shop?

One can buy The Ultimate Small Shop guide directly from their official website because under this price you won’t get even one tool at your local market or on any e-commerce shopping website.

Who is Ultimate Small Shop for?

This product is for any and every woodworker who wants to spend less money on their tools and build a fully-complete workshop on budget, equipped to take on even the heaviest woodworking projects.

Who created the Ultimate Small Shop?

Ralph Chapman is the creator of this program. According to information found online, he is an expert woodworker who has been passionate about the craft for over 25 years.

Where can I buy the Ultimate Small Shop?

One can buy The Ultimate Small Shop guide directly from their official website because under this price you won’t get even one tool at your local market or on any e-commerce shopping website.

What is the cost of the Ultimate Small Shop?

The Ultimate Small Shop guide is going to cost you only $39, which is a massive resource of information at a very good price. The price is good and reasonable for this course.

Are there tools included in the Ultimate Small Shop?

No. But there is the best recommendation of tools related to woodworking. All of these guides are PDF files that you can download immediately after your purchase.

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  3. Finding the best space in your home, the best way to organize stuff, safety – and other fairly straight forward things like lighting, ventilation & sound-proofing.

  4. Man, this guy literally saved my life. I had been struggling for a long time, trying to build my own small shop and on the other hand wasting time and money on useless tools and guides. But this one is like the Bible of woodworking. Bravo, to the writer of this review for saying the truth.

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