Unleashing A New You Review – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

December 30, 2021
Unleashing A New You Now
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Do you believe that you need to have a clear idea of who you are to succeed in life? Self-knowledge is one of the most important things that you need to have in your life. Self-knowledge frees you from the opinion of others. Self-awareness and independence are both needed to develop confidence. And when you are confident, you trust your decisions. All these works together to help you achieve success in all the facets of your life.

Many people think they know themselves. The problem is despite that apparent self-knowledge, they still couldn’t achieve success. It turns out, their self-knowledge is not complete. There are so many ways available to people to find out about their identities and potential. One of the more popular personality typologies is the Enneagram. We will focus on a service provider that does Enneagram type reading in this Unleashing a New You review. We will also check what other reviews say about this course.

Unleashing New You Benefits


What is the Enneagram?

You may have heard other people talking about their Enneagram type and read articles about this model.

The Enneagram is a tool for personal transformation. There are nine distinct personal strategies individuals use when relating to the self, others, and the outside world. Everybody belongs to a type, and each Enneagram type possesses different thinking patterns.

Most importantly, the Enneagram of Personality types is a human psyche model. Originally, people used this model to help understand a person using the nine interconnected personality types. It can help individuals understand their personality, values, potential, and unique survival strategies.

In an organization, they use the Enneagram type to see if a person has the potential to fit in with the group. Does he speak the same language as they do? The reality is, even if you go to a training, if your personality doesn’t match the characters of those in the organization, you will not click.

In this review, we will assess one of the service providers that offer accurate Enneagram Reading. The Unleashing a New You claims to help people align themselves with their inner Enneagram type. Keep reading this Unleashing a New You review to learn more about the course.

What does the Unleashing a New You test?

There are many websites out there that provide testing and analysis of an individual’s Enneagram type. You will be able to read review after review of different companies offering the same service. One of those websites is Dr. Enneagram. Dr. Helen Okoye is the face of Dr. Enneagram. She is one of the most popular personalities in the industry of health in the United States. She is a Doctor of Medicine and has spent years studying Psychology.

Dr. Okoye established that every individual has untapped potential. If the person learns how to unlock this potential, then he will discover great inner power. Is her program a scam? Let’s discover this in this review.

To discover one’s potential, it is fact that one must identify one’s Enneagram type. That is why the Unleashing a New You course begins with a 20-item test. Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo are the professionals that created the model of the test.

“The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.” Anonymous

The test should take you about 12 minutes to finish. There are some things to remember. First, you need to answer as honestly as possible so that the doctor can give you your correct reading. Next, try not to make any neutral answers as this would result in incorrect typing. In another review, clients posted about not getting the right Enneagram type only to find out that they did not answer the quiz honestly.

Finally, hit submit. You will receive the preliminary reading. The content of this reading is focused on your personality facts. It will inform you about your Enneagram type.

Unleashing New You

Which one is your personality type?

The Achiever

Naturally, achievers tend to be success-oriented. This is the type of person who is highly pragmatic. Achievers are very concerned about their image and how the world perceives them.

The Investigator

Those who belong under this type of personality are intense individuals. They are very cerebral. If you are an Investigator, you probably love books and are innovation-driven.

The Helper

A helper is a person who is kind to the world. Helpers tend to be generous and are highly demonstrative of this generosity. They are people-pleasers and are likely to be possessive.

The Loyalist

People who exhibit a committed and engaging personality often fall under this type. Loyalists are security-oriented. All their goals relate to stability. Because they value stability so much, they are often suspicious and anxious.

The Individualist

People who belong under this personality type are very sensitive. They can be self-absorbed, temperamental, and dramatic. They like expressing their emotions.

The Challenger

Challengers belong to the personality type of highly powerful individuals. These people are very decisive. They have the utmost self-confidence.

The Peacemaker

These are self-effecting individuals. They are often easy-going and agreeable. They like reassuring other people. Some view this as complacency.

The Enthusiast

The enthusiast is a fun-loving type of person. An enthusiast loves being busy. People who believe they belong under the enthusiast type are easily distractible. An enthusiast is highly spontaneous and can be versatile.

The Reformer

This type covers people with idealistic and rational personalities. Those who fall under this personality type are highly purposeful. They are perfectionists who exercise self-control.

Once you have completed your personality test from the Dr. Enneagram official website, their system will send you a preliminary reading which will tell you what your Enneagram type is. The primer will also let you know your level of alignment with your personality type.

You can review this primer first before deciding to avail of the full reading offer. In this Unleashing a New You review, we will look at both the free and full readings.

How Do I Discover My Enneatype?

All you need to do is answer a few questions in the Enneagram personality test. This test is a powerful guide and a profound assessment to understanding your inner working and personality type. With this assessment, you will have access to the dominant personality type that you possess. Hence, the Enneagram type is accessed via the personality test.

When undergoing the assessment, you will choose the statement that is true with your personality or that occurs most. Also, you don’t need to over-analyze the questions in the assessment. In answering these questions, you need to be spontaneous enough to choose the closest answer to the evaluation questions. If you come across questions that do not apply to you, you can skip them. And lastly, never skip questions just because it is hard to answer; always make sure you choose the closest answer.

What does alignment mean based on the Unleashing a

New You course?

“Personal development is essential for a positive mindset, self-motivational, increasing self-belief and raising your standards.” Anonymous

Besides finding out your Enneagram type, the preliminary reading from the program will also indicate how aligned you are with it. There are three levels of alignment according:

Level 1

People who belong to this category are not aligned at all to their Enneagram type. This means they are living totally at odds with their supposed strengths and weaknesses. They do not know their potential to reach their goals in life.

According to Unleashing a New You, those who belong to the Level 1 category find it difficult to find jobs. If they do, they often get fired from their jobs in any company. Additionally, they are likely to be in debt. In fact, money may be the sole focus of their lives. And because all their energy goes to this aspect, forging relationships is nearly impossible.

For people who belong to this level of alignment, you must face the facts. You will stay where you are unless you immediately learn who you are. There is no reason for your life to stay that way because there are simple steps you can do to tap into your hidden potential and improve it. Unleashing a New You may be able to help.

Level 2

Level 2 are individuals who are partially aligned with their Enneagram type. The people who belong to this type do not have it as bad as those in Level 1, but they still face many problems. They cannot truly manifest the lives they dream of. For example, these people may be in relationships, but these do not last long. Similarly, they are likely to have a job that they do not like. At this point, there is still an untapped potential to reach more goals.

If you believe that you are in Level 2, Unleashing a New You can help you get to the next level of alignment and tap your potential. You are also going to benefit from this program because you can feel that life should be more abundant.

Level 3

This is the level that you want to be in. People who are fully aligned with their Enneagram type belong to this level. They can maximize their earning potentials. Hence, they have careers that they love or businesses that thrive.

These are the benefits of achieving Level 3 alignment with your Enneagram type:

Energy to do whatever you want and need in real life

Ability to create money

Competency in every endeavor


This is the end goal of Unleashing a New You. Clearly, the program is meant to help the learner get full alignment. But just because you’re in level 3, it doesn’t mean that this program can no longer help you. The Unleashing a New You reading includes steps that you have to follow to stay fully aligned.

So, for those who want to gain the ability to manifest opportunities in life and unleash their potential, continue reading this review because we have a solution for you. You can achieve all that you desire by purchasing the full Unleashing a New You reading. The next part of this Unleashing a New You review is assessing whether the full reading is worth buying.

What are the pros of buying the Unleashing a New You full reading to tapping your potential?

The Unleashing a New You is a guide to the easiest way for you to align to your Enneagram type. If you read other reviews, they share that it is one of the best courses for unlocking your potential. It will certainly help you manifest the amazing real-life you want. It contains two important parts that will help you become a success.

In-depth Enneagram Reading

If you think that the preliminary short reading is already comprehensive, you will be astounded by the amount of information that you will receive in the full reading. You would not believe that you are getting all these for a low price.

This one will contain as many insights as possible regarding your characteristics and hidden talents. You will read here things about yourself that you didn’t think possible. Some of them will even go against what you believe to be what you are right now. But remember that the reason why you are struggling in some aspects of your character goes against your type. In short, the jobs you tried and the people that you surround yourself with may not suit your character.

The next part will take a deeper look at your secrets and potentials. It will also reveal in-depth your hidden weaknesses and blind spots. Part of this section will give you tips on how to overcome these problems so that you can begin achieving what you want.

Finally, the first part will find your main weaknesses and help you turn them into your strengths. The official website claims that this could be a life-changer for many and open doors for wealth and abundance.

The Action Plan

The second part of the reading is an action plan that is specifically made for your type and level of alignment. It will contain all the detailed steps that you have to make to align fully with your Enneagram type.

The pages report your five best strengths. Additionally, the plan provides you with actual steps to manifest the life that you want. You can also read there the top two professions that are right for you. Thus, if you are not happy with your work at the moment, you should think of pivoting and trying out these two suggestions. These are better suited for your type.

If you are looking for a place where your strengths will be appreciated, you will find two suggestions of organizations that could use your skills. Joining them leads to quick and easy income growth.

If you check out other Enneagram readings, you will probably receive suggestions like, “be more aggressive” or “seize the day.” However, with Unleashing a New You, you will find five specific activities that you must do immediately to start reaping the fruits of your talents and strengths. These are not vague tips that you may misunderstand. The plan gives concrete steps that you can check off your list to start manifesting abundance.

Next, you will find weird but life-changing exercises in the reading that you need to do monthly to stay aligned to your Enneagram type. The lesson contains so much more, but this list will give you a general idea of what you will receive if you sign up for a premium account.

Why Should I Use Unleashing A New You?

What prevents you from achieving your goals? Reality

As a result of problems and experiences in real life, we can not live like our fantasies. Sometimes, it may feel as If achieving your goals may be difficult or getting to the place of peace and meditation proofing too hard to achieve. Also, some people may end up not achieving their dream job and instead work on varieties jobs they do not want. There are others who work In an organization they don’t desire all because they have to be practical. All these things and other reasons are important and essential reasons you should use the Unleashing A New You. It’ll help you achieve a lot and go a long way in life according to your heart desires.

Is the full reading worth its price?

Is it worth it? Only you will be able to decide. The value of a good personality type reading will depend on how aligned you are with your real Enneagram type. Also, it will depend on your motivation to use your untapped potential to achieve a better life. In another review, the commenter said that this is a no-lose decision. You win because if it works, then you will enjoy the benefits of abundance. If it doesn’t, then you can ask for a refund.

How do you become aligned with your true self based on the Unleashing a New You?

Achieving 100% alignment with your true self is very easy. Alignment starts as soon as you receive and read the in-depth version of the reading. It starts because you are beginning to recognize your real personality type. Here are the three steps that you must follow:

Step 1 – Firstly, finish reading the Enneagram type reading completely. Go over every page and read about all of your strengths. Additionally, recognize any potential that you haven’t unlocked yet. This potential is what’s going to help you achieve a better life.

Stet 2 – Next, follow the steps in the Enneagram alignment exercises. Doing so will align you perfectly with your type. From here, you will observe changes in your life.

Step 3 – Finally, start manifesting the freedom, abundance, and amazing opportunities. You can also begin attracting your dream soulmate. As a result, you will have everything that you wanted in your life. Users who achieved their dreams praise this course for helping them.

The great thing about this process is that it doesn’t require special education. You don’t need to study psychology because the professionals already simplified it for you. There is also no skill to master. All you will need in this process are already within you. The skills and talents are undoubtedly just hidden and are waiting to be unleashed.

What do others say about Unleashing a New You?

Unleashing New You Product Image

For many, Unleashing a New You is a new discovery. They probably saw their friends’ posts on social media like Facebook. People share their experiences using the results of the reading on Facebook. They want others to enjoy it as well. Some also give it 5-star ratings for its helpfulness.

Some individuals share that they did not believe the reviews about this course. They only read it because they had nothing to lose. And to their surprise, it contained facts about their lives that they did not even know. So now, they are the ones who are giving this training course 5 stars to prove to others that it works. They share on Facebook the truth about how the steps helped them achieve their goal and dream life.

How to get a copy of the Unleashing New You full reading

When you decide that now is the time to act to start manifesting your dream life, just go to the official website of Dr. Enneagram and take the personality test. You will need to leave your personal information including your email address. The result will immediately be shown to you after you submit your honest answers.

From the preliminary reading, you will find the link to access the Unleashing a New You full reading. Click on the link to enter your personal information. Then proceed to the payment page. Once you have sent your payment, you will receive an email containing a link. This is where you will access the following:

An in-depth reading about your Enneagram personality type

An action plan to help you fully align yourself with your type

$192 worth of abundance bonuses

The bonuses are secret books that will teach you various topics on gaining more success.

Secret Achiever Formula and Other Contrarian Success Secrets digital book

The Master Key digital book

The Science of Getting a Rich digital book

Think and Grow Rich digital book

As a Man Thinketh digital book

Getting access to all these contents will teach the users how to succeed in making more money and achieving the lifestyle that is meant for them.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You will receive 60 days to read the reading completely and follow the action plan. If for some reason, the steps and exercises do not work for you, you can call for a 100% refund. Make sure that you read the terms of this guarantee especially if you live outside of the United States.

Dr. Enneagram and ClickBank offer this guarantee because they firmly believe in this training course. However, Dr. Okoye also acknowledges that there could be cases where the personality type of the individual is very hard to read. In these cases, the reading may not help them completely. Additionally, according to some reviews, some individuals cannot face the truth about themselves. This report cannot help them.

Final Thoughts for this Unleashing a New You review

In this Unleashing a New You review, we checked a very reliable Enneagram type reading course. From it, we discovered that discovering your inner self can be difficult if you don’t know how and don’t have the right tools. The preliminary reading you will receive after taking the personality test on its website is already full of knowledge that you can use to improve yourself. However, if you want to manifest riches, happiness, and opportunities, you’d want to learn how to align with your Enneagram type fully. To do so, you will need the full Unleashing a New You reading. This contains an in-depth reading on your true self. It includes your secret skills and untapped potentials. It also contains the details of your hidden strengths and weaknesses.

The second part of the reading contains actual steps that you should follow to fully align yourself with the inner you. Once you follow these steps and exercises, opportunities will start pouring in.

Unleashing A New You>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “Unleashing A New You”:

What is Unleashing a New You?

The Unleashing a New You is a program designed to help you understand yourself better. It offers a personality test developed by Dr. Enneagram to understand your personality type and your potentials.

Who is the author of Unleashing A New You?

Dr. Helen Okoye is the brain behind Dr. Enneagram. Dr. Helen is a renowned personality in the health industry in the US. She has spent years studying Psychology as a Doctor of Medicine.

How can I get a copy of the Unleashing A New You?

To get a copy, visit the official website of Dr. Enneagram to take a personality test. Submit your personality info and email. The preliminary reading features the link to Unleashing a New You.

How much does Unleashing A New You cost?

The Unleashing a New You program offers a reasonably priced program with affordability in mind. It features three plans: Grandmaster at $59, Master at $39, and Apprentice at $29 with varieties of free bonuses.

What are the pros and cons of Unleashing A New You?

Unleashing a New You comes with a wide variety of pros and a few cons. The program will help you understand who you are and effectively tap into your inner potentials.

Who is the target of the Unleashing A New You?

The Unleashing a New You is specifically for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their inner workings. It's for individuals in the spiritual context, and it's also applicable in a working environment.

Does Unleashing A New You really work?

The Unleashing a New You is an effective program that offers various information to help you understand your inner self, strengths, motivations, and weakness. It is effective and really works to achieve greatness.


It is a comprehensive report of a person’s Enneagram type.
The preliminary reading already contains a lot of information.
It gives a complete picture of the person’s characteristics and personality.
It provides practical advice.
It comes with bonus material.


It is expensive.
It will not work unless a person trusts in it.

Summary: Unleashing a New You is now possible if you get the full reading of your Enneagram type. This course will tell you all about your inner self, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. It will also reveal concrete steps that you can take to achieve and maintain 100% Enneagram alignment. In doing so, you can use your full potential to unlock your dream life.

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