Unlock Her Legs Review – Does it Work or Not?

February 7, 2022
Unlock Her Legs Help You To Get A Girl

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Unlock Her Legs


Bobby Rio and Rob Judge




60 days


  • Based on female psychology.
    The techniques in the book work on any girl. However, remember, you’ll need to read the context carefully and know how to work with it…
  • Give her the ride of her life!
    On top of the main guide, you’ll get bonus material to help you win in bed. Give her the best sex she’s ever had.
  • Instant access.
    Get the book immediately after your purchase. No need to wait and wonder. Also, it’s billed discreetly.
  • It takes practice!
    You’ll need to read and practice. It’s only through progress that you’ll actually get to master the skills.
  • Be ready for rejection.
    At first, it could not work right away. So, you need to be ready for rejection and work around it. Start practicing with girls you wouldn’t mind “losing.”

Unlock Her Legs is a program that goes beyond getting her to bed. It’s about seduction and finally understanding that everyone is sexual, even yourself.
How would you know that?
The strategies in the guide are created to help you LIVE IT. Sex is not a privilege, it’s a right, and here you’ll learn how to exercise it.
Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy it and make her come… back.
Start today.

“I always end up as a friend. Women don’t seem to be interested in me sexually.”

Have you ever thought like that? Most of us have.

Over and over, we see these patterns of situations repeating themselves. It seems as if life is really trying to tell us something. However, we tend to misinterpret the message.

In the beginning, I was a little hopeless and desperate. Honestly, I didn’t think any woman could even find me attractive. It all changed one day…

At a party, I met a girl I used to like in high school. She was still gorgeous, and we got along pretty well. By the end of the night, she said, in front of everyone, that she really liked me back then.

I almost lose it then…

Later, I texted her and asked her. She has a boyfriend, so she didn’t go into detail. However, she did mention that “I never made a move.” The sad thing? SHE WAS RIGHT!

I mean, I made it clear that I liked her and that I was interested. But, when it came to us being alone, I always tried to respect her.

Well, that same thought kept me from approaching girls as a freshman in college. Well, looking for advice, I read this review of Unlock Her Legs, where the guy had described a similar situation.

His results? He was able to make moves on girls without being disrespectful, which always works… ALWAYS.

About Unlock Her Legs by Rio and Rob Judge

“Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions which men think it manly to pay to the sex, when, in fact, men are insultingly supporting their own superiority.” Rio and Rob Judge are the creators of this program. Basically, they made a dating guide that will help you “close the deal.”

Why? Well, for many of us, it’s not that hard to get a date. However, taking it to the next level, that’s where we struggle.

Rio and Rob went through the same struggles growing up. So, being fed up with the situation, they decided to do some research. “Research?” You might think. This is dating! Not science.

Well, although you’re right. Just think about how many other social interactions are being researched and documented:

Really, it’s not that easy, for anyone, to succeed in all social aspects of their lives. Especially in the current political climate, one has to be very careful.

Unlock Her Legs How Is It Effective

How is Unlock Her Legs Effective

First, it’s a no b.s. guide.

Listen, things like confidence, hygiene, etc., will always help to get the girl. You wouldn’t have sex with someone who doesn’t even shower (I hope).

So, Unlock Her Legs works with you and the way you relate to women. So… let’s talk a little about their approach to women.

You can ask her to fuck; you just have to know-how and play it well.

  • How to make her feel safe
  • Let her know she’ll have fun
  • Earn her trust
  • Make her open to please you
  • Initiate sexual tension
  • Create the moment

For women, sex has a lot of weird implications. Personally, I don’t understand them, but it’ll be dumb to deny them. So, either you work with them, or you miss opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to have sex. You just have to know how to make her want to have sex with you.

This guide is the perfect social guide to do that.

Unlock Her Legs Review - Does it Work or Not?

About The Scrambler Technique in Unlock Her Legs

This is the core idea behind the guide.

In essence, most women don’t like to feel convinced; they want to feel like they decided themselves.

This is a poor comparison, but it has a point: if you were a person shopping for cars, and the salesman is pushing you in one direction, not only would you be annoyed, but maybe you wouldn’t even look at the car. It works a little like that with seduction.

In a nutshell, The Scrambler Technique is a social approach to let her get convinced. How?

Well, of course, the guide explains it better… Here goes nothing:

  • How to present yourself as a trustworthy sex partner
  • Create emotional reactions in her
  • Give her time and space to decide: “Chase Flex.”
  • Learn how to read the signs
  • Take her to bed

It takes time, but remember, in the past, you didn’t even have this prospect. Basically, you could stay the same or get worse. However, if you try this, you could only get better.

Creation of ‘Chase Flex’

The Chase Flex is instrumental. By following these steps, she’ll feel as if she “decided” by herself. However, you’ll always know that you helped her:

  • Principle #1 – Uncertainty
    • The biggest mistake made by most guys is telling girls everything.
    • Women respond to mystery and intrigue.
    • By creating uncertainty, she’ll stick around longer to try and figure things out.
  • Principle #2 – Power
    • Many guys give their girls the power of selection.
    • It’s not all about her, stop putting her on a pedestal.
    • Work with her, take control of the situation, and get what you want.
  • Principle #3 – Validation
    • Mostly, admiration comes first, then seeking approval.
    • Here, you’ll learn how to make her want your approval, which will turn into admiration.
    • She’ll do anything to please you.
  • Principle #4 – Anticipation
    • Make her feel excited about your interactions with her.
    • Give her all the psychological foreplay she needs to be ready.
    • Make HER want YOU.

What will be your learning from Unlock Her Legs?

If you need to know what to learn from this useful book, be careful, because it may be the best product you have invested in. If you’re going to spend time with the woman you’re looking for, remember these steps and procedures, because if you show her the other side and you’re sure to take those steps, she won’t go for others. Her eyes will only be on you. 

Learning Techniques

You learn different techniques to drive her crazy and she wants you over and over again this is one thing that everyone wants when it comes to choosing something that changes their thinking. It changes what you like about women and how you get their attention, with this way of thinking, you can change your way of thinking, and also their way of thinking about you. This is important to keep in mind.

You want to change the way they are thinking, you want to be more than just a friend so let her open up to you in more ways than one. Don't be her girlfriend. You don’t have to listen to her problems, be the man of her dream who she wants to be with. This eBook will give you the chance to achieve this and more, just use the tips in every situation.

All materials of this book must be read and take the time to learn more about the book. Learn more about her and her likes, find out how to make sure she likes you, make her close to your heart.  If you can perform correctly, you will be logged in. There are steps in this book that you need to take to make it more desirable to her and it really makes her mind to open clothes for you. Isn't that what most men don't want?

Unlock Her Legs Products


With the book, you also get other material to make her go crazy for you:

  • Her Erogenous Zones
  • The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
  • Dirty Dozen: 12 Conversations That Will Make Her Fall In Love
  • She’s Sending You Signals
  • Invisible Escalation
  • The Magnetic Effect Pattern

In the end, everything in society is about sex or power. So, with this guide, you’ll learn how to control one of those things.

For me, in the beginning, it was all about having sex. Hey, it worked, and I had a lot of fun. Also, I met very cool people. However, there were other cool benefits.

Now, I can relate to women on many levels, successfully.

Before, women would read me as just another presence. The way they saw me lacked power and certainty. Clearly, that cost me some positions and promotions. Now, that image has changed.

I’m always part of the important negotiations.

My boss, a woman, knows that there’s something about me. She says she can’t put her finger on it yet, but she likes the results.

Where you can buy Unlock Her Legs?

Unlock Her Legs is available on the official website, https://www.unlockherlegs.com.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Unlock Her Legs is a great guide to get a hold of your sexuality and enjoy it without any problems.

The authors created a great program that addresses everything you need. In no time, you’ll start hearing how people notice a change in your attitude. Just remember, you’re going to have to cultivate it.

Once a woman has decided you’d be a reliable sexual partner, she won’t hold back. So, just in case you’re not looking for a commitment, you’ll learn how to do that too.

The authors went on to introduce an effective and unique technique referred to as ‘The Scrambler Technique.’ The technique will be instrumental in the transformation of the failure in your dating life into dating success.

Read, practice, learn, repeat: that should be your method.

In no time, you’ll be ready to have sex with any woman you want.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Unlock Her Legs work?

Unlock her legs is a book that tells those out there, like me, ways that you can gain her trust and get her to unlock her legs for you.

Who created the Unlock Her Legs?

Bobby Rio, Rob Judge. The authors of this book have years of experience in the dating and women field, providing many men with the helpful and proven to work advice that they seek.

Where can I buy the Unlock Her Legs?

You can buy it from several sources but it is good to buy from their website. Unlock Her Legs is available on the official website where you can buy it.

What is the cost of the Unlock Her Legs?

Unlock Her Legs is a very good book for someone's love life. It is not too much expensive. On the official website, it will cost 79 dollars.

Who is the Unlock Her Legs for?

Any boy can use this program. Unlock her legs is a book that tells those out there ways that you can gain her trust and get her to unlock her legs for you.

What are the drawbacks of the Unlock Her Legs?

It might take you a bit of time to read through all of the material that comes with the eBook. You might take some time to perfect the technique.

What are the reviews about Unlock Her Legs?

Customer's reviews about The Unlock Her Legs are too good. Most of its consumers get good results. You can see the reviews on their website and on other third-party sites.

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  1. Unlock Her Legs is mainly focused on teaching guys how to get that one hard-to-get girl that they already know. Although there are parts of the product that can be applied to women in a more general sense, it’s not going to teach you how to meet more women.
    If you’re a guy that already has some knowledge and experience of dating different women but have your heart set on developing a relationship with one special girl, Unlock Her Legs will be a good product for you to check out. You’ll also be able to use a lot of the advice here to hook up with girls from your social circles if that’s what you’re interested in.

  2. Unlock Her Legs is mainly focused on teaching guys how to get that one hard-to-get girl that they already know. Although there are parts of the product that can be applied to women in a more general sense, it’s not going to teach you how to meet more women.
    If you’re a guy that already has some knowledge and experience of dating different women but have your heart set on developing a relationship with one special girl, Unlock Her Legs will be a good product for you to check out. You’ll also be able to use a lot of the advice here to hook up with girls from your social circles if that’s what you’re interested in.

  3. Unlock Her Legs claims to give men tips on how to score those really ‘hard-to-get girls’. The two bros (Bobby and Rob) who introduce the product make it clear that this is about getting that “girl” that a man really wants, really hankers for, really, really wants. So this is not about scoring some amazing one night stand with that really hot babe you bump into at a nightclub or that (very taken) vamp in your office that you lust after.

  4. This guide is like having a remote to turn girls on when you want to. The best part is that works for any guy. You don’t need to be a hunk or millionaire. All need is the know-how and you too can have the key to unlock her legs.

  5. Whenever I told her about my feelings for her, she instantly ignored me. There was no way for me and I could not think anything without her. This situation was going on and my love was getting stronger. But when I used this program, it worked like a magic! After rejection for many times, I finally got her in my life. May the author be blessed.

  6. I had faced rejection after rejection that I was just sick of it. I was always asking myself ‘what is wrong with me? is not like I am some caveman or smth.” Anyway, I got this program, and it helped me understand what my mistakes were and how to fix them. I didn’t tell my friends about my little ‘secret,’ but now I am proud of getting the program that I want to share it with the world! It works, guys!

  7. I always found that the ‘hard to get girls’ are the ones that you seem to want the most. But now I can actually get them haha 😉

  8. The way this guide works is so much special from all others. It has helped very many people. I can say that it is one of its kind. You will understand the concept in the guide easily since it is written in a simple manner. Works perfectly.

  9. If you’d ask me why I’m here, I just saw this hidden in my husband’s stash. I’m not disappointed one bit. It worked for us anyway. It’s just surprising what Unlock Her Legs could do to two people.

  10. The internet told me women are hard to crack. Maybe we weren’t just paying attention because Unlock Her Legs seems like “How To Understand Women For Dummies: Simplified.”

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