Unlock Your Glutes Review – It’s Time to Get Your Dream Butt

February 22, 2023
Unlock Your Glutes Strengthens your whole body

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Unlock Your Glutes


Brian Klepacki




60 days


  • Unlock your butt without subscriptions!
  • The program works better than going to a gym and shaping your body with a consultant.
  • Get the best butt.
  • Unlock your glutes is 100% effective to get you a perfectly sized butt.
  • The program is available at a reasonable price!
  • Don’t pay more than you should. Anyone can afford this and shape their legs in just one month.
  • Immediate access to the program.
  • The program offers you a fast and swift download that is the program can be downloaded instantly.
  • The program is not only efficient but also practical.
  • Get gains and keep them forever! You’ll see your body improve right from week one, and never lose your strength or gains again.
  • Try it risk-free
  • You are guaranteed a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Diet and exercises need tweaking
  • The nutritional guide is not complete for vegan or gluten-free options. Sometimes the exercises might need to be adapted.

Unlock Your Glutes is a program of dozens of workouts that you will follow along to complete exercise that targets explicitly one’s butt and surrounding areas and gets you a firm butt and more round and curvy behind.

Does your back extend all the way to your calves?

Do you feel self-conscious about your buttcheeks?

If you’re looking for exercises to get a bigger butt, keeping it firm and nice, then maybe this can help.

Some years ago, I decided to take action on actually having a butt. After I turned 30, my buttcheeks started to “fall.” I noticed when a friend told me, and I couldn’t recover from the shock.

Throughout my life, the size of my butt never crossed my mind. Now, it started to look sad… really sad.

Also, I was quite embarrassed about having this new concern. My plan was to address this on my own terms.

  • Privately
  • Gradually
  • Exercising groups of muscles
  • Focusing on muscle mass
  • Keeping fat at bay


That’s why I’m writing this Unlock Your Glutes review. It gave me the results I wanted and how I wanted it.

Am I like an NFL player? No. But now I can wear any pants or shorts without being self-conscious.

Also, it feels good to look at me in the mirror. That’s basically all I needed.

What is Unlock Your Glutes?

In essence, Unlock Your Glutes is an easy-to-follow glutes training guide.

Why did I love it?

  • Works with your body weight
  • No need for advanced gym equipment
  • Strengthens your whole body
  • 10 minutes a day is enough
  • You can do it anywhere

The guide compiles the best exercises for your glutes and lower back. I mean, in my delusion, I was worried I would grow a disproportionate butt. Well, my concerns were heard, and I didn’t.

It all looks natural, well proportioned, and actually has brought me other benefits, like being able to run faster, walk longer distances, and wear my clothes without shame.

If you go to the gym, the author created a gym edition.

You’ll learn how to use the most common gym equipment and work out like a god. However, that was not my thing.

Finally, they leave little to the imagination…

The program includes access to a series of HD videos. So, you’ll know exactly how to execute the exercises to maximize results.

Unlock Your Glutes Essentials Techniques

Why do you Need Glutes Training?

In the human body, the gluteus Maximus is the most powerful and biggest muscle. Whenever you engage in activities that involve back movement or your lower back, the gluteus Maximus provides you with huge power. Unfortunately, most people don't know about this source of power, hence, they pay little attention to building these important muscles.

Of course, sitting has been the major cause of not paying too much attention to your glutes. Now that we have TVs and computers in virtually every home, people spend a huge amount of time sitting. Prolonged sitting causes a lack of exercise for the glute muscles, leading to what is known as gluteal amnesia or dead butt syndrome

When you sit down for too long, you constrict blood flow to your glutes and make them dormant. While other muscles in your body are developing, your glute muscles remain dormant, thereby leading to muscle imbalance in your body

And in most cases, when you have weak glutes, it leads to poor athletic performance, poor posture, and a higher risk of knee, back, or lower-body injury.

Therefore, aside from getting an athletic and firm butt, healthy glutes also play a role in your general well-being.

Unlock Your Glutes Review - It's Time to Get Your Dream Butt

About the Author, Brian Klepack

Brian Klepacki, the author, holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Also, he’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

After 16 years of experience, Coach Brian decided to compile his knowledge to help us with that ONE problematic area. What’s the difference in his success?

He’s a Functional Movement Specialist…

Sometimes, when you exercise in the gym or in certain sports, you only work out specific muscles. I’m sure you’ve seen a guy with huge arms and skinny legs, or big biceps and no triceps. That’s the result of working out only certain muscles without good guidance.

However, Functional Movement has a different focus.

  • Work out muscles, joints, and nerves
  • Develop strength and flexibility at the same time
  • Reduce the chances of injury
  • Minimize pain while maximizing results
  • Get long-lasting results

Honestly, I did the minimum effort and had great results. Again, my butt is not huge, far from that. But I can wear any pants or underwear and be OK.

Being naked in front of a woman has become easier!

Brian Klepacki put everything together so that you can get to work from day 1.

Here’s how he does it…

How Does Unlock Your Glutes Work?

You know that sleeping well is an important part of being productive, right? Well, resting to get great results also works on exercise.

With Coach Brian’s approach, you only have to work out twice a week!

However, rest periods are important. Like, if he says no more workouts for the next three days, that’s it!

  • Workout only what’s necessary
  • Take breaks and let the muscle heal
  • It’s easy to follow and stick to it
  • Get volume, strength, and firmness
  • No need to compromise flexibility

The program leads you through a series of workouts designed to target the muscles in the butt, thighs, legs, and lower back…

Did I mention it’s meant for women?

I have no regrets, and I would do it again!

For the most part, women store a lot of fat around the areas mentioned above. Now, I didn’t lose fat. However, it got evenly distributed around my body.

So, reading girls’ reviews of Unlock Your Glutes, I found out that’s a common occurrence.

Unlock Your Glutes Products

How to use this program

In essence, work out enough, stick to it for like a month, and don’t overdo it.

Usually, people get very excited when they start exercising. The spirit of Stallone possesses them, and they go Rocky IV for a day. Then, the next day, their mind is not up to it, and they stop forever.


Here, you HAVE to exercise a little over your comfort zone, but not so much, it’s a struggle. The most important thing is that you follow through.

Also, the training time can go from 8 minutes to less than 30 minutes. So, pick up whatever you can actually do every time and don’t change it.

During my first month, I followed through religiously. Then, after seeing the results, I tweaked it to be more demanding in less time. Again, I got good results and everything, but I was satisfied already.

FYI, keep in mind that your glutes can take on high-intensity training. For example, you can train them six times a week, and they’ll be fine. However, you are not supposed to do that here, so please don’t!

Train only 2-3 times a week and rest.

The way I saw it was something like “what I lost in a year, I’ll get back in one month. I can be patient.”

Find All You Need in One Place

One thing about exercising is that I don’t like contradictions.

Eat five times a day, only eat three times. Exercise a lot, exercise a little. Eat fewer carbs, more carbs…

In the beginning, you go online and find so much info, it’s easy to get lost. Knowing what to follow can be difficult. It’s true that different things work for everyone, so…

How do you know this could work for you?

No stone goes unturned! Here, they make sure you’ll reconnect with your glutes right from the beginning. Then, as you progress, you can tweak it for your own needs.

What you will learn from this program

  • Learn how to build the best routine for yourself
  • Get great results, save time while doing it
  • Practice the best techniques, avoid injury, and maximize gains
  • Work every muscle avoiding imbalances
  • Keep progress by breaking every possible growth barrier

All of that is covered in the main guide and two more bonuses. Oh, yes, two more…

Bonus #1: Strong leg workout.

So, with the main guides, you’ll get everything to work out your glutes and legs. However, if you want to take your exercise further, this is the guide to use.

For me, it helped me develop my calves, which have always been skinny. Also, I developed strength in my ankles, improving my posture.

Bonus #2: 14-day rapid fat loss.

Also, if you have a trip to the beach or just plan to show off, this guide will help you get there fast.

In just two weeks, you’ll get lean and defined. Showing off your gains had never been easier!

Unlock Your Glutes - Who is the Program for?

Whether you are a man or a woman, the Unlock Your Glutes Training is for you. More importantly, the training is perfect for people who live a sedentary life (Always sitting in a place for too long). If you think your booty looks too weak and saggy, this program will give it the strength and perfect shape it needs.

If you are affected by gluteal amnesia or the dead butt syndrome, this program is all you need to strengthen your butt. However, from the number of people who have purchased this program, it seems that women are in the lead. The number of testimonials from women tends to tell us that more women are enjoying the benefits of the training.

Unlock Your Glutes Author

Does the program scam, or is it legit?

Based on the reviews given by different people who’ve already gone through the Unlock Your Glutes training, the program works. It works for everyone – men or women of all ages.

Moreover, should you be dissatisfied with the results, your purchase is backed up by a 60-day money-back guarantee. That is, in case you are not satisfied with this program, you can get back your money with no questions asked.

I have no problem recommending this product; in fact, it’s great!

Unlock Your Glutes Testimonials
Unlock Your Glutes Testimonials

Where you can buy Unlock Your Glutes?

Unlock Your Glutes is available on the official website, https://www.unlockmyglutes.com.

This is the best place to buy the program because it is secured. You don't need to worry about using your credit or debit card on the website. Once you fill the order form and make the small payment, you will get access to the complete training.


If you’re looking to change your life around, maybe this is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a program to get a better butt and legs, with just your body weight, then you’re in the right place!

This program delivers and does it without any complications!

Different from other programs, this is not an anatomy class. Get straight to the point and work your butt off (get it?).

It’s never too late to get strong legs and glutes. Start today!

"There is always a special feeling you get knowing that all parts of your body look perfect and firm."

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Unlock Your Glutes all about?

Unlock Your Glutes is a training program that helps to strengthen your glute muscles. It entails 3 unique principles that are proven to make your glute muscles firm.

How does Unlock Your Glutes work?

The Unlock Your Glutes program is made up of video training you just have to follow. It requires just a few minutes of exercise and enough rest to get optimum results.

Who created the Unlock Your Glutes?

Brian Klepacki is the brain behind the Unlock Your Glutes program. He has a Master's degree in Exercise Science and owns a well-known website on health and strength - criticalbench.com

How can I access the Unlock Your Glutes program?

The program consists of HD videos that show you all the exercises needed to strengthen your glute muscles. Once you buy the program from the official website, you will get access to the training.

How much does the Unlock Your Glutes program cost?

It costs a measly $17 to get full access to the program. This amount is nothing when compared to the benefits you will enjoy after going through the program.

What are people saying about Unlock Your Glutes?

The reviews so far have been nothing short of positive. Both men and women have shared their stories about how effective the Unlock Your Glutes program is if you follow the training.

What comes with the Unlock Your Glutes program?

When you buy Unlock Your Program today, you will get every resource needed to develop your glute muscles. In addition, you will get two exclusive bonuses from Brian Klepacki.

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to get access to an early copy of the program. In this review I’ll be sharing with you my experiences with the exercises and give my overall impression of the program.

  2. You will work three separate muscles in three different ways to make the most of your workout. You will have to put in some serious work, but it is only fifteen minutes a day that you have to do.

  3. This glute training guide is based on the latest science and real-world experience. You will learn the different exercise strategies that work best to develop the glutes.

  4. The program shares exactly what exercises and workouts that work, including detailed, highly specific breakdowns and pictures of each exercise. Each module is easy to navigate, allowing you to work through the program with ease.

  5. This guide does exactly what the name says. It’s a unique program that will teach you everything you should know about training your glutes to get a stronger, rounder, more developed butt. It’s intended to expose all the myths and misconceptions about growing your glutes while providing you with a blueprint that is proven to significantly develop these muscles.

  6. This glute training guide is based on the latest science and real-world experience. You will learn the different exercise strategies that work best to develop the glutes. You will learn glute-specific training to activate these muscles and unlock their power.

  7. Unlock Your Glutes gives you training techniques that will help you get firmer, rounder and more powerful glutes. Your glutes are your body’s most powerful muscles, and when you know how to train them correctly, you will get a nicer butt shape, develop greater strength, and maintain long-term health.

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