Vegan Protein Smoothie Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

December 17, 2021
Vegan Protein Smoothie Be Healthier Now
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Have you been on a vegan diet for the last few years and want to know how to increase your protein intake? Or have you just decided to join the vegan bandwagon but are worried about protein deficiency? Well, you’re not alone; many vegan athletes wonder if their lifestyle can cause protein shortage. And with some fake vegan fads offering misleading recipes that use whey protein and eggs, then you have a right to get worried.

After all, nobody wants to get skin degeneration, fatty liver, and swelling thanks to low protein intake. So if you’re worried about your protein intake, you have come to the right place. The new vegan protein smoothie program has many nutritious protein smoothies to keep your body healthy.

Vegan protein smoothie review: What is the vegan protein smoothie program?

The vegan protein smoothie program is a downloadable program with 80 vegan protein smoothies. It also comes with various vegan protein shakes recipes to improve your health. These plant-based protein recipes are ideal for weight loss and don’t include dairy products. This vegan protein smoothie program has the finest plant-based protein powder made using real whole foods.

The vegan protein smoothie program also protein drinks without the added protein powders or dairy products. After all, these plant-based protein smoothies contain between 15 to 35 grams of protein. So you don’t have to always add the best vegan protein powder to your vegan protein smoothies.Vegan Protein Smoothie Benefits

Who developed the vegan protein smoothie program?

The vegan protein smoothie was written by James West, a renowned fitness enthusiast and vegan. This product results from over three years of research on how vegans can benefit from plant-based protein powder. West has even tried out his vegan protein smoothies and protein shakes over the last few years. And they have helped him with weight loss, muscle building, and increased energy.

While working on his vegan protein smoothie program, he found the best veggies for a smoothie. He also learned how to make a protein-rich smoothie that doesn’t require the best vegan protein powder.

What drove James West to develop the Vegan Protein smoothie?

West has tried many plant-based protein powders in the market in his quest to build muscles. Unfortunately, most of the vegan protein powder brands have a bad taste and smell. Therefore, James West decided to create the best vegan protein powder in the market. After all, most of the protein powders contained a lot of chemicals.

And being a health enthusiast who uses protein powder, he understands how protein helps with muscle building. Other than the taste inconsistency, he discovered that some were detrimental to one’s health. These highly processed protein powders can cause digestive issues in some users.

His quest became clearer in 2017 when he became vegan. So, West decided to make the best vegan protein smoothies using real, whole foods with little-to-no protein powder.Vegan Protein Smoothie Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

Is protein powder ideal for vegan bodybuilders and athletes?

While creating his program, West asked himself this question several times. And according to him, we should all use whole foods to increase our protein intake and avoid protein powder. But West understands that athletes need vegan protein powder to achieve their intended protein intake. Plus, athlete vegans can find these protein powders useful, especially when recovering.

But a study conducted on vegan protein powders in 2018 confirmed otherwise. The researchers were looking for heavy metals in over 134 protein powder brands. The study demonstrated that 75% of the protein powder brands in the market have lead.

Does this mean that we can’t use vegan protein powders?

The findings were correct; most brands, even the vegan protein powders, have lead. So if you’re trying to improve your vegan diet, you should add the protein powder in moderation. After all, fruits and veggies used to make these vegan protein powders come from the ground. So, they can introduce the heavy metals from the soil to the vegan protein powder.

The lead found in most natural vegan protein powders is natural and not an added ingredient. So, you should avoid taking your vegan protein powder daily for your safety. And when purchasing your protein powder, you should avoid products with chemical sweeteners. The presence of sweeteners in some brands motivated West to create sugar-free vegan protein powder.Vegan Protein Smoothie Product

The vegan protein smoothie program bundle

This vegan protein smoothie program features over 80-vegan smoothie recipes. It also comes with high-quality photos, detailed cooking instructions, and ingredient lists. Most of the recipes in this vegan protein smoothie don’t include dairy products; so, they can help with weight loss.

The recipe book: The Vegan protein smoothies

This recipe book features many healthy vegan protein smoothies recipes that can be prepared at home. And to make it fit your needs, West ensured that the recipes were customizable. This means you can modify the ingredients of the vegan protein smoothie according to requirements. Plus, some of the vegan protein smoothie recipes don’t require protein powder.

The most exceptional thing about vegan protein smoothies is formulated to add flavor to your diet. This means that West selected the most protein-rich ingredients that can support your health. The book also provides you with an easier way to consume some of your favorite veggies and fruits.

West even added vegan protein smoothie recipes that can help you lose weight. The vegan protein smoothie recipe book offers the following:

Vegan Protein smoothie recipes

The digital downloadable eBook has more than 80 vegan protein smoothies recipes. So, you can enjoy a nutritious smoothie without adding plant-based protein powder or dairy products. The book also features lots of recipes that require plant-based protein powders. So if you need to increase your protein levels faster, West has got what you need.

Some of these recipes include orange cranberry smoothie and banana cranberry smoothie. So if you love drinking vegan protein smoothies before hitting the gym, then you are in luck; this program has everything you need. Plus, you can mix some of the protein shake recipes with almond milk.

A printable grocery list

This program comes with a printable vegan grocery list containing all the ingredients needed. Therefore, you can print the grocery list and stick it on the refrigerator. The list has everything you will need to prepare mouth-watering vegan protein smoothies from scratch.

Other features

West added some bonuses to help you stick to your vegan diet and lower your vegan protein powder intake. He also added flavored protein powders like vanilla flavor and chocolate flavor. The bonus features of the vegan protein smoothie program include:

Bonus 1: Vegan Acai bowls recipe

Packed with fresh fruits and nutritious toppings, a smoothie can be an excellent addition to your vegan diet. Therefore, West’s vegan protein smoothie program comes with a vegan Acai Bowls eBook. The bonus vegan Acai Bowls eBook features many palatable and nutrient-rich smoothie recipes. After all, an acai bowl can allow you to lose weight while boosting your energy levels.

Like the vegan protein smoothie book, you can also modify the acai bowls recipe to meet your nutritional demands. The acai bowl eBook has several flavor combinations that you can adjust according to your taste. West also added a guide that shows you what smoothie you can pair with acai bowls to create a delicious combo.

Bonus 2: A quick start guide

James also added a quick start guide to make your diet plan more effective. This digital handbook offers you more information on the recipes. The handbook can be printed and referred to when preparing vegan protein smoothies.

And even though it’s considered a summarized version of the recipe book, it has enough details. The guide includes prep instructions, short smoothie recipes, and vegan meal plans. It also shows you which recipes need protein powder. If you don’t have time to print it, you can access the digital version while preparing your smoothie.

What are the health benefits of the vegan protein smoothies Program?

It can boost your energy

Generally, energetic folks and athletes have more energy requirements than ordinary people. So a vegan protein smoothie or shake is one of the best options for vegans to fulfill their energy needs. The vegan protein shake provides unrefined carbohydrates that can fuel your body the whole day.

Plus, you can also add your favorite protein powder to your vegan protein smoothie. The protein powder can give you the extra protein dose to help repair tissue after working out. But this is not even remotely a substitute for other medications or means of recovering after a workout.

Offer you all the nutritious veggies

Veggies are highly nutritious foods that can improve the health of your heart. Veggies can also help you avoid other issues like high cholesterol, dull skin, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. So if you don’t like eating veggies, then the vegan protein smoothies can give you what your body needs.

The perfect balance of fruits and veggies in West’s recipes can provide you with everything missing in your diet. After all, one shake is equal to a bowl filled with your favorite veggies.

A diet filled with healthy fats

The vegan protein smoothie program’s plant-based shakes and smoothies are rich in fatty acids. Some of these ingredients include almond butter, almond milk, flax, cashew milk, and hemp. These essential fatty acids are crucial to the health of your brain, eye, and heart. Plus, the anti-inflammatory benefits of fatty acids can improve the health of your digestive system.

Improved recovery after a workout

Vegan bodybuilders and athletes require more proteins than sedentary individuals. And introducing plant-based protein powder is one of the most reliable ways for increasing your daily protein dose. Healthy unrefined carbohydrates like sweet potatoes help boost your recovery process.

Reduced food wastage

Most of us have veggies and fruits on our counters that never go into our salad bowls. And in most cases, we end up throwing them away. Therefore, instead of throwing them away, you can turn them into smoothies. You can freeze them and use them later; after all, West’s vegan protein smoothie program has a recipe for most veggies.


Unlike most products, this vegan protein powder is egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free. So if you have any allergy issues, then you’re in luck. This product is free of most allergens, so you can build some muscle without worrying about allergies; plus, you get a nut-free option.Vegan Protein Smoothie Testimonials

Vegan Protein Smoothie Testimonials

What will James West teach you with his vegan protein smoothie program?

How to prepare vegan protein smoothie bowls

The vegan protein smoothie program will show you how to prepare some delicious smoothies without dairy products. West gives you a blend of veggies, pea protein, peanut butter, and fruits that can help you create a nutritious protein shake. He also shows you how to prepare vegan acai bowls and protein shakes.

West also shows you which recipe needs a protein powder and what content to add. The smoothies and vegan shakes can be veganized by adding hemp protein, whey protein, or pea protein. You can also use gluten-free almond milk and peanut butter to improve the quality of the smoothie.

The art of using Clean protein powder

Most folks use plant-based protein powders like sugar these days, which is not ideal. We all love adding it to our vegan protein shakes and smoothie recipes. Unfortunately, only a few folks know the art of using protein powder effectively. After all, adding too much protein powder to a smoothie cup is not a good idea.

This program will teach you many ways to introduce protein powder in your smoothie. It will also offer you safe gluten-free, vegan protein powder with no sweetener that can help you lose weight.

The best veggie selection

This recipe eBook teaches you the best veggies to toss in your blender and what not to eat. West shows you what veggies and fruit combination best suits your nutritional requirements. Some recipes feature cucumber, squash, frozen fruit, and beets in different combinations.

The Vegan Protein Smoothie eBook introduces more than 80 veggie combinations that can help you burn some calories. Plus, you can replace your least favorite ingredients with your favorite ones to create protein drinks.

How to prepare a smoothie and vegan Protein shake without adding vegan protein powder

It’s a known fact that a healthy vegan protein shake or smoothie doesn’t always require protein powders. A protein-packed smoothie can be nutritious with some feature pumpkin seeds and peanut butter. And to make it even more flavorsome, you can introduce cruelty-free vegan milk like almond milk or coconut milk.

This vegan protein smoothie program has 26 recipes with vegan protein powders. So you have more than enough vegan protein shake and healthy smoothies recipes to choose from.

West shows you the best superfoods for vegan smoothies

The ingredient list includes some of the best vegan superfoods in the market. A smoothie rich in leafy greens and maca can guarantee you a powerful power boost. The superfoods in his list can give you a potent dose of nutrients that are vital to your health.

Does the vegan protein smoothie program work for everyone?

The fact that it’s a vegan protein smoothie program doesn’t mean that it’s only for vegans. Even non-vegans can enjoy the health benefits of this vegan protein powder. After all, it is safe for everyone; plus, with the alternative ingredients, you can pick what’s safe for you.

Remember, even non-vegans love smoothie recipes, so this product is for everyone. But, this is not even remotely a substitute for any medication you’re using. Plus, it’s not backed by FDA-approved research, so don’t take it as sound medical advice.


The vegan protein smoothie program is the best weight loss product for vegans. This program has some vegan smoothies, vegan protein shakes, and acai bowl recipes. It also has a plant-based protein powder that can help you recover after a serious workout. The vegan protein powder can give you options for plant-based milk like almond milk.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “Vegan Protein Smoothie”:

What is a vegan protein smoothie?

A vegan protein smoothie is a program that features 80 vegan smoothies recipes. This program introduces a better way for vegans to get protein without relying on milk.

How do vegan protein smoothie works?

The program has recipes for making nutritious vegan smoothies without adding protein powder. West also adds a safe protein powder for specific vegan smoothies if you have to use protein powder.

What is included in the package?

It features the vegan smoothie recipe book, and a printable vegan grocery list. James West also added a vegan acai bowls recipe, protein shake recipe, and a quick start guide.

What is the main benefit of a vegan protein smoothie?

This program introduces the cleanest plant-based sources of protein to vegans. This will help you build muscles without ever worrying about gaining calories.

Who created a vegan protein smoothie?

The vegan protein smoothie program was created by James West. West is a vegan who loves using vegan protein powder and has supplemented it in his protein shake for years.

How much does it cost?

Normally the vegan protein smoothie program goes for $57, but currently, there is a 30% discount. So you can get it for about $25 at the moment.

Where can I buy this?

Being a digital product, this program can only be purchased via and used online. But, you can print the grocery list and pin it on your fridge.


The homemade vegan protein shakes are made using whole foods rich in protein

The vegan protein smoothie and shake can increase your energy levels

even though there is no FDA approved research backing this product, the protein powders are sugar-free

You will learn how to make nutritious smoothies without vegan protein powder

The vegan protein powders done have nasty chemicals

The vegan protein smoothie is mostly allergen free

The fact that it has alternative ingredients means that you can avoid foods that are allergenic to you

With the vegan protein smoothie program, you can substitute the almond milk with fruits

The vegan protein smoothie program helps lower high blood pressure, but it’s not even remotely a substitute for real medicine

You can enjoy the chocolate flavor and vanilla flavor smoothies with enough protein

This good protein powder is gluten-free and can help you lose weight


Some foods in this program have little nutritional value

it’s not backed by FDA approved research

Summary: Taking good care of our bodies demands a certain level of balance. And one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve this is consuming a balanced diet. While some folks use vitamin supplements, James believes in natural ingredients. This is why West opted to create the vegan protein smoothie program.

This is a perfect combination of fruits and veggies that can deliver the needed protein. And to make sure you get everything you need, he even made various vegan protein powders. West used lots of protein powders that tasted weird, with some having sweeteners. This prompted him to make a nutritious vegan protein powder that can be added to smoothies.

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