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Videly Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

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Have you been looking for honest Videly reviews but can’t find or the ones you find do not answer all your questions? Well, in this review article, we take you through an in-depth analysis of the Videly software. Whether you want to learn about Videly upsells, Videly OTO, or just gain knowledge about it, you’ll no doubt get it here.

As a content producer, especially of videos, you may have had situations where you upload high-quality ones, but views remain frozen. Well, that is, in fact, one major problem that many people face. So what’s the solution? One method that may help you is the use of Videly. So, what’s Videly and how does it work. Here we go:

What Is Videly?

In a nutshell, Videly is software that mainly assists in video marketing. It basically boosts your search engine optimization efforts. With it, you do not need to be an SEO guru or learn any new techniques to help you in your video marketing strategies. You do not even need to write content, use backlinks or any of the normal SEO strategies. Simply put, it’s a no-brainer app.

While it might be useful for you to invest in this tool, it does not necessarily mean that once you acquire it, you turn things around overnight. You need to consider a couple of factors before you finally invest your resources and time in it. Weighing the pros and cons is what will help you know whether it’s worth trying.

The authors and even marketers of Videly claim that the tool is a cost-effective solution to marketing videos on YouTube. They argue that you do not need to spend any money on advertisements, and you’ll still enjoy great views.

Sounds incredible! From our review on its official website, we found that this is a cloud-based app that helps you create videos by inserting images or already existing videos. It also helps you in creating social media accounts such as Facebook and YouTube channels within just a few minutes. You can then share the videos on these platforms and enjoy quick and huge traffic.Videly Your Key To Success

How Videly Works

Videly works by tapping the opportunities that others in the market or industry do not implement in their video marketing efforts.

According to the report and description on Videly official website, our own review and other reports, the program works as follows:

Step 1: It Finds and Taps Untapped Buyer Keywords

Buyers often use keywords when searching for content or products and services. However, some of the keywords they use are often not targeted by your competitors. Videly utilizes such untapped keywords to help you boost leads and sales.

To ensure that your videos have the correct keywords, Videly does an analysis of the keywords that competitors use. It then extracts the best from them and uses them to market your brand new or already existing videos.

As a potential user, the program may be an easy-to-use type for video marketers. You are most likely not going to seek any special training.

Step 2: It Does SEO Optimization Automatically

You, of course, know that getting views and traffic on Google and YouTube or other search engines means you have to make your videos SEO optimized. However, optimization is a task that changes with time and requires hands-on skills.

If you use Videly software, you might not need to take any training on how to do optimization. It does everything to rank videos, so you beat competitors.

It chooses tags, video descriptions, and any video title necessary to attain top rankings. You might thus make it to Google’s first page if you use Videly.

Step 3: It Uploads and Publishes Videos Automatically

As soon as all the keyword research, optimization, and all other preparations are over, Videly completes the process alone. That is, it completes the process my uploading and publishing your video on Google and YouTube automatically.

In so doing, it makes internet marketing an easy process for you. That’s why in the beginning, we mentioned the fact that there’s nothing new to learn.

So, if you’ve been having trouble when it comes to creating time to learn and publish on Google and YouTube, Videly might be of great help to you.Videly Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

What Are the Major Components of Videly Software Package?

Videly comes with three major components, although there is a bonus package. Here’s what you get if your use Videly to market your videos, so you attract website visitors and overcome the stiff competition in your market or industry:

Keyword Research Tool

Videly has a tool that allows you to review keywords relevant to your video/business as the first task. With this component, you’ll get reports on relevant keywords, search volume as well as the competition rate.

This tool then guides you on choosing the right keywords to boost your rankings on Google and YouTube, or other search engines.

You only need to input one keyword, and you’ll get suggestions on other relevant keywords for your videos. Note that keywords are very vital when it comes to rankings. As you search for more keywords, data stored in cookies might help in redirecting you.

Tool for Improving Video Details

This tool helps you choose the best titles as well as descriptions. Usually, appropriate tags, titles and descriptions are necessary when it comes to video traffic and improvement of rankings on search engines.

In most cases, visitors only click video links or buttons that have the right titles. So, part of your work as you strive to attract traffic is to get the right video details.

If getting the right details for your videos has been a challenge, then Videly might be of great help for you. Many users say it works well.

Title Template Option Details

Using appropriate title templates is good for traffic and Google as well. If you decide to become a Videly pro through constant use, you’ll enjoy free title templates. The tool not only makes work easier for you as a marketer, but it is also great for SEO.

If the templates you find are not so good for you, you have the option to create unique ones depending on your keyword research results.

Creating them on your own might not, however, be the best option if you are not a Videly pro. It would be good to master it first or unless you understand it well.

Features of Videly App

To help you get a clearer picture of how Videly might be of great help if you want to beat the competition, we have to review its features. Remember that every step you take towards making your business, service, or product better needs to be well informed. So, here are features that Videly lets you enjoy:

  • Full access and use on cloud
  • Automatic publishing of content on social media even if you clear cookies
  • No need for learning or prior experience to use the software
  • It lets you amass a lot of traffic legally and ethically
  • Ability to create videos by simply adding images or using already existing videos
  • Chance to easily find and monetize leading videos

From our review, these are the features that, in a way or another, make Videly, a unique software. But as a warning, it is always good to make sure that the links you find about Videly are genuine.

To verify, you may have to clear cookies and do other things. This way, you get assurance that you are dealing with the right software. You’ll most likely find ads about it on Facebook and other platforms.Videly Clients Testimonials

Who Needs To Use the Videly Video Marketing Software?

Anyone producing content, especially videos for YouTube, or social media, including Facebook, can try it. Whether you are doing a one-time video marketing task or regularly, the software might be of great use to you.

It works best on various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Google and others. With that said, a lot of people, including the following, can use it:

  • Video or SEO agency
  • Any vlogger
  • Anyone struggling to rank their videos o Google and YouTube
  • Business owners
  • Frequent users of YouTube
  • Any video marketer, whether a newbie or experienced


Ideally, anyone who wants to attract traffic for their videos without necessarily having to use ads or campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook can utilize Videly. It might help you identify weak points and refocus your strategy so you win.

So, if you are one, the software might be highly useful to you. Maybe it’s what you need to make it to Google’s top page.

Where Do You Purchase Videly and Is There Money Back Guarantee?

You can get Videly directly from its official website. Purchasing the software directly from its website or page ensures that you get legitimate software, of course, with all rights reserved. You also get to enjoy other benefits.

For instance, you enjoy a 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, the menu Videly review on the website will help gauge whether it’s a good thing for you or not.

So, there are no risks, as can be the case when you follow ads on Facebook or other platforms and use them to acquire the software. Data stored in cookies can lead you to more ads. If you are not okay with that, clear cookies.Videly Money-Back Guarantee

What’s the Price?

Price changes from time to time. However, once you pay the one-time price, you get the enjoy the benefits right away. It’s also easy to make the purchase; hence it makes your work easy.

You should also read reviews to get more details from other users. Remember that reviews are honest accounts from people who have used Videly.

Videly Bonuses and Facebook Ads

Yes, there are bonuses that you enjoy when you purchase Videly and use it for video creation and marketing. However, these are only guaranteed when you get them from the official Videly website. So, when you see ads on Facebook, ensure you visit the official website.

The first bonus you get is a private and live training session to help you learn and master the art of video marketing. So, if you want to create your own video marketing agency, it saves you the budget of using ads and other methods.

Another bonus you get is a quick (usually 5-minute) video creation offer. You create and also market them on YouTube to get traffic as fast as possible. Your video, however, doesn’t have to be strictly 5 minutes long; even if it’s 60 seconds, it’s okay.

For offers/bonuses you see on Facebook, Google and other platforms, it’s always good to clear cookies before clicking them. Remember that data is stored in cookies.

Final Take: Is It Worth It?

Overall, Videly is software that anyone interested in creating and marketing videos can use. It claims to help you cut unnecessary ads costs or campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms. In our review, we have highlighted all the most important things worth noting about Videly.

If other marketing efforts do not yield much for your business, maybe you need to try Videly. It might give you an opportunity to enjoy high visibility. At least, based on our review, you can weigh the pros and cons of it and decide whether to try it or not.

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It’s easy to use
Offers unmatched flexibility
May help get your videos ranked on the first page
Can help increase subscribers
Doesn’t require any special skills to use it


You have to pay some money to access it as it is not a free software

Summary: Videly is a software that promises to let you create videos within a few minutes even if you are not an expert in video design. You also do not have to learn anything in order to access or use it. Interestingly, it promises to help you find untapped buyer keywords that you can easily exploit to generate tags, descriptions and titles, all optimized for SEO to drive visitors to your videos or website. To use it, you need to make a one-time payment that is refundable within 30 days if you do not find it useful. So, if you are doing video marketing, this might be something to try.

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