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Video Marketing Blaster Review – Does It Really Work?

Video Marketing Blaster Marketing
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The subject of free traffic in online marketing can be regarded as the holy grail of online marketing. Without traffic, it is hard to get your business to the right audience. Therefore, if you can get traffic for free, you can potentially make as much money as you desire. But, on the other hand, if you’re wondering, it is possible to get the work done with little or no money.

Big companies use what they have to get what they want. In this case, they dedicate a large chunk of their budget to getting their products and services out there. Money is not a challenge for them, but small business owners may not afford the cost.

Therefore, they turn to tools that can help them get as much value as big companies spend their fortunes. Fortunately, there are tons of tools in the market that allows you to do budget marketing. To this end, we are discussing the Video marketing blaster in this review.

In this video marketing blaster review, we discuss how you get search engines to marketing for you.

Video Marketing Blaster review- Overview

The Video marketing blaster is a tool or software that allows you to produce excellent online content. It is ideal for users with no SEO knowledge or people who don’t have time for it. The marketing blaster software can reverse engineer Yoast and Google ranking systems. The idea is to rank hundreds of videos with three clicks.

The program has a design that addresses the requirements for online businesses. It is particularly ideal for people seeking more traffic on their website. In addition, the 3 click process functions to save time and stress.

A new lease of Video marketing

First, video marketing is the use of videos for product and service promotion. If you still think that video is not one of the most powerful mediums on the internet, then you’re properly in the 1990s.

Presently, more than 70% of marketers are using YouTube to promote their products and services. Previously, ranking videos on Google and YouTube was easy.

With the influx of several marketing ideas and strategies, the competition got fiercer, and every video marketer is simply working harder to stay on top of rankings. What if you could get a backdoor to get as much free traffic as you desire without doing keyword research or SEO?

Video Marketing is gaining more importance.

video marketing blaster video marketing

There is no doubt in the fact that videos and visual images convey information faster. These experiences are similar to audio, especially when compared to reading information. In addition to this, the pieces of information embedded in a video are much easier to remember.

Presently, if you can harness the power of video, you can make money and be as successful as any vlogger. But, of course, the idea is to work smart, and it goes beyond video ranking or descriptions and tags. You need to concern yourself with the kind of optimization that will get you ahead of competitor videos.

In a bid to find untapped areas and succeed, you will find a lot of tools. However, the best way to rank your video easily is to find a meticulous tool like Video marketing Blaster. Several people currently use video marketing blaster, their testimonies are online.

What Video marketing blaster can do for you

This video marketing software is a 2 in 1 software module. Product’s table of contents is training video inclusive. The two modules focus on different vital aspects of video marketing.

VMB keyword finder

Video marketing blaster analyzes the keywords targeted by your competitors. After the analysis, it suggests which drives the most traffic, and you can then exploit them. It gets you detailed information including titles descriptions and tags.

The second phase of this module is where VMB suggests the use of highly descriptive buyer keywords. That’s because many people target the wrong keywords. So, people end up searching for your competitors instead of you.


VMB video details work as a rank tracker and titles tags and title description and tags optimizer. In addition to this, the software provides keyword support that makes your video a Google favorite.

The VMB video details module eliminates the guesswork. You don’t have to think too hard to have your videos on top.

Video Marketing Blaster Features

Find Untapped Keywords

The video marketing blaster software helps you with keyword research in your desire niche. It is a keyword research tool for keywords that are rarely used in a specific niche. Consequently, the possibility of obtaining good results depends on the competition for these untapped keywords.

With this software, you can reach higher rankings on YouTube and google because the google algorithm favors video content.

The Video marketing blaster tool is responsible for obtaining related keywords. You get the opportunity to exploit the results for more traffic, niche analysis, and competition analysis. Your views are bound to increase if you use Video marketing blaster strategically.

Optimized titles

Video marketing blaster also generate titles, title description and tags, and video details that are functional for search engines. This process is automatic in that you don’t need to choose which tags and descriptions or titles descriptions sounds better. Ultimately, you’re sure of the appropriate phrase for search results.

The search engine spiders consider each case. Therefore, your content is in front every time there is a video search. Also, users can see YouTube and Google recommendations on every google search.

Organic Traffic driver

If you can afford it, you will be able to drive traffic to your page. You only need to pay for ad space and pay per click. This will significantly enhance your views effectively.

The technique is, however, appropriate for event organizers or organizations that sponsor such events. Also, if you have a timeline or time-sensitive information, this approach will work for you.

However, if you have a tight budget or will rather not spend money on ads, use the VMB software as a substitute. The Video marketing blaster application drives high quality traffic. You don’t have to go outside your budget.

No tedious SEO

The optimization process of VMB is easy to use. It is possible for people who have never studied SEO to use it seamlessly. The most beneficial feature of SEO is that you can get instant results.

Note that SEO goes beyond related keywords or untapped keywords. Therefore, if you don’t have the time to study the concept of SEO in detail, this product may be the best option for you.

It is a sensible idea to use the video marketing blaster for this purpose because it saves you time and extra costs.

Video Marketer with no experience

The developers of this software have extensive SEO and video marketing experience. However, the video marketing blaster application is great for upcoming video marketers or people without prior experience. In addition, the program serves as a strong base for beginners.

Using video marketing blaster is getting ideas and help from professionals. It is comprehensive and has the potential to help any user stay ahead of competitors.

Rank Tracker

If you didn’t know, YouTube videos rank tracking, and people spend a lot to know their ranks. The VMB software has an in-built rank tracker that monitors unlimited YouTube videos ranking via YouTube API.

Video Marketing Blaster Pricing

If you decided to use the video marketing blaster, video marketing blaster review claims that you’d be getting your money’s worth. The pricing in comparison to other software is affordable and reasonable.

Furthermore, it is possible to translate increasing views, video rankings, and YouTube videos into money. Thus, the income covers the cost and more.

For more insight, consider watching the marketing blaster review video. If you buy through the official video marketing blaster page, you could be eligible for certain offers. Note that terms and conditions may apply. In all, when you make a one time purchase, the video marketing blaster software is yours forever.

Getting more results with Video marketing blaster

When it comes to SEO, the concept of backlinks is popular. However, backlinks are time-consuming and daunting sometimes. Moreover, outsourcing the work with competition keywords is an extra cost.

With Video marketing blaster, you can produce backlink results without dealing with backlinks. The software focuses on curating on-page SEO with flawless titles descriptions and tags.

These elements are search engine specific so that your google and youtube pages are effectively optimized. All you need to do is supply the main niche, and untapped keywords pop up on the software.

A subsequent step for Video marketing blaster is competitor analysis. This analysis evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. So, the titles descriptions, and available tags are specific for the exact situation. You need to copy and paste those to your YouTube video page.

The Creator of Video marketing blaster

Stoica and Vlad M are the creators of the video marketing blaster program. They are software developers and online marketers. With over ten years of experience in both fields, they had enough time to experiment on google’s algorithm.

At first, it was a study that would enable them to work around the algorithm. Soon, it grew into an interest that would make life easier for several people across the world.

In their years of study, they tried several SEO tactics by covering several topics and niches. As a result, they have made money from their search. Nevertheless, they discovered that videos help individuals rank higher than regular websites.

Through this discovery, they also realized that video traffic conversion was almost ten times better. That’s because many potential clients are more likely to change their minds about a product after watching a video or videos.

Furthermore, they found that YouTube videos also rank higher than websites. They saw YouTube videos appear on the first page of Google. Therefore, they devised a method that replicates higher rankings, creating videos, programs and even recreating competitors’ titles.

However, they failed. To combat this challenge, they came up with something new after six years. They were able to reverse engineer YouTube and Google ranking systems. Video marketing blaster pro is a result of that reverse engineering.

Video marketing blaster pro

Even though there is no direct upselling in video marketing blaster, you can upgrade to video marketing blaster pro. Video marketing blaster pro is known to have the capacity to triple your traffic and earnings.

In addition, an upgrade could give you the power to spy on competitors while finding exactly how they’re ranking. With the pro version, you can determine how difficult or easy it is for a specific keyword to rank.

Furthermore, it shows how many views, signals, and backlinks you need. Again, you get to uncover the competition’s strategy with their videos. In the same way, you can replicate their strategies and get your videos to rank higher.

If you like data analysis, the pro version has an in-depth data analysis section where you see how each competitor gets their videos to rank. In addition, you see the number of views, subscribers, and Facebook shares. In all, this pro version is a form of a virtual investigator. It gives you the secrets and details while pointing you in a better direction.

Module 2

According to the authors of this program, you cannot make marketing work in the dark. Therefore, rank tracking is as important as niche analysis. First, you have to know what videos are on YouTube and how they are ranking on google. The second module gives you an insight into how you can track unlimited videos while tracking them for unlimited keywords.

Video Marketing Blaster review: Who can use the program?

According to reviews, even technophobe can use software to their advantage. You can get free bonuses when you make a purchase. The marketing blaster video program and the pro version are ideal for both skilled and unskilled individuals. Therefore, it will help;

Content creators seeking first page optimization for their YouTube videos and content

People seeking support for their sales page in terms of more views and engagement.

Individuals who are into niche analysis and are especially interested in first page rank generation.


20 Apple-style intro/outro videos

The apple intro/outro bonus pack has a collection of video sequences that are applicable for increase. Several niches are available in the pack, they include online money-making niches, weight loss, offline business, video tutorials, YouTube ads, WordPress, etc.

Vintage Photos Pack and 850 royalty-free images 

A collection of pictures that you can use in your first page optimization. The pictures are all rights reserved, and you can use them as slides in any video title. These bonuses are easier to access when you make your purchase via the blastersuite website. The 850 royalty pack is a collection of copyright-free images. You can use them on your website or in your videos.

100 Music loops PLR

Nothing draws attention like pleasant music. The audio background music gives your video an appeal that captures the audience’s attention. With this pack, you can create videos for websites and several products.

Others include Audio Video Platinum Pack and YouTube video review trick.

Video Marketing Blaster review- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

VMB works better on the laptop or desktop version. It runs on Microsoft, Mac, and others. For top streaming quality, consider the intel i3 and 4GB memory at least. To use it on Mac, you need a Windows Virtual Machine ( Parallels or VMware)

Who Is Video Marketing Blaster best for?

The software is ideal for Video marketing enthusiasts, beginners, and experts. In addition, VMB works for all businesses involved in video marketing. Therefore, whether you make YouTube videos, work as a marketer, or need to get free organic traffic or views, the software is an option.

Are there Upsales?

You can use the product exactly the way it is. But, if you want to diversify the way you’re doing your marketing, you get a super deal on other Blaster products.


It is important to note that individual needs differ. Therefore, the result you get from this purchase could be different from others. However, the software is easy to navigate and has been proven to help you reach top ranking positions. The creators make this possible in 3 simple clicks so that over 20,000 users are beneficiaries of the program.

Present statistics report that marketing professionals target the wrong keywords. Conversely, optimization is underutilized. Hence, several people lose out on thousands of views and ranks. Manually researching keywords and analyzing them is an arduous task, especially with tools like the Video marketing blaster. This tool suggests converting keywords while saving you a lot of time.

The bottom line is, you’re getting potential help from people with a considerable wealth of experience in the field. So if you are not looking for shortcuts to stay ahead of the competition, this product should work for you.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


-You can become a video marketer without prior experience.
-Goodbye to tedious SEO
-Easy to use and understand
-Ideal for beginners and experts


-The tool comes with an upscale. However, if you are not looking to diversify, you may not opt for it.

Summary: The Video marketing blaster is a tool or software that allows you to produce excellent online content. It is ideal for users with no SEO knowledge or people who don’t have time for it. The marketing blaster software can reverse engineer Yoast and Google ranking systems. The idea is to rank hundreds of videos with three clicks.

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