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VSLmaker Review – Does It Really Work?

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Product Name: VSLmaker
Author/Creator: Andrew Darius
Price: $37.00/month to $497.00
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Official Website: http://explaindio4.net

Do you want to learn to create professional videos without any proper skill? Do you wish to boost your sales using videos? Are you searching for techniques to generate money online only by using a video? If yes, then the VSLmaker program is for you.

Video is a great source to boost your online income. It can help you to double up your online revenue within a short time.

The reason that videos are quite effective in the online business is that people love watching videos rather than reading text because it is comfortable and easy.


But it is not that much easy to produce a professional video. So what can a person with zero video editing knowledge do to start the video editing process?

Well, such people need to try the VSLmaker. But what is this maker, and how will it assist you in creating videos? In this VSLmaker review, you will get to know everything.

What is VSLmaker?

VSLmaker is a software that will help you to create professional videos in a few minutes. Even if you are not an expert video editor, still handling this software will not be a problem for you.

Using this easy-to-use software, you can produce multiple types of videos for lead generation, sales, affiliate and social ads. You will get access to some done-for-you templates that you can add in your video.

The best part about this video editing software is that it holds an AI-based audio technology using which you can attach voice over. It will give you a vast list of natural-sounding voices that you can join with the video to make it easier for the user.


Not only this, if you want to perform the voice-over by yourself, then this software also provides the option for that. The copywriting formula presented in this software will assist you in adding the script without the need of hiring any copywriter.

Also, the software allows you to sell the videos on popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Further, it will render you the preview of the created video so that you can get a better idea of the outcome.

About Andrew Darius – The Creator

Andrew Darius is the creator of this product. He is a famous digital marketer who knows the right way to perform marketing.

Apart from this, Andrew is also a software developer, which helped him to develop a high performing software like VSLmaker. Andrew Darius has served many people in generating online income using his video editing software.

How Does the VSLmaker Work?

You will only require three straightforward steps to make this video editing software to work for you. At first, you will have to pick a template and paste the script in it.

You can use either the built-in script or your script. Now you have to select the font, voice-over and do a few other desired settings. After that, you can click the publish button, and your video is ready to use.


Reasons to Choose VSLmaker

There are a few top reasons due to which I would suggest you go for the VSLmaker rather than choosing some other video editing software. Below are some of those reasons.

No Video Editing Knowledge Required

The best reason to try this software is that it does not command you to have any video editing knowledge. Even if you don’t know anything about the video editing, still you can produce an expert-level video just because of this software.

No Video Editor Needed

Hiring a professional video editor is going to charge you hundreds of dollars for a single video which might disturb your budget.

However, with this software, there is no need to hire a video editor because it will support you to do the entire video editing task by yourself with comfort.

No Copywriter Needed

In case you are going to create a script-based video, then you might want to take support from a copywriter to write a script that will cost you high.

But with this software, there is no need for that because it includes many built-in scripts that you can use for your videos by simply filling in the blanks with the required text.

video editing

What Comes with VSLmaker?

The features that you will access through this video editing software are described below.


The done-for-you templates in this software will make it a lot easier for you to generate a professional video. You will obtain templates that you can add on as many videos as you want without any worry.


You will get a few scripts for your videos in this product. However, if you don’t like those scripts, then you can add your own with a few clicks.

Fill the Blanks

In the scripts presented by the VSLmaker, you will only need to fill the blanks with the desired text. It will give you the option to put product name, price, benefits and a few other important things with a single touch.


The previewing option in this video editing software will help you to know about your created video before publishing it. Through the preview, you can bring new changes to the video if wanted.

AI Technology

The AI technology in this software will serve during the video-over adding process. You will access some built-in voices that you can include in your videos. But you will have to pay for some of the voice-overs. However, you can additionally record your voice over as per your wish.

Copywriting Formula

Most people find it hard when it comes to writing a script for their videos. However, via this software, you will put your hands on the copywriting formula from where you can create high quality scripted based videos that will help you gain more viewership.


VSLmaker Bonuses

You will get access to six different bonuses with this VSL maker.

Premium Agency License

As a bonus, you will earn a premium agency license with this product using which you can sell your videos to other people. You will get five Explaindio licenses on buying it.

Explaindio 5 Plus Early Beta Access

You will also receive a free upgrade of this product which means that you can get all the latest updates quickly.

Explaindio Coaching Webinar Training

You will be given access to the Explaindio webinar, where you will learn about this software. You can ask different queries and clear your confusion during the session.

Explaindio Business Edition Platinum Upgrade

The product will give you all the features of the platinum plan. You will obtain access to some of the top apps through it.

Explaindio Home Study Course

Here you will recognize 50 high-quality videos that will teach you about video editing. You will learn many new things about video editing in this course.

One Year Access To Privilege

Because of this bonus, you will be able to ask different questions to Andrew, who is the owner of this product.


Benefits of Using VSLmaker

Promote Your Business

If your business is not growing and you don’t know how to promote it, then you must give a try to this software. After using it, you will notice a great growth in your business.

Earn Money

By creating and selling videos through this software, you can earn thousands of dollars in a short time.

Money-Back Guarantee

The VSLmaker also gives a money-back guarantee like most other Clickbank products.

Frequently Asked Question

Is VSLmaker for Everyone?

The VSLmaker is for all those people who wish to create videos without any in-depth knowledge about video editing.

Can I Sell VSLmaker Videos?

Yes, this product gives you the full authority to sell the videos created through the software.

Can I Add My Voice-Over in VSLmaker Videos?

Yes, this product gives the options to add your voice-over.



If you are tired of paying hundreds of dollars to video editors to create professional videos, then you must go for the VSLmaker product.

This software will make you capable of producing high-end videos in a few clicks without hiring a video editor. Also, it will accommodate you in adding a script template with a few clicks. The VSLmaker never compromises on the quality of the video.

The high-quality videos will help you to draw more people towards your business. Apart from creating videos for yourself, you can generate and sell videos to different clients using this software.

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• There is no need of renting a video editor or copywriter to create script-based videos.
• The AI technology in it will help you to include a professional voice-over in the video.
• This video editing software does not need any technical or designing skill.
• It gives you a commercial license so that you can sell the videos.
• You will get access to tons of templates via this product.
• The VSLmaker has a 30 refund option.


• The VSLmaker cost is high.
• It is not for mobile users.

Summary: Now creating a professional video that can generate more sales for you will become a lot easier for you because of the VSLmaker product. This software will help you to promote your online business in the form of videos. VSLmaker will make you a professional video editor even if you don’t have much video editing knowledge.

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Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Powerful it is!

on 2021-01-04 10:11:36

VSLmaker is the most recognized software for creating high-converting video sales letters in less than 60 seconds with no Photoshop and No Extra Software! VSLmaker was updated with many enhanced, overhauled & amazing new features.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars


on 2020-12-28 06:28:08

This is the First to market solution which allows users to make both high impact video scripts and script-based videos by simply filling in the blanks and swiping done-for-you templates.

Javier Cook
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Amazing new features.

on 2020-12-08 04:33:51

With VSLmaker every step that used to take days now just takes minutes. It is the very first solution on our market which does all from start to finish. In short it takes the user from nothing, not even a script all the way from script, to voice over, to fully ready to use video.

John Watson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Keep reading VSLMaker Review

on 2020-07-20 21:19:21

It was designed to help you make more sales by producing stunning, jaw-dropping video scripts and then generating ready to go script-based videos.

Melisa Gilford
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Success and quality

on 2020-06-27 18:44:44

You no longer need to make a substance yourself or redistribute a marketing specialist. Since VSLmaker is your conclusive other option.

Ronnie Santos
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2020-05-07 15:56:40

I used to think that video editing is a difficult job, and I can't do that. But after using VSLmaker, I feel like a professional video editor. Thank you so much for recommending this amazing software.

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