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Workouts For Judo Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Workouts For Judo
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Product Name: Workouts For Judo
Author/Creator: Matt D’Quino
Price: $47.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://www.workoutsforjudo.com

Judo is a Japanese name that means ‘gentle way’. The name alone explains a great deal that judo is a soft core game unlike many others. The game was created in Japan in the late eighties and it is the second most played game in the planet after soccer.

A judo player is called a judoka. Judo has slowly evolved and it is currently classified as a combat game. It is also part of the Olympics. The distinctive feature of this game is that one player is expected to subdue their opponent by putting him or her to the ground either by joint locks or choke. Use of hands and feet for defense is allowed.

judo fighters training

The game majors on competition and it is because of the competitive nature of judo that I would say to judokas and all interested parties; I hope, the dug in deep content in, my review serves a great purpose in your understanding of the book.

Matt D’Quino being a practitioner of the game understands verily that competition is the most important aspect of the game and he therefore majors on making his audience great competitors.

judo fighters

What Is ‘Workouts for Judo’ By Matt D’Aquino All About?

Matt D’Aquino plays Judo for the Australian team. Unlike many other people putting content on YouTube Matt could be perfectly described by the term selfless. He has uploaded over two hundred videos on grappling instructions and all that is for free. Whenever somebody gives us free stuff the case is always that there are things that we already know but the videos uploaded by Matt are different from that.

The content he uploads for free is of great quality, it is content that one can easily sell and make some good money out of it. This fact made me interested when he released his first e-book.  It was obvious that the content in there must be a great deal for him to be charging for it.

The book is all about step by step introduction to handling various exercises. The authors aim in writing this e-book was making it easy for his readers to understand and become great and competition worthy in judo. The PDF of the e-book is like a guideline to great physique and awesome body strength.

woman working out

How Does ‘Workouts for Judo’ By Matt D’Aquino All About?

The author presents himself as a teacher and in this e-book he relays to the public on how to train off the mat. He goes ahead to enlighten us on the exercises that could greatly work together to give make one a master of the game and be in control of their challenger.

The author presents to us, in the first pages of the ninety paged book, the art that a judo player requires in order to achieve both physical and mental fitness. He goes ahead to spell out the exercises a player will require as the foundation for his workouts. Now, these exercises are not absolutely new but they are a big deal for judo.

The author uses pictures and in depth description in order to make his communication with the readers totally effective. He clearly states why each exercise is fundamental and takes us through on how to turn each exercise into a workout.

This is a book about real life and it is filled with tips on how a judoka can be the best version of them. Anyone who follows these tips to the letter is assured success. The e-book is an easy read without a lot of complications.

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If a person puts together all the free you tube uploads by Matt and adds them to the PDF book there are very high chances they will always be better than their opponents. The exercises in the book are arranged in a way that they just flow and hence not overly straining the body of the practitioner. This is to mean that the more you read, understand and follow what the book says the better you become.

What is Included in ‘Workouts for Judo’ By Matt D’Aquino?

This review aims is to take you through a number of the things that the author Matt D’Quino has talked about in his book. The book has an entertaining way of reaching out to its readers, despite the fact that it is a book on workouts it is barely boring. Use of pictures makes the author even more interesting. Some of the things that the author majors on are:

judo fighters

  • A list of workouts. This list serves not only experts in judoka but also judoka fans who are interested in learning more about the game. It has simple exercise that are within the ability of new trainees.
  • This book is a compilation of explanatory images that are meant to aid the reader understand better what the author intended.
  • Major ideas to keep judokas fresh. The tactics and exercises involved in this book are one that even well experienced judokas can keep going back to as individuals or even as a group. This is not the kind the kind of book you finish reading and throw away or just lend out.

cute and musculine lady

This book has everything that you will need to make sure that you have succeeded. There is nothing that you will have to complain about when it comes to the content and the form of the book. This is the one that will lead you to become the judoka you wish to be.

Where you can buy Workouts For Judo?

Workouts For Judo is available on the official website, http://www.workoutsforjudo.com.

The Final Verdict

In spite of what has been termed as an overpricing in my review the book is a worthy read. It has effective and practical tips to gain physical fitness for all. It is a book I would advocate for any interested persons to buy.

My sincere opinion as expressed in my review any judoka who does not bother to create time and read while putting into practice all the exercises and workouts in Matt D’Quino’s book is simply giving victory to their opponent in a silver plate.

A judoka who has read this book and one who has not cannot be put into comparison. There is everything to be gained from reading this book and I would advise anyone who needs to know the basics of the gentle way to get in on this one.

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• E-books are available in PDF so a reader does not necessarily have to visit a bookshop in order to access it. This saves on time.

• The PDF of this book is easy to read and understand. It is not overly long to the extent of tiring the reader.

• Its online version makes it easy for the reader to read it anywhere since after you buy it you can store it in all your electronic gadgets.

• This book is not a scam. It is absolutely legit and reliable; the readers have given commendable feedback about it.

• The book is compiled in an impressive way, it is easy to follow and understand. Use of pictures drives the authors point home safely without leaving the audience with gaps to fill for themselves.

• The product comes with two other e-books for free for persons who order within the initial seven days.


• The book is a little bit expensive. Even though it comes with a free package in my opinion the book is overcharged.

Summary: When it comes to judo, a systematic and accurate approach is needed. That is the reason why this is your best bet. You will not find workouts better than this anywhere.

RatingRated 4.93 stars
Candice Walker
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Beats them all.

on 2021-03-04 07:11:11

The sheer depth of the information is amazing as it doesn’t just show how to train but gives exercise programmes, methods of training and high quality photos showing every move.

Molly Rodriguez
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Dominate opponents.

on 2021-02-02 10:42:55

Workouts For Judo will provide you with a training program that will combine all the necessary and important elements of cardio-vascular training and strength training that will make your body physically ready for Judo competition.

Carolyn D.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Avoid injury with a list of effective warm- up exercises

on 2020-11-03 04:20:51

Most people training in Judo concentrate more on strength training while others believe that concentrating more on cardio-vascular training is key to succeeding in Judo. Workouts For Judo will provide you with a training program that will combine all the necessary and important elements of cardio-vascular training and strength training that will make your body physically ready for Judo competition.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

The comprehensive list of exercise in the eBook is the best!

on 2019-11-26 00:00:30

Workouts For Judo will provide you with a training program that will combine all the necessary and important elements of cardio-vascular training and strength training that will make your body physically ready for Judo competition.

Jean Swanson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Maximum grip training for Judo

on 2019-08-29 01:50:18

The comprehensive list of exercise in the eBook is the best I have ever seen because it has step by step multimedia visual aid like pictures and diagram to help you understand.

Sonya Curtis
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

These are great workouts!

on 2019-02-06 03:16:43

These are workouts that have really made my life better. They are tips that i have been looking for and i am happy to have them. It is a very unique system which is fun to use.

Brandon Hughes
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Useful workout tricks

on 2018-12-16 03:42:02

I have to say that my success in judo has been contributed by following the workouts in this system. I have followed all the steps in this guide and they are worth it. Very clear instructions and very useful workouts.

Sarah Meza
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

This is better than many

on 2018-11-22 08:30:28

Workout for judo is a system that i believe the author did a good job. It has enabled me achieve a lot as far as judo tactics are concerned. I like it because it is easy to follow.

Kimberly Steadham
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-12 07:14:52

They have lots of photos, lots of workouts, lots of ideas to keep a class fresh. So Its a nice product.

Shawn L.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-12 18:48:53

I love all these marcial arts kind of workouts, because they are so much more effective for practically any group of muscles.

Helen G.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Nothing like i have ever seen before!

on 2018-02-12 16:23:43

This is nothing like i have ever seen. The truth is that this is such an amazing program. I have never seen a system that provides well crafted methods as this one. Workouts for judo is the kind of a guide that i can recommend to as many people as possible. I cannot regret having bought the product.

Georgette J. Ortiz
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

This is definitely my thing

on 2017-11-15 19:18:30

Judo is not only a sport but you can use it for self-defense. This is why I decided to get this guide since I had no time to go to a trainer. It saves my time and helps me process all the techniques in a very simple way. If i would say for sure is that it has been a worthy product to me.
The methods or steps provided here are simple and presented in a manner that is easy to implement.

Julie Pickens
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Never thought it would work!

on 2017-11-03 02:00:24

Judo can not only be a sport but a way for self-defense in times of crisis! The world is a dangerous place to live in and the perfect way to be ready for any trouble is to learn ways to defend yourself without other peoples help!

Margarita W.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-08 13:42:23

Someone once told me that you need to do the hard workouts for Judo and i believed and disbelieved at the same time. Then i came along to this and now i know what to do. There seems to be nothing hard but all regulations but expert workout routines here!

Julia Peterson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-06 11:43:58

My friends always told be that judo is not the right kind of sports for girls. But I don't care, I love it 😉

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