WP-Traffic Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

January 15, 2022
WP-Traffic Program
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Dear website owner, how has it been going with your monthly goal of having thousands of views on your page and having a passive income? Nothing yet? No, no, you didn’t embark on the wrong line of business. You just have been doing it the wrong way.

I see I have your attention now. Let’s go on a little trip. Let me show you what you’ve been doing wrong and how to do it better.

Let’s begin with the basics. WP websites require energy, consistency, lots of input, and I am sure you have been doing all that. You have also been receiving shoutouts on other people’s blogs, yet the traffic you desire has not been forthcoming. This is because no matter how good a strategy sounds in theory, it should be discarded if it does not stand in practicality.

And that’s why you don’t have to wait till frustration starts kicking in, till you start comparing your blog with other blogs. You have to do something now.

WP-Traffic – The Review

The different thing about our WordPress plugin is the fish-fisherman principle they operate with. It goes like this, “we just don’t give you fish. We teach you to fish”. And even better, you are handed the tools directly, be it fishnet, hooks, line, or the secret weapon needed to pump traffic on your website.

Here, you are taught and helped to keep track of the amount of traffic being generated on your website, your visitors, browsers, as well as a rundown of your operating systems.

Breaking it down, you get to see how many visits you get daily, weekly, and monthly. With a thorough examination and tracking of search redirects, queries from search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), also paying attention to which pages are viewed more often.

This plugin also knows the importance of referrals, so the agency keeps track of visitors’ sources (like from a mobile device) and affiliate links. As soon as you have started, you will enjoy the provision of an accurate count and statistics plugin for your website.

The plugin essentially helps to track your browsers, operating system, visits in just one dashboard.

While this might sound very ambiguous, it is easy; with the use of a simple short video that acts as a guide through driving traffic, you are sure to generate a mountain of traffic. A customized training experience designed for you alone is guaranteed.WP-Traffic Program

Features of the WordPress website analytics reports tool

       1. Customized WordPress Plugin Training Experience

One of the challenges of promoting your blog or any online site at all is the need for different strategies. Of course, the problems are similar, the issue of generating traffic, but other solutions work for different people. Being fully aware of this, this plugin hands down to you a customized training kit made just for you. For starters, we take a look at your website, noting the progress and the setbacks over time, run it through some specific analysis, and experts proffer the best ways to solve the challenges you face.

       2. Simple Short Video Training.

Training sometimes gets challenging, but it is made as easy as possible for you by creating short and simple videos that will run you through how to generate more traffic and monitor traffic on your website.

You will avoid the boredom that will typically come from watching long videos and might leave you in the end more confused than ever.

At our agency, it is kept simple, short, and easy!

       3. Step-by-step process guiding you through driving inbound and outbound traffic

Because of the personal environment created by the makers, users can go through a step-by-step process or guide.

This ensures that no vital information or tool is left out and the very best experience is given. This means that nothing is rushed. The process is taken at your own pace, making sure you thoroughly understand the process and how to utilize it to your benefit.

       4. Analytics sales pages to generate a mountain of traffic to your WordPress site

As mentioned earlier, this tool hands over the training analytics pages to users. Our tools vary, and after examining your website, the agency offers what we think works best for you. In this tool kit, there are lots of processes on how to create floating sidebars, opt-in widgets, automatic pop-ups, automatic fly-ins, and a whole lot of others. You will also be taught to use animations, eye-catching designs, and graphics.

Sometimes, poor website management might be the only thing holding back your traffic from hitting the roof. You are sure to receive tips on how to manage your website correctly, giving it an enticing look that gets viewers and subscribers to your website.

       5. The Latest and Most Popular Keywords are noted.

This helps you know the popular keywords that visitors to your site search for often. By taking a note of these keywords, they can appear in your search box as trending, and as such, visitors can have instant access to them more quickly.

       6. A Comprehensive observability and operations performance Statistics

Statistics like observability and operations performance are correctly processed to help you see the data volume, methods details, quotas error rate, multisite report delegation, metrics variations, perceived uptime, server error rate, and endpoints details. This reflects the growth of your site, and with this information, adjustments can be made where necessary.WP-Traffic Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!


       1. A 100% secure Check-out

A guaranteed completely secure check-out. It is entirely safe to work with your web sales page, its contents. Everything is as safe as possible.

       2. A Tested and Trusted Set of WP analytics

Clients are handed over the very same tools (like data volume, quotas error rate, multisite report delegation, metrics variations, perceived uptime, methods details, server error rate, endpoints details) that have been used to achieve maximum input. As a result, it is not new, untested analytics settings that might or might not work. They are tools that have been proven times without number to work.

       3. Experience

The truth is that this open-source plugin has been doing this for years now, and there is no new type of challenge and has not been encountered, your blog included. With all this experience gathered from years of working with different clients, there are adequate solutions to offer you.

       4. A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, if, for some reason, you are not impressed with the development of your web plugins page or that you feel the agency is not the best team to work with on the development of your web sales page, you can get your payment back within 60 days. This is an iron-clad guarantee the agency offers.

       5. A One-time Payment

You pay only once. Once you’ve made the payment of $47, there would be no other reoccurring payment whatsoever, be it advertising fees, maintenance cost, etc.

Once the initial payment has been made, your web plugins page settles for a comfy ride with the team pointing out the right direction.

       6. Easy Access to Social media

Another pro of working with this open-source plugin is the ease of including Facebook in your web page. This will help boost WordPress dashboard traffic, and also information can flow both ways, from social media to your web page and from your web page to social media.

       7. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the benefits of using this featured analytics reporting tool as it provides a visitor with the flexibility to customize your site’s functionality and features. With this, some settings that WordPress would otherwise restrict are turned on, and you can also turn off specific plugin settings that might be unnecessary or harmful to the growth of your web page.

It also allows for styles such as colors, fonts, and sizes to match the rest of the site. These plugin settings can easily be adjusted or changed as well.WP-Traffic Program


       1. It is expensive for the same or similar results. 

People who want to boost their business but do not have enough capital might find it challenging to use this featured analytics reporting tool because of the fee.

       2. No option for installment payment

Payment is made once, and while this can be relieving for a visitor who does not want recurring fees, it also makes it difficult for users who do not have the funds for a one-time payment.

       3. It needs to be updated. 

Generally, when not updated, plugins can leave the site vulnerable to hacks. So you need to update to avoid this vulnerability.

       4. Compatibility 

The use of many plugins by a user might be a little tricky as dealing with compatibility. When plugins that are not compatible are used on a site, it will slow down the site.


This WordPress site squeeze page tool is the best agency for promoting your business, generating traffic, and managing and maintaining your business.

With many analytics control at its disposal, the agency works to give you the best of what your money is paying for.

Once the initial payment of $47 has been made, the experts at this registered trademark will analyze your site link and give you an overview of what has been preventing your WordPress blog from getting to the top you desire.

Also, you have no-hitch communication constantly with our customer care and our team.

The toolkit you will receive will teach you how to create pop-ups, fly-ins, widgets, animations, graphics to create much inbound and outbound traffic.

WP-Traffic>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “WP-Traffic”:

What is WP-Traffic?

WP-Traffic is a plugin that you will learn to check the amount of traffic being generated on a website. You will be able to see how many visits you're getting daily, weekly, and monthly.

Who is WP-Traffic for?

WP- Traffic is for people who want their businesses on their website to generate much traffic with their blogs. Anyone with a website can also use this

How can I access WP-Traffic?

You can only access it on their official website for the security of your information. Wp-Traffic has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Just hit the buy now button.

How much does WP-Traffic cost?

You can get WP-Traffic for only a $47 one-time payment. And be ready to take back control of your business and solve your blog traffic problems.

What are people saying about WP-Traffic?

Some people who reviewed this product say that it is easy to use and you can monetize your blogs in WordPress. It is cost-effective so, you can definitely invest in it.

Is WP-Traffic worth buying for?

It is very important that if you online business, people will not encounter any errors like the 404 error. This plug-in is worth the money you will spend on it.


1. A 100% secure Check-out

2. A Tested and Trusted Set of WP analytics

3. Experience

4. A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5. A One-time Payment


1. It is expensive for the same or similar results. 

2. No option for installment payment

3. It needs to be updated. 

4. Compatibility 

Summary: It sounds too good to be true until you experience it first hand. The analytics reports tool pursues only the satisfaction of their customers. From a comfortable working environment to tested equipment, your blog will reflect its performance within a week.

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